Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, Momma has come and gone.  We had a pretty good Thanksgiving.  Got lots of baby stuff (thank you very much Mom and Sonnie).  We hung out at the mall and "nerded out in public" at the Japanese store.  She got us keychains.  She got a mushroom, Austin got a Yoshi, and I got Inuyasha.  We drank some Japanese soda too.  Unfortunatly, my due date also as come and gone.  I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday (if I haven't gone into labor yet) and than he'll decide what to do than.  So...we may be having a December baby.  Matt's almost done with my changing table.  It needs to be painted again, but it was too windy today (since it's out in the garage, they didn't want stuff to blow on it).  I also need to vacuum the car so we can put the carseat in, and decide if we want to put it right behind my chair or in the middle. 
We also went to see Harry Potter, which was really good.  And Oooh the popcorn was sooo good haha.  I'm sorry Momma that baby didn't come while you were here...I tried! haha
Well....I have to go save Mia from Emma


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh and...



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh dear

Well, the water was back on for about a half a it's off again.  Right as I start cleaning of course.  I'm running out of time and I wanted to get most, if not all, done in one day and now I'm running out of day.  It's already almost 11 and I haven't even really started.  Not to mention I started Matt's mom's laundry so I could do my own right before the water cut that ought to be good.  SIGH!  Oh and to top it off, my phone is being stupid and I can't do anything on it at all.  So I'm out of touch with everyone, waterless, and getting more and more frustrated every day.  We had no problems with the water until this neighbor moved in, now we're having a bunch of issues?  I'm just saying....


Monday, November 15, 2010

Water issues

Well, I'm sitting here on my papa-in-laws computer.  Not only are we babysitting, we're here hiding from our house that is waterless at the moment.  Because of the messed up way the land is set up on our hill (the city doesn't care because it's private property...if you want to do city water you have to pay for the piping and everything), our neighbors pump went out and so it caused our water to go out.  The breaker for our water is even in their breaker  A while back we had a bunch of issues when the old owner of the house kept popping our breaker to work on his stuff, when ours being on has nothing to do with what he was doing.  Now I guess the new owner isn't very happy with the old owners, now adding on a burnt out pump that he has to replace.  We didn't have water all day yesterday, and probably not at all today.  It MIGHT come back on today, but if not, we won't have any water till Tuesday...which is not fun when you wake up 5 times a night to pee.  That and I have dishes that need to be done.  I didn't even drink my grapejuice this morning because I knew I couldn't rinse it out afterwards...who wants a cup sticky with grape?  I was so mad yesterday when I learned we'd be without water for who knows how long.  I'm sure I over reacted, but I was soo mad.  I hate having our fate tied to what the neighbors do. 
Well I go to the doctor again on Wednesday, and -o joy- I get to see yet another different, creepy man doctor.  Our doctor is going on vacation for who knows how long.  The worst part, he didn't even tell us, the lady who made our appointment told us after Matt asked why it was a different doctor.  Sigh, sometimes it's a nice office, but sometimes they are just soo dumb.  And to add to it! I might be left alone there for a while because they are kind of slow, and we have to pick up Emma at 12:30 (our appointment is at 11)...and I hate doctors period, let alone a weird old man I've never met before.  All the nurses I like work in the downstairs office too :(  I wonder if we can ask for like a rushed appointment haha.
Matt and his dad built the front of our baby's dresser yesterday.  But since his dad is out of town for work till Wednesday or Thursday, it won't be worked on for a while.  I'm just waiting for baby to come before it's done since that'll mean none of the clothes are washed or anything (I planned to wash them all at once and put them away in the dresser).  I'm not really feeling the "I want this baby out of me!" stuff.  I mean I am a little bit, I'm tired of Matt laughing at me trying to get off the couch haha.  But I more want her to come early for Momma's sake (since she'll be here for Thanksgiving).  I've been wanting to go walk around the mall and what not, but between Matt's work, naps from work, and going to the gym (and now babysitting) we haven't gone walking once. 
Well I guess I'll go rescue Matt from tic-tac-toe.  Oh and if anyone knows anyone who wants to buy a dirt bike, Matt's trying to sell his.  :)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh yea!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Up and coming

Time for the countdowns! 
Thanksgiving - 19 days
Christmas - 49 days

It's official! My momma's coming to me for Thanksgiving since I can't go there.  It's going to be Mom, Austin and Sonnie.  I'm kind of sad that Dad isn't coming, but I don't blame him.  And we all know Chris won't go anywhere haha.  I got a lot of cleaning to do before they (and baby) come.  I made a list last night so I wouldn't forget anything.  Matt and I are going to set aside a day to do it (hopefully) all in.  Than a day where we're going to clean the car.  His dad has a shopvac so we can get most of the Mia hair out.  Plus there is a ton of dirt in there right now because it's been so rainy.    But hey! I'm proud of Mom for getting her tickets not too late haha.  And proud of me! We bought a turkey already...they were on sale at the perfect time! 
I had more I was going to say but I don't remember now (that's what happens when I do this and watch Reba at the same time).  Man my hair is driving me nuts! Wow...random...yea...I'm going to go now


Monday, November 1, 2010

Just sayin...

Happy Birthday Carter!