Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve

It's kind of hard to think that this year is over.  When this year started, I had no idea that by the end of it, there would be a baby in my house.  I never thought Matt would be working at Target.  That list could go on and on.  It's funny how things change.  It always makes me nervous and excited to see what changed will happen the following year!  I know I should have goals for the new year, but I really haven't thought of any.  I guess I still have a few hours =P
You know how almost everything has good and bad about it?  Well Matt waking up at 3AM is no exception.  But right now, the worst bad thing about it is - Matt is like a space heater.  It's been so cold, and the barn has almost no insulation...when he leaves the bed is freezing!  When I get up with the baby and come back, my body heat is all gone and it's like getting in for the first! haha
*knocks on wood* Lately the baby has been sleeping pretty good.  I try to feed her at around 10 before putting her to bed.  Than she'll sleep usually anywhere between 3-6. Pretty good huh?  For her last couple of baths, Matt and I have both tried taking her in the shower with us.  It's kind of interesting haha.  Kind of sucks for me in the fact that I like my water really warm and I don't want to burn her.  We have this cute octopus that tells us if the water is too hot or cold.  While she was bathing with Daddy, I grabbed the camera.  The pictures are a little fuzzy from the steam (I shut the bathroom door so they wouldn't freeze), but I tried to fix them.  Maybe she'll like the water, she didn't cry once either time. 
Her legs look funny, but I think he was afraid of dropping her teehee.

Have a happy New Years!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can you believe it?

Happy First
Birthday Arya!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

How was everyone's Christmas?  Ours was pretty good.  We woke up whenever we wanted.  I got ready for the day, than we woke up the baby and open gifts.  Of course she didn't show much reaction to them, but it was fun none the less.  We got some video, but not much.  We really didn't end up taking that many photos either, don't know why.  After we did our own thing, we got Hailey dressed in her cute Christmas dress and headed over to Matt's grandparents house, where everyone played "pass the baby".  We opened gifts there and had some lunch, and than headed over to Matt's dad's house.  We didn't stay there very long, since they were getting ready to head out.  Than we headed home and just hung out on our own.  Of course, than we got on the webcam with Mom to show her the baby in her dress.
Right now, Hailey is sitting in her swing wide awake.  She has to be tired, she didn't nap like at all today.  She's also been quite fussy tonight (fighting sleep).  I'm sure she feels like she's had a hard day...being passed around by people she's never seen before in a place she's never been all day.  My poor baby haha.  So it's going to be one of two ways tonight....she'll either sleep really well from being so tired, or she'll be up all night like she's doing right now.  Pray it's the first one =P


Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 2

Yesterday makes it 2 weeks since I gave birth...weird haha. 
We took Hailey to her first doctors appointment today...was kind of weird to fill out paperwork for someone else.  She has gained a pound and half an inch.  She also had to get a shot...poor baby...really didn't cry that much.  The doctor was like Russian, was cool.
It has been raining for days, and is supposed to go till Wednesday.  I wouldn't mind it so much if I didn't have a HUGE mud river down my front door.  I mean, my pants falling off of me (I think I stretched them out haha) doesn't help either, but I could ignore the wet if it wasn't MUD too haha.  But all the running around we've been doing is twice as annoying as it would be.  Sigh.  This huge tree by the mail boxes fell over!  It was huge and barely missed the box where you punch in numbers to open the gate.  Was kind of awesome =P
Well since it's been 2 weeks, my stitches should be coming out (TMI?).  As weird as it sounds, I kind of wish I could see them so I could know when they come out.  Also weight is down.  I'll tell you my weight story (even though it's kind of embarrasing to post my numbers haha).  Before I got pregnant I weighed about 186.  When I went into my first appointment (so 14 weeks along), I weighed 174...lost so much from throwing up.  I think I was about 184 the day I actually gave birth.  Last Sunday I weighed myself on my Wii Fit and it said I weighed like 164! I about died.  Than I weighed myself again today, and it said 157!  When I'm "aloud" to work out the way I want...I hope I can keep this up!
5 days till Christmas!! Are you ready??


Monday, December 13, 2010

Gotta say...

Happy Birthday Lacey Marie!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 1

Today Hailey is a week old.  Part of me wants to say it went by fast and part of me can't believe it's only been a week.  There have been ups and downs of course.  So far *knock on wood* she sleeps through the night pretty well.  My times up with her when she does get up seem to be longer than they were though.  Her eating habits are crazy (to me) and sometimes I fear she's not getting enough, even though I can't force her to eat haha.  Sitting here "recovering" isn't sitting well with me.  I feel like I'm wasting time, even though I probably wouldn't be doing anything anyway.  Breastfeeding right now seems like such an ordeal to me, but I'm still working out the kinks.  I don't know how I'll get it to where I can do it in public with ease. 
I have a major case of the baby blues.  My emotions are all out of wack.  I worry about things I know I shouldn't and I can't help myself haha.  Everyone tells me to relax and things will work out...that it's only been a week..and they are right, it's just hard convincing my head of the same thing.  She is great though.  She's a pain to burp because she is always trying to lift up her head haha.  She's also quite alert, sometimes just sitting there awake looking around. 
 Matt takes very good care of me.  He has been rock.  I really haven't been resting like I should be, and he's trying to get me to.  He prepares my meals, does the laundry, changes diapers without a complaint, and would do anything I asked him to.  Sometimes I wish he could breastfeed her haha.  Thank you babe for being so wonderful! I love you.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hailey Nicole Rioux

On Sunday at 5:21PM, Hailey Nicole Rioux came into the world at 7lbs 8ozs and 21inches long. 

It was truly an interesting couple of days.  As I had said earlier, I had gone to the hospital once and they sent me home, so after that I was paranoid to go back.  After going to the doctor, we walked around the mall...well tried.  I couldn't anymore, I was in pain that I assumed was from my exam.  That night, I didn't get one wink of sleep because I was in so much pain.  I was having contractions, but when I'd get up they'd pretty much go away, and that is a sign of false labor, so I refused to go in.  They never went away and the next night as I was laying on the couch I was in so much pain.  Finally I said I couldn't take another painful, sleepless night.  We called the doctor and asked if we should go in (that way if I got sent home I wouldn't feel as stupid haha) he said to come in, so at about 11 Saturday night we headed to the hospital.  They checked me and I was at a 4.  I was afraid they'd send me home again because we had been walking around so I hadn't gotten a contraction in a while.  But they came in and hooked me up to an iv, so I knew I was staying.  All night, and into the morning I made no progress.  They hooked me up to pitocin (spelling), but a very small dose.  I was having a lot of pain so they gave me some medicine through my iv that did nothing but make me tired (same shot I had gotten before).  So I finally asked for the epidural (hoping they'd give it to me at a 4).  I had heard that they can slow down your progress, but after I got it and was free of pain (and laughing with Matt over my legs sliding off each other) in about 2 hours I went from that stupid 4 to an 8! I was so surprised.  After that it all went pretty fast.  I pushed for about an hour an 5 minutes and she was out.  I tore a little, plus the doctor cut me, so I have stitches...but it was worth it. 

Now we are home with a baby who sleeps at night (for now!).  She's quite alert and has a very dainty sounding cry haha.  Everyone tells us she looks like Matt (her birth size was exactly the same as his)
Well, time to go gather trash for trash day (super fun)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Labor Woes

Well, the night before last, I was up since midnight with pain.  As 6 rolled around, Matt timed them to be about 4-5 minutes apart.  I didn't want to go to the hospital, but Matt said we we did.  What a mistake!  First, they didn't call my doctor because they "weren't sure if he was back from vacation yet." so they just had the doctor on call come (so I have now seen 3 of the 4 doctors in that practice).  Besides the fact that it took about 3 or more hours for him to come by, him and the nurse said I was only a 1.  He said that since I am already 4 days over due they were going to start me because there was no reason to wait.  But he came in to break my water...fiddled around, said he couldn't feel the head (the other 2 I had seen had no problems with that), said he couldn't break my water. Than he ordered an ultrasound.  We waited another hour, that like 30 min for the tech to do her thing...who didn't say a word pretty much the entire time(other than the head is down...stupid doctor)...than left.  So after another half hour, a different nurse came in.  She said she was just helping out our original nurse and didn't know anything about our case, but she heard they were going to give me some pain medicine than send me home...what the hell!?  We never saw our original nurse again (or the dr, but that's not a surprise).  We waited 2 hours for some shot that was supposed to be pain medicine.  After I finally got it, she said I had to wait an hour after an injection before I could go home.  The shot helped a little, and made me sleepy(which she said it would).  She said we should remake our doctors appointment for that day, since we had to cancel our original one since we were there.  Matt made the appointment and than we left.  The shot like wore off..well minus the sleepiness (man I was tired).  My doctor was back, and had been in the office all day, so why they didn't check or call him I have no idea.  I guess because I was in the hospital, I got put on their baby monitor for like a half hour.  I had this little button I had to push everytime I felt the baby move (which was kind of hard because I was falling asleep on the counter).  The nurse "woke the baby up" by putting this vibrating thing on my stomach...which worked haha, we even had to move the heart thing a couple of times because she kept rolling over.  My doctor finally came in...and had no idea about us going to the hospital or anything we had done that day (you'd think they'd communicate a little better...expecially when the office and hospital are within walking distance).  He said I was about a 2.  He also said that I can't go in an be induced until Friday because they're full...but if I started getting really strong contractrions that theyd have to let me in anyway, so to go walk a lot, like a mile and a half a day (I think he wants things going...he even seemed like he'd let me have a c-section if I wanted...nooo thanks).  I have another appointement and ultrasound on Friday if I'm not delievered by than.  But it was just so weird...if the pain meds worked how was I supposed to know when they got stronger if I couldn't feel them?  So now I get to sit here for days with random contractions (which aren't as close together anymore but way longer than they were), until I think they'd let me stay...which who knows when they consider it ok (maybe when the head is hanging out).  But why would he decide to start me than not?  He never said why, so I guess we'll never know.  And now I'm going to be paranoid about going back.  I'll probably sit home for as long as possible being afraid they'd still send me away.  Horrible day to say the least.


Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, Momma has come and gone.  We had a pretty good Thanksgiving.  Got lots of baby stuff (thank you very much Mom and Sonnie).  We hung out at the mall and "nerded out in public" at the Japanese store.  She got us keychains.  She got a mushroom, Austin got a Yoshi, and I got Inuyasha.  We drank some Japanese soda too.  Unfortunatly, my due date also as come and gone.  I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday (if I haven't gone into labor yet) and than he'll decide what to do than.  So...we may be having a December baby.  Matt's almost done with my changing table.  It needs to be painted again, but it was too windy today (since it's out in the garage, they didn't want stuff to blow on it).  I also need to vacuum the car so we can put the carseat in, and decide if we want to put it right behind my chair or in the middle. 
We also went to see Harry Potter, which was really good.  And Oooh the popcorn was sooo good haha.  I'm sorry Momma that baby didn't come while you were here...I tried! haha
Well....I have to go save Mia from Emma


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh and...



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh dear

Well, the water was back on for about a half a it's off again.  Right as I start cleaning of course.  I'm running out of time and I wanted to get most, if not all, done in one day and now I'm running out of day.  It's already almost 11 and I haven't even really started.  Not to mention I started Matt's mom's laundry so I could do my own right before the water cut that ought to be good.  SIGH!  Oh and to top it off, my phone is being stupid and I can't do anything on it at all.  So I'm out of touch with everyone, waterless, and getting more and more frustrated every day.  We had no problems with the water until this neighbor moved in, now we're having a bunch of issues?  I'm just saying....


Monday, November 15, 2010

Water issues

Well, I'm sitting here on my papa-in-laws computer.  Not only are we babysitting, we're here hiding from our house that is waterless at the moment.  Because of the messed up way the land is set up on our hill (the city doesn't care because it's private property...if you want to do city water you have to pay for the piping and everything), our neighbors pump went out and so it caused our water to go out.  The breaker for our water is even in their breaker  A while back we had a bunch of issues when the old owner of the house kept popping our breaker to work on his stuff, when ours being on has nothing to do with what he was doing.  Now I guess the new owner isn't very happy with the old owners, now adding on a burnt out pump that he has to replace.  We didn't have water all day yesterday, and probably not at all today.  It MIGHT come back on today, but if not, we won't have any water till Tuesday...which is not fun when you wake up 5 times a night to pee.  That and I have dishes that need to be done.  I didn't even drink my grapejuice this morning because I knew I couldn't rinse it out afterwards...who wants a cup sticky with grape?  I was so mad yesterday when I learned we'd be without water for who knows how long.  I'm sure I over reacted, but I was soo mad.  I hate having our fate tied to what the neighbors do. 
Well I go to the doctor again on Wednesday, and -o joy- I get to see yet another different, creepy man doctor.  Our doctor is going on vacation for who knows how long.  The worst part, he didn't even tell us, the lady who made our appointment told us after Matt asked why it was a different doctor.  Sigh, sometimes it's a nice office, but sometimes they are just soo dumb.  And to add to it! I might be left alone there for a while because they are kind of slow, and we have to pick up Emma at 12:30 (our appointment is at 11)...and I hate doctors period, let alone a weird old man I've never met before.  All the nurses I like work in the downstairs office too :(  I wonder if we can ask for like a rushed appointment haha.
Matt and his dad built the front of our baby's dresser yesterday.  But since his dad is out of town for work till Wednesday or Thursday, it won't be worked on for a while.  I'm just waiting for baby to come before it's done since that'll mean none of the clothes are washed or anything (I planned to wash them all at once and put them away in the dresser).  I'm not really feeling the "I want this baby out of me!" stuff.  I mean I am a little bit, I'm tired of Matt laughing at me trying to get off the couch haha.  But I more want her to come early for Momma's sake (since she'll be here for Thanksgiving).  I've been wanting to go walk around the mall and what not, but between Matt's work, naps from work, and going to the gym (and now babysitting) we haven't gone walking once. 
Well I guess I'll go rescue Matt from tic-tac-toe.  Oh and if anyone knows anyone who wants to buy a dirt bike, Matt's trying to sell his.  :)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh yea!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Up and coming

Time for the countdowns! 
Thanksgiving - 19 days
Christmas - 49 days

It's official! My momma's coming to me for Thanksgiving since I can't go there.  It's going to be Mom, Austin and Sonnie.  I'm kind of sad that Dad isn't coming, but I don't blame him.  And we all know Chris won't go anywhere haha.  I got a lot of cleaning to do before they (and baby) come.  I made a list last night so I wouldn't forget anything.  Matt and I are going to set aside a day to do it (hopefully) all in.  Than a day where we're going to clean the car.  His dad has a shopvac so we can get most of the Mia hair out.  Plus there is a ton of dirt in there right now because it's been so rainy.    But hey! I'm proud of Mom for getting her tickets not too late haha.  And proud of me! We bought a turkey already...they were on sale at the perfect time! 
I had more I was going to say but I don't remember now (that's what happens when I do this and watch Reba at the same time).  Man my hair is driving me nuts! Wow...random...yea...I'm going to go now


Monday, November 1, 2010

Just sayin...

Happy Birthday Carter!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The New Doctor

Well first of all let me say I think it's mean to make a 8-9 month pregnant woman drink a ton of water and not pee for over an hour! haha.  Plus add pushing on it with the ultrasound wand.  Speaking of the ultrasound...this was a crappy one.  It was almost like her machine was dieing.  She got no good pictures.  We could usually tell what she was looking at but this time we couldn't.  She did get us some pictures but they're all pretty much black, I'm not even going to put them on the computer.
This time around I had to see a "real" doctor.  I don't know if the office was having an off day or what but it was the longest we had been there.  We waited for like an hour...first for us to even get called than while we waited for the doctor.  He is a weird man! Matt liked him but to me he just seemed...weird.  He like didn't make any eye contact, his hands were in his pockets the whole time, he had a whimpy hand shake haha.  But he did explain things really well.  I guess I'm kind of looking at a foggy view of him because I just don't like doctors period.  But he said everything is normal.  He said something about giving me a copy of the paper they had been tracking my weight and stuff on, but he never gave me one haha.  I go back in 2 weeks than it's every week after that.  It seems weird to think that a couple days ago was a month to my due date...and we still don't have half the stuff we need.  We have no bedding, one tiny blanket.  I need a changing table pad.  I'd like a "diaper pail" and a breast pump (but those aren't like NEED haha).  Well, I guess at least Matt gets a discount at Target now (but it has to be cash or gift cards to work) that'll help.   Sonnie said she wanted to throw me a baby shower (I guess she didn't think about it while I was there for 2 weeks teehee, silly lady) and I can't travel now.  I thought about driving up for the weekend but I don't think we can afford the gas even for a little trip like that. 
Well I guess I'll go finish folding the laundry to cure some boredom until Matt gets home. 
Excited for Halloween! (even though I didn't get to decorate or dress up.  That's what Mia is for! =P )


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rain rain go away

It has been raining for the past week.  We just got the doggie door and what not in, and we can't even let Mia out there (she'd get sooo muddy and get it all over the carpet).  It's been a pain trying to do laundry.  I already lose my footing on the stupid uneven dirt driveway, but when it rains, it becomes a muddy waterslide.  That and I don't want to bring clean laundry out in the rain.  That and my floor is now soo's because I mopped *bangs head* haha.  Ok...I'm done *cough*stupid rain*cough*
Matt made me put up the crib haha.  So now there is a crib upstairs.  Now that it's all put together, they can make the changing table/dresser with a better view of matching than a little picture off the internet.  And the sooner they make it the better, cause I have stuff I can put in it.  Man this place is so small...I don't even know where I'm gunna put our baby tub.  Baby towels and washclothes are probably going to have to be in the dresser as well.  Speaking of dressers....Matt and I need to go through his.  It's so stuffed and messy (it's small), expecially with Christmas coming up.  I'm sure he'll get at least one shirt. 
Man I'm hungry and tired.  I woke up at like 9:15 (it's 11:25 now) and I ate not too long ago.  Frustrating haha >.<


Thursday, October 14, 2010

33 week dr. visit

Oh the stuff as always (at least they're short visits).  The one thing I don't like about this doctors office is that they never tell me anything that they messure!  Once have they told me my blood pressure and babies heart rate.  I've never been told my weight.  I guess because they don't say anything that it's all good.  The lady did, however, sometimes tell me how much I'd gained.  It was always only just a pound *relief* and she said that's good.  This time, I guess I'd lost weight.  She didn't seem too concerned with that either, so I'm happy.  I get my final ultrasound (unless something goes wrong) in 2 weeks.  I also was forced to pick a "real" doctor.  The lady I'd been seeing (it has a name but I can't remember) is really just like their assistant.  Lots of people like her and shes good, but she's not a doctor doctor so she can't deliver or anything.  I figured that she probably isn't aloud to go past a certain week with pregnant women since she can't deliver and what not.  I'm not a fan of doctors...and they all look like scary old men to me.  So we just randomly picked one based on the days we can usually come in and their work schedule.  I guess I'll be seeing him next time *sigh/shiver*


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's up!

It's been a while!  I'm home after 2 weeks in Utah.  When I got home I walked into a new barn!  Matt had got new carpet downstairs and painted the downstairs.  The carpet is now a light brown, and the walls are yellow.  No more blue on blue!  He even got rid of the big table that we were debating on getting rid of, and put the pictures on the wall.  We can get a new couch from Matt's grandparents, but I love my futon.  I think it looks good, expecially now with the new stuff (matches sooo much better)....too bad it's broken.  It looks like a smiley face...all bent in the middle.  I guess we could find a brown slipcover.  The backyard is all blocked off, but Mia is in her finding ways out stage.  She did that back when we first put her in Matt's mom's backyard.  Now that this is all new, she's exploring. 
The other day I was forced by Matt to register at Babies R Us.  When we first started I was being kind of a butt, and for some reason unknown to me, I let Matt hold the scanner.  I'd pick something up to look at it and he'd go *beep*...sigh haha.  So the first part of it is like...a mess (even though it didn't organize that organized it by catagory).  But like bottles, I don't even know which are on there because that's the first thing we did.  I also didn't do a lot of clothes because I didn't want to only get clothes haha.  But the next day, Matt's mom took us to get the crib and stroller/carseat.  It's not put together yet because I don't want it to sit there getting dusty (yea, I'm a freak).  But the house is starting to look more baby-ish.  We tried to reorganize upstairs a little to make the space look bigger, but I know it won't help much. 
To close this random is a cute picture of Sadie least I think...she looks sooo much like Kim


Friday, September 17, 2010

The Countdowns

Lately I have had holidays on the brain.  I'm not sure why...but I do. 
First, of course, is Halloween.  I've been trying to think of what Mia can be this year.  We do have a devil costume we can put back on her...which is what I'm thinking because I have no other ideas...unless someone else has a good idea.  Matt said something about drawing a pumpking on my stomach but I told him nooo way haha.  It's weird to think next Halloween I'll have someone besides my dog to dress up.  Fun thing about having little kids to take can eat the bulk of their candy and they'll never know! :)
Next is Thanksgiving (which, of course, goes along with baby).  This is the year Matt and I would normally go to Utah for Thanksgiving since we did Christmas last year, but I'm not aloud to travel that close.  So I thought it would be fun for them to come here for Thanksgiving.  Also because Matt and I figured it wouldn't be good to head up to the other families dinners because they're up in Lake Arrowhead and if something did happen, that's a long ways to drive to get to the hospital.  It's hard to plan anything though because as everyone knows, babies come when they feel like they want to come.  I don't mind having dinner in my house even though it's small (that and we may have new carpet so no spilling! haha), but I guess it's up to everyone what they want to do.  It's far away and close at the same time.  I want to make some kind of plans, but I'm afraid it's too early to try.
And finally, Christmas!  First Christmas as a family of 3(well 4 if you count Mia...which we usually do)...weird.  I was talking to Kimmy about pulling names...wondering if it's something they wanted to do again.  She said she didn't care.  The first year I did it I just mixed in everyone's names and did it that way.  The next year Lacey pulled and did the kids seperate from us (which I liked better).  So I was thinking that I guess that means this year it's Kim's turn to pull names, if she wants.  I already have some ideas for people.  Matt's the hardest to buy for because he handles the money lol.  That and I can't figure out how to drive that stupid car!  I usually have to go around him and have someone get his stuff for me than I pay them back.  Any volunteers? =P
So...the holidays are approaching faster than we afraid! and excited! <3

Days Till:
Halloween - 44
Thanksgiving - 69
Christmas - 99


Monday, September 13, 2010


Today has been one of those lovely cleaning days.  Of course, I couldn't do everything that I wanted because I don't have any real cleaning stuff right now.  I have solution to make one but no empty bottles haha.  The other day for dinner I made rice, and I guess somehow I put in too much water, so when I put on the lid it overflowed and made a huge mess.  So today I was cleaning the stove...but I don't know how to clean the burners themselves (that and the under part.  It's hard to get to).  I don't want to use chemicals because that seems bad to be burned off again when they turn on.  And I don't want to get them wet because it's electric.  I was thinking of taking them outside and using Matt's grill brush. 
Come next week, I'll be 30 weeks.  Kind of freaky to think about.  I actually bough maternity pants yesterday.  Scary!  When I went to the dressing room with them, I felt like back when Malinda and I used to grab fancy dresses and whatnot and try them off just to goof off.  They are kind of weird but pretty comfortable.  Only thing I don't like is a lot of my shirts are on the thinner side and you can see the stretch part of the pants through them haha.  Not as bad as this woman I saw at the store who had a thin white shirt over hers.  You could see looked silly. 
Well now that I'm smelly from cleaning in the heat, I've go to go get ready to go to Matt's dad's tonight.  It's Kim's birthday. 


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LA Fair

On Sunday, Matt and I (and his mom) went to the LA Fair.  We always go opening weekend because it's only $1 to get in, although we want to go back.  It was so very hot.  Not one cloud to provide a little bit of shade...although there was a nice little breeze every once in a while.  Even the air conditioned buildings got hot after being in them for more than 5 minutes because there were so many people.  The fair seemed smaller this year.  Usually there are rows and rows of outside shopping and than all the shopping in the buildings.  But this year there were close to no outside shops.  And not one Anime booth!  That surprised me given there were 5 last year.  But!  I did see a lot of the same type people who run them running booths that sold nothing but these weird squishy balls to play with.  So maybe they decided to do that this year.  We didn't manage to get over to the animals because by time we got through the shops, we (well me at least) were dieing.  My feet and back hurt so bad.  Let's see the first year we went we stayed till like 7 or 8...but the next year we only stayed till about 2 because it was even hotter...and this year we stayed till about 4-5 so I guess we did good. Matt was excited to use his little camel pack that he got for Christmas a couple years back.  He looked kind of silly with it on because it was so small compared to him (I should of taken a picture), but he got to carry around his own water and he was happy haha.  It also came in handy when we had to single file.  I just held onto the backpack so I wouldn't get lost =P   Matt's mom wanted to open some pearls (I always like to watch that) and Matt and I both picked one.  And who would of guessed...both the ones we picked had twin pearls!  Matt's were cream and mine were black, and slightly bigger haha.  There was also an exibit there that I had always wanted to go into after hearing about it.  It was $7 extra but worth it.  It's an exibit of bodies.  They say they are real bodies, but they look like they put some clay or something to help keep them upright.  It was interesting.  It had healthy lungs next to smoker's lungs.  I heard one guy say he was going to quit smoking haha.  They also had a body sliced completely from head to toe in about inch thick slices.  We weren't aloud to take pictures inside that, and I didn't even think about taking some if we go back I'll have to take some.  All in all it was a pretty good day.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 28

Went to the doctor yesterday.  I had an ultrasound to check my...marginal previa?  Anyway, it's completely out of the way now, so all is normal.  The lady got us a pretty good profile picture (even though to me it looks like it's just a head with no body haha) and told Matt that it is indeed still a girl.  I had to get my blood drawn again for my glucose test.  I drank some stuff they called "glucola" (I found that entertaining) and it did, in fact, taste like orange soda.  For some reason this time, the lady had a hard time finding any veins.  She's never had problems before.  She tried to draw from my arm and missed, so now I have a little prick mark in my arm hehe.  She ended up drawing with a smaller needle from my hand.  It actually hurt more and i got a darkening bruise, bigger than I usually get, and it's actually a hurty bruise unlike the others.  I also had to get a shot for the Rh Factor thing.  Matt said it was a big needle.  It didn't really hurt when she stuck me. It did hurt though when she pushed the plunger and than pulled it out.  I had to get it in my hip.  The doctor said that everything is good.  She said that now I'll have an appointment every 2 weeks.  That seems like a lot.  Am I wrong?  Oh well. 


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And again...

Happy Birthday Christopher!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just wanted to say.....

Happy Birthday Kimberly Dee!


Monday, August 30, 2010

The Cove vs. Sea World

Today on YouTube, a 2 part video put up by Sea World about how The Cove gives false information about marine parks connection to the killings in Japan.
I think I take Sea World's side in this.  Given, I think The Cove was great and right about the dolphin killings.  I also believe that dolphins shouldn't be taken from the wild and put in captivity.  There are so many in captivity now, and with successful breeding programs, that if they wanted to get dolphins no matter what, that would be the better choice no?  The fact is, we can't just release the dolphins that are in captivity now because they would not survive.  I do feel that the tanks they are kept in are too small to house as many as they do, and yes there are a lot of aquariums out there that don't take good care of their animals (but that goes for all animals, not just dolphins).  But honestly, without the interaction with dolphins that people get (which really is an amazing experiance), do you really think as many people would care? I mean sure there would still be people that care about them just from the wild, not not near as many.  What about the good dolphins do?  Like dolphin therapy?  Even while I was watching it, I thought to myself about the US buying dolphins from Japan and thought it unlikely just from the breeding programs.  That and if you do pay attention, all the trainers in The Cove do, in fact, appear to be Asian. 
I can understand Ric O Barry's guilt over helping start the fascination with dolphins in captivity with Flipper, but that is no reason to give false alligations.  It's like people hating the country of Japan for what the fishermen do.  Not all of Japan is to blame.  I love dolphins and Japan haha. 
Given Sea World is trying to keep their business open without their guests feeling guilty (but isn't the cove doing the same thing only opposite?) - both sides are of course in favor of themselves - but reguardless, you can't point fingers at things that aren't related.
I see both sides of these stories, and I support both.  The killings in Japan should be stopped.  No more dolphins should be taken into captivity.  And better living areas should be constructed for the ones already there.  But I believe the educational side (which I'll admit, was their first insentive and has kind of lost it's way in entertainment - but could probably be found again) of what Sea World does has value.  Most people can't love and want to protect an animal they can't see upclose and understand. 
I know no one will probably really read this haha, but here are the links to those videos:


Thursday, August 26, 2010


Man lately I have been slacking.  I haven't worked out at all (not even little walks minus walking to do laundry).  I have been falling behind in cleaning too.  It's just been SO hot!  Clouds have decided to come back around today, but it's been completely clear blue skies all week.  It's pretty...but super hot, expecially up here on this hill.  It's not high enough to be "mountain air cooler", and since hot air rises...*melts*
Matt says he wants to go to the beach this weekend because it's his first Saturday off in five weeks.  I asked if that meant he would work on the yard on Sunday.  I know it's a pain to do, but I tell him, the longer it gets put off the sooner November is going to sneak up on us.  You see....we want new carpet.  In order to get new carpet, we're going to put in a doggie door for Mia.  In order to put in the doggie door, we gotta fence off a part of the backyard.  It makes me nervous, because the fence won't be as high as the one down at his mom's, and she'll still be alone (even though I don't think the other dogs play with her that much anyway), but he assures me she'll be fine.  I guess there's only one way to see.  We're also trying to decide if we want to fork out the money to paint this dump haha.  Because if we do want to, gotta do it before the carpet as well.  And than of course to paint I'd also have to wash the walls, and move everything....which I don't mind because I want to wash the walls anyway, but if we keep putting it off...ya ya you know.

The LA County fair is coming! I'm excited (and praying it won't be as hot as last year)!  We always go on $1 weekend.  It's only a dollar to get in the opening weekend if you go before 1pm.  Even if you can't buy anything, the fair is always fun to explore.  The only thing we'll for sure save money to buy there is some fresh milk that Matt always has to get haha.  As dorky as I am for saying this, I look forward to the Anime booths because they a lot of times have stuff you can only get online or in Japan.  Last year I wanted this Inuyasha pillow, but we were out of money :(  Oh well.

Today at work, Matt got a $100 gift card to Babies R Us!  I was shocked.  I guess one of the doctors there has a Babies R Us credit card which he uses to make business purchases, and the credit rewards are giftcard amounts (I think the gift card thing works for Toys R Us too, and he has 2 kids...which is why he has it I seemed random to me).  That's over half of the price of the crib we want...lucky! haha

Interesting fact...the other day I was doing my hair with my iTunes going.  Matt was skipping songs to find ones he liked and he stopped it on a soft, just music song that is from one of my Animes.  He even hummed along with it!  I think I've corrupted him :)


Friday, August 20, 2010

The End of Summer

Since August is pretty much over (and I was very bored), I decided it was time to change my summer background.  If I knew more about this website and had a cool picture editing program, I would of explored more...but I don't, so I didn't haha.
It's weird to think that I have 3 months left in this pregnancy.  I keep going back between "3 months is not very long!" and "3 months is soo long!" It's not very long when you think of what we want to do with the house.  But when I think about the days till I see this thing that keeps kicking my insides, it's a long time.
As weird as it sounds, I've been having this feeling (at the same time when I think the days are slow) that I'm not pregnant for me, like I'm going to have to give her up once she's born.  I think it's part because there really isn't any baby stuff in the house.  I know it's probably early to have baby stuff, but tell my head that.  It's nuts in there! Anynoodle....
I had other stuff I was going to put on here...but I forgot. Got distracted by a craving...
Time to go find some donuts!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doctors yet again

Well today I went to the doctor.  This is the first time we went in the morning vs the afternoon.  I love these short little appointments where your there for like 20 minutes...although like I always (and always will) say, peeing in a cup sucks!  I've made an art out of it now haha, but it still sucks.
The nurse never tells me my actual weight or bloodpressure (which I assume means it's fine), but this time she actually told us the babies heart rate, which was good.  Also, even though I don't know my actual weight, the doctor told me I'd only gained a pound, which I guess is a good thing.  I also got my stomach messured...I should of asked what it was.
I had to make an appointment for 2 weeks.  I'm getting another ultrasound to check something (the paper says flu marginal least I think...stupid fancy writing haha).  I also have to get my blood drawn after drinking this stuff that I have to try to down within 5 minutes.  My poor bladder!  It's a blood glucose test.  I know I need my rh factor shot thingy soon, but she didn't say anything about it.
I can't believe August is already half over.  Which means I have 3 months left.  It seems long and short at the same time.  Matt said that made no sense, but I'm sure someone gets it! I hope... :)  When I look at it from days point of view, it seems so long.  But when I look at it from months point of view it's short.  I can't believe I've been pregant for 5 months already. So weird.  I keep trying to tell Matt that the things we want to do around the house before baby are going to need to be done, or time is going to sneak up on us.  Including putting up the fence outside (which I still get nervous about.  I don't want my doggie getting out or something getting in), putting in the doggy door, and (maybe) new carpet.  We also need to find a crib.  I know what I want, but no store seems to carry it anymore.  The crib is on the manufacturer's website, but they don't take orders from people.  Sigh.  I'll probably have to give in and get something different.
Man the heat has shot up again.  I guess I'll go do the dishes...


Monday, August 9, 2010


I think we've officially picked a baby name.  We talked about it and haven't really thought of anything since so I guess we like it haha.  Hailey Nicole Rioux.
I also finally got my ultrasound pictures on my computer.  Here are some....


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Where did August come from??  Better yet, where did the time go?  It's hard to think that Austin will be going to Hillcrest come the end of the month.  Also I'm about to "turn" 24 weeks.  Is it weird to say that I still feel like it hasn't really hit me that there is actually a baby in there...yet I sit here all day and feel little bangs on my tummy.  I think I have a hyperactive baby (given I guess I don't really know what is a lot of movement).  I would put on my new ultrasound photos, but I'm on Matt's computer.  Mine still has a virus and I don't want to turn it on and mess with it.  Better to just leave it alone until my "computer doctor" gets here...which hopefully will be tomorrow. 
Oh! I have to say.  On my plane flight to was the best!  There was a ton of Japanese school kids on it.  At first I wasn't sure if they were getting on my plane, but they did.  I spent pretty much the whole time trying to understand what they were saying.  I could only understand up to like 3 words per statement, but it was still awesome.  They had school uniforms and everything!  It makes me with I could learn Japanese faster.  I still say the little words I know all the time.  Sometimes I have to catch myself from asking "why" in Japanese when I'm not at home haha.  Best flight ever!
Utah was awesome too.  Central air felt so good haha.  Austin and I pretty much hung out the whole time.  We tried to do as much as we could. When we went to the mall and into the kids clothing stuff...part of me wanted to get just one little shirt or something, but I felt like if I would be like a jynx.  I'm weird I know.  Man as far as baby stuff goes, I don't have much...but I don't think that's a bad thing.  I'm only a little over half way...I have plenty of time..right?  I have a baby swing, some crib sheets, and a rocking chair! =P 
I also have to say how much I love my husband!  This morning was one of those where you wake up and it just feels like a bad day.  I started crying (yea yea) and went back up to bed.  He asked what was wrong.  I sniffled out "it's a bad day already! I'm going back to bed!" He said he'd take care of it, and he did.  He always tries his best to make sure I'm happy.  He's even been playing Mario with me teehee.  Ooh Mathew, you are so cute! I love you!  Now if I could just convince the baby to kick when he wants to feel hahaha.
Oh! One last thing.  I have this picture frame I got at one of my bridal showers that holds 8 pictures that hangs on the wall.  I have some pictures in it right now, but I want to change some of them.  I'm thinking of getting each family to give me a family photo to put in there.  Like...Lacey, Kim, and Matt's dad.  The 2 I for sure won't change are pictures from my wedding.  One with Matt and his mom and one with me and my dear mommy! Sound good?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mr. Howly

Last night as Matt and I started off on our nightly walk, suddenly a dog came up from behind us and wanted to play with Mia.  We looked around and there were no people.  Looking closer at the dog, he had no collar on.  Being the way we are, we couldn't just ignore it.  Matt knocked on a couple doors asking if the dog was theirs or if they knew where he luck.  Soon it got too late to go around knocking on doors.  Animal control was closed (even though we hated to call them), and the police station didn't care.  They told us to let him go.  Not having the heart to let him go, we called around.  First we called Matt's friend from work who explained that the office has a policy that they won't let in dogs they don't know over night because they don't know if they are sick.  I can kind of understand that...but also I can't.  They keep sick dogs over night all the time.  And they are a vet office, they clean the cages any dog stays in well (at least they are supposed to).  He would of only been there till 7 AM when Animal Control opened.  But whatever right?  We called Matt's mom and asked what she thought we should do.  She offered up her house for the night.  So we locked him in her gated backyard, and just put the doggie door blocker on for the other dogs.  And this morning at 7 sharp, we took him over to animal control (he's a howler...and a loud one at that haha).
There were several reasons I couldn't just turn away and leave the dog.  One: I LOVE helping animals.  Two: It was dark and he could of gotten hit by a car or something.  Three: He seemed like he had a home and hadn't been lost for very long.    I say he didn't have a collar on, but it definatly looked like there used to be one.  He wasn't over or under weight.  He loved people and was very kind and well behaved.  I'm sure (I'd hope) his family is looking for him.  It also made me think of Kimmy and her dog that went missing the one day she happened to not have her collar on...and they never found her.  I would want someone to stop and get Mia if she got lost.  He was such a sweetheart...I hope his family calls the shelter or he has a chip and can go home soon.  He even got along with Matt's mom's dogs this morning no problem.
Oh and how did we steer a dog who had no collar?  We keep a slip leash (the ones from the vets) in the car for these very instances haha.  Dorks, I know.
Get home soon Mr. Howly.


Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm sitting here bored...just folded the laundry and did the dishes...and thought I'd write about something that I'm proud of and is kind of strange.
People who know me know how "wow" this is haha.  I haven't had McDonalds since late March.  That is the longest I've gone without since I started eating it...I don't even know when.  Even better? I don't miss it.  I have no desire to eat it.  I was eating some Wendy's and some Arby's...but after a couple times of eating them I felt sick and haven't touched them since. 
Not only that! I haven't had Coke since late March also.  I have gone longer than this without it before, but I'm catching up.  I do miss "the burn" that you get from taking that first sip from a can, but Matt opened one the other day and I had no desire to drink even a sip of it.  I was drinking Sprite at first for a couple help settle my stomach, and to drink something that had some flavor (at first water tasted weird to me).  But I don't even drink that anymore.  Matt brought one home for me and I don't think I even finished it.  I'd much rather have a Gatorade or just water.  Given...lemonaide and a couple other things are still yummy! I'm not a water freak...yet haha.  But still not soda. 
I'm hoping that these desires to NOT have these things and not having it for so long, that I'll stay away from it.  Maybe it'll help me lose the baby weight (which is funny cause I actually weigh less right now at 20 weeks pregnant than I did before I got pregnant). 
Whether my goal stays or not, I'm proud of myself right now.  Woo! =P


Friday, July 2, 2010


Man! Do you ever get in that mood where you're feeling sassy (which is basically a nice way of saying your feeling kind of mean haha)?  I think it's more of a girl thing.  I can always tell that I'm waaay into one of those moods when I'm laying half awake in bed and arguing with people in my head.  >.<
Sometimes I just have moments where people just make me mad!  And I make myself mad.  Trust me I'm not judging people...I know I'm probably one of the worst on my list...even though I know I'm not the bottom bottom haha.
One thing that sparked this attitude this morning was The Last Airbender race issue.  " bothers me that people say that all the characters in The Last Airbender should be asian. Aang is WHITE! The 2 men who made the show are white. Sure it has asian influences, but that doesn't mean that they are ALL asian."
The water benders in the show are like eskimos (look at the way they live and they color of their skin in the cartoon).  The firebenders are probably the most Asian in the cartoon.  But maybe it's just me...but Asians don't usually have white skin right?  If you were to draw a person and make them Asian wouldn't you color their skin darker?  I'm sure the cartoon artists own colored pencils.  Does that sound racist?  I'm not.  I also hate people who think anyone who talks about race a little bit is racist..... haha OK I'm done I swear.
Well...I probably could go on...but I need to go find some breakfast before lack of makes me throw up ^.^
Venting - Check  <3


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dr. Appointment

Yesterday I went to my second doctors appointment.  It would of been like a 5 minute visit, but this thing I signed up for (at least I think that's what it was) had a lady come talk to me.  She asked me a bunch of questions and evaluated my poor diet haha.  They just listened to the heartbeat, which I guess was ok since they didn't say anything.  And they took my blood pressure...which again I assume was ok because she didn't even tell me what it was.  You can't forget the dreadful peeing in a cup haha.  I did find out though, that my blood type is O- so because Matt is positive, I have to get a shot at 28 weeks...something like "The Rh Factor". I also had to give more blood for a test that tests for Down's Syndrome and some other stuff.  At least this time I didn't get a huge bruise like last time.   I go back in two weeks to get an ultrasound which will tell us for sure the sex.  I also need to find a pediatrician (I know that's spelled wrong, but I'm too lazy to go correct it).  Now when you find one...are you supposed to like call them and say your so far along and you want them to be your doctor for the baby afterwards?  Or do you not even talk to them until after the babies born?  Oh my! I never really noticed my stomach growing (I guess cause I see it everyday) but I took a couple pictures weeks apart and aw man it is bigger.  Strange to me.
It seems weird to me to talk about "the future"...still feel like its a jinx...even though sometimes I can't help but think about it.  Things like "Wow this Christmas we'll have an extra person." haha WEIRD!  I've also tried to make some plans for Thanksgiving.  I know we still have a while, and it's not like they're concrete plans, just shooting ideas around. 
Everyone is talking about going up to Park I want to go so bad!  This is one of those times when I think "maybe we should move back."  Gah! Why can't everyone just live in the same state?!  I guess that's what I get for meeting my man online >.<


Monday, June 28, 2010

Karate Kid

Yesterday Matt said he wanted to get out of the house, so we decided to go see The Karate Kid.  It was really good!  Jayden looks and talks JUST like his dad.  And for as little as he is he had some serious muscle.  Of course Jackie Chan was awesome!  Who doesn't love Jackie Chan?  This is the first movie where I saw him cry...and first time with a mustache haha.  This movie just upped my want to learn some form of Karate or Kung Fu.  I know I'd suck at it, but I still think it would be way fun.  Ever since I watched Chris take a karate class when I was little, I wanted to learn.  I guess now I'll have to wait haha.  I recomment seeing it, expecially if you like Will Smith movies. 

I got my first baby gift the other day.  We went over to Matt's dad's for dinner, and Emma kept talking about the baby, so Kim let her give us "an early gift" haha.  It's a Take-Along Swing.  It's weird to me to have a baby toy in my house that I'm not giving to someone else.  I go to my second doctors appointment tomorrow, and I'm nervous.  That's probably weird, but I'll probably be nervous pretty much every time because I'm not crazy about doctors.  Matt's stupid work was supposed to give him his half day (that he has later) tomorrow so he could take me...and he asked in plenty of time.  And did they? Nope...can you believe that?  Sigh. 

Well, Happy Monday! 


Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day (yesterday)!
Yesterday we went to Matt's aunt's house and hung out with his dad, little sister, grandparents who were visiting from Kansas, and of course his aunt haha.  His grandma made some kind of noodles by hand (I guess it took all day) and she put them in a broth with pieces of chicken and rabbit..I think.  There was also garlic bread and fudge.  Emma was swimming, and I would of joined because the pool was really warm, but I'd only get in a swimsuit if I had Kim's that she had last year to cover her pregnant belly.
I don't know what my daddy did, but I called him that night (no signal at aunt's house).  I had something little to send him, but since they are going on vacation today...and it was going to be late anyway, I decided to wait to send it.  So I made sure to tell him that I didn't forget hehe. 


Friday, June 18, 2010


Well today has been a boring 10 I had put in my second load of laundry, which is big for me since I have to walk down to do it.  I decided to change my background to summer since it's almost July....even though we haven't managed to make it down to the beach yet. 
I'm hoping to go out to Utah at the end of July, but we'll have to see.  Today I found a pretty good price, but as we all know, that doesn't mean it'll be that price tomorrow. 
I have another doctors appointment next Tuesday.  I wonder if they'll confirm the sex then.  It seems kind of still doesn't really feel real.  Is it bad that I'm about 16-17 weeks and haven't felt any movement? 
I had all this stuff I was gunna put on here...I put off typing it and now I've forgotten haha.  So....I guess I'll go change my laundry again.  Sounds fun don't it!?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, today was my first official doctors visit...after taking matt to the emergency room to get a Tetanus shot because he got bit at work (haven't been to any doctor in a looong time).  After sitting in the surprisingly busy waiting room, we met with a lady who gave us a ton of information, and a baggy full of more information.  Than we went up stairs where I got the "lady doctor" stuff done.  We couldn't really plan anything without knowing how far along I am, so she managed to get us an ultrasound for right than.  We went over, got the was that trippy.  I never actually expected to see something pop up on the screen haha (that is called denile!).  After printing us some pictures, we went and had my blood drawn.
What a long...eventful day.  Interesting huh? :)


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Matt's Birthday

Quick update...don't really have much to say haha.
Yesterday was Matt's 22nd birthday.  We didn't get to do much because he had to work (and worked today too), but we went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  They made him go around to each table and shake his butt with some gypsy like belt on haha.  Tonight, we are going over to Matt's dad's for dinner.  One of his friends also brought rice crispy treats to work for his birthday, because she knows he doesn't like donuts. 
I'm hoping we can go to the beach this weekend.  I want to go to this area called Dana Point early in the morning to try to catch view of some dolphins.  There was also a grey whale hanging out down there, but I think it finally migrated on (after they freed it's tail from some netting that had gotten caught on it). The sky has kind of been going back and forth between nice and cloudy, so I hope if we do decide to go, it'll stay sunny. 
Well...that about raps it up.  Have a great day! haha


Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day!  Did you do something green?  If I would of had 6 plastic bottles or cans, I would of headed over to the Disney Store and gotten my free hat haha.  But!  I had saved money for Matt and I to go on a date and go see Oceans.  Of course, if you go see Oceans opening week, Disney donates like a dollar or something to the Save the Coral Reef fund.
The movie was amazing.  It showed the beauty, magnificents, and strength of the ocean.  The creatures are all so different and amazing in their own way.  The only thing that was kind of a bummer, they didn't say which breed of dolphin they showed (and they showed at least 4 different ones).  It's not really hard to tell them apart, but the first one they showed, I was guessing between 2 different breeds, and they never told me if I was right or totally off haha.  Sucked.  But oh was still awesome.  I recommend it!!
Oh, and they advertised their new one for next Earth Day...which is going to be African Cats.  It looks good.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to make this a tradition.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

I haven't been on here in a while...I've been sick, laying on the couch doing nothing...sucked.
Last Saturday was mine and Matt's 2nd wedding anniversary.  It's hard to believe that we've been married for 2 years already.  I still remember meeting him for the first time online, our first phone call, and the first time meeting him in person.  I remember when he moved to Utah for me, even though it was a struggle (and his family thought he was crazy).  I remember deciding to move back to California (which was a hard choice since I love Utah too...yes still). 
We didn't do anything too spectacular for the date.  We ate at Joe's Crab Shack since it's Matt's favorite place to eat.  We decided to save our money to go see Oceans on Earth Day...we'll make it a date.  Ever since we got married, we decided it would be fun to follow the "anniversary gift rules" and give the traditional gift (kind our view of it I guess).  This year it was cotton, so I set out to find him some funny 100% cotton boxers.  One pair says "Open 24 Hours" and the others say "Rub me for good luck" haha.  He bought me a 100% cotton grey skirt from American Eagle.  It's way I just need to get my legs some I wish I had grass to lay out on. 
Man the house gets messy when I'm not up to clean it....


Monday, April 5, 2010

21st Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday!  On Saturday, Matt took me over to his aunt's house, and we had dinner and opened presents.  She took pictures, I just don't have them yet.  Than yesterday, we went to Disneyland with our friend from Washington.  My friend Kaycee was there too, but I didn't want to interupt her family vacation.  My friend took pictures there, but he needs to email them to me, so I don't have those either lol.
I got several cool things.  I got some money from Sonnie and Matt's mom.  Curtis (Matt's cousin) gave me a gift card to McDonalds haha. Matt's aunt gave me a stuffed whale, a bag, jewelry, and shirt.  Mom gave me a cd case, New Moon, and Mermaid Barbie hehe.  Matt gave me Sherlock Holmes.  My friend "D" gave me extra storage for my computer (something to put my movies on) and his daughter sent him with a princess birthday hat haha.  I also got several packages of Mini Eggs...a plus to having a birthday around Easter.  Also, Matt made me wear a birthday badge all around Disneyland. I was so embarrassed. :) 
Excellent birthday!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

Happy April Fool's Day!  Man I wish I was a good prankster.  I'm not going to believe anything Matt tells me today! haha.
It must be that time of year where a lot of shows end their seasons.  3 of the 4 shows that I watch ended this week, and the last one is coming close.  I don't know what I'm going to do now.  One of them ended completely...finished!  It was a happy, awesome ending!  But I'm so sad.  I've been watching it for so long.  The one that hasn't ended yet...when it does end, it'll be over over (I believe).  So sad...
In 3 days, I'll be 21!  Isn't that scary?  I know it's not old, but it feels that way haha.  I remember turning 10.
I'm hoping the rain holds off until Sunday night like the news says (unless it doesn't want to come at all, which is good too).
Well, I got to go to work.  Play many pranks!


Monday, March 22, 2010

The Cove

Today I finally got a chance to watch The Cove.  I had been wanting to see it ever since the moment I heard about it.  It truly is an amazing documentary.
The lengths these people go to for what they believe in is awesome.  They have amazing will power and strength.  I'm sure it was not an easy task, but they succeeded.  Now the word just needs to be spred. 
If I had the power to do what they did, I would.  All I can do now is sign the petition and spred the word of this disaster.
Dolphins are one of the most intellegent, beautiful, magestic, and wonderful animals I have ever seen.  I don't think there are very many people who can be in the water with a dolphin, or even just see one up close, and say that they think they aren't amazing. 
Some people say that they aren't human, so they shouldn't worry about trying to help them.  Who are we do say that we are the superior mammal?  No they aren't humans, that's why they need help.  They can't speak on their own behalf.  People need to stand up and help stop this crime.
I recommend watching this documentary.


Monday, March 8, 2010


It's been a long time since I've been on here.   It's been a while since I really did anything like this at all anywhere.  I've been slacking!
Lately I've been frantic with trying to beat Zelda Twilight Princess for the Wii.  Our friend let me borrow it.  It's soooo awesome!  I want to buy it so bad.  He also let us borrow Super Smash Brothers Brawl.  I'm going to get some practice with it than when Austin gets home from school, we can battle each other via internet.
Matt's been going to the gym almost every day.  He's doing a lot better on our diet than I am.  Damn Mini Eggs >.<  haha.  I'm glad he's going though.  It makes it so he doesn't come home and get on the computer, he goes out with his friend. 
Today is the last day I have to put drops in my eye for my ulser (spelling) on my cornia....again.  I guess trying to stretch month contacts for 3 months is a no go anymore.  I used to do it all the time, but these contacts that I had were not only samples, they were thicker and bigger....which means less oxygen to my eyes anyway.  Sigh...I guess I bring this on myself.  I'm so sick of these ugly glasses.  I didn't mind my old ones, but I had to get new ones because of Medi-cal...which is, by the way, suspended until they go through my paper work to reinstate it for the new year.  They are so dumb and slow over there. 
I just came inside from shooting a bow!  It was scary and exciting at the same time!  I'm a dork, I know.  My aim is....way off, to say the least haha.  I guess I am going to have to enlist Matt's help *embarrassed*  This is what the bow I'm using looks like. 
It feels good to work on it.  It's something I've ALWAYS wanted to learn to do.  It's pretty easy, just kind of, awkward I guess.  I know these glasses don't help (sliding down my face like they do). 
My 21st birthday is less than a month away!  Isn't it scary?  Makes me feel old.  I so don't feel my age.  I don't really feel any age....does that make sense?  I know I know, I'm nuts!
Have a wonderful day!