Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, I'm home after a week in Utah. I had a really good time. Poor Matt was stuck home all alone all week. I guess Mia was no fun to talk to haha. Seeing Harry Potter, and My Sister's Keeper was way fun! I love movies so much. Now I have to decide if I want to see The Ugly Truth or Funny People more haha. Also, swimming was fun. I hadn't been swimming in forever! I'm glad I got to be there for Sonnie's and Sadie's birthday. That was a pretty funny day...expecially our singing. The 24th of July parade was pretty fun, even though at night it was pretty abandoned for the first time ever. But there were tons of people in the morning. We almost didn't have enough seats. Now I gotta go get back in the swing of things and do some laundry, fun....haha (I'm kind of having a brain fart on typing...maybe I'll try again later)

Also, if you like rock music, check out Matt's cousin, John's band called 38 Caliber Hero.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Universal Studios

Well, I have sent ya on your way (momma and dadda!). On the way home from the airport, I went with Matt's dad to a service call he had. I just walked around Staples while he worked haha.
Universal Studios was so fun! I hadn't been there in forever! Last time I went there, the Jurrasic Park ride was the new, big thing.
I'm sorry Austin for forcing you into the haunted house that we didn't realize was a walk through haunted house haha. You got through like a champ!
I was very impressed with The Simpsons ride. It was not what I expected at all! If you ever go to Universal sure to go on it...well unless you get motion sickness haha. Poor Matt.

The Jurassic Park ride is awesome, even though I did not go on it this time (I didn't feel like getting wet in a shirt that would go see-through and jeans that would run blue dye down my legs haha...I'd gotten dressed before I knew where we were going). Maybe we should of tested the Mummy ride...Oh well, that hot mummy guy walking around was good enough =) Too bad we didn't get a picture.

Speaking of men....Mom got escorted by an Englishman hehe. He planned to walk her to wherever we were headed, but at the time we didn't even know where we were going. I think he got confused haha

Oh and last but not least....Dad said this picture is for Raymond =)

There are tons more funny ones. But I can't fit them all on here. If you want to see Dad meet his other self (hehe), Mom meet Curious George, Austin show the Terminator what's what, and all that jazz, go to my Myspace or Facebook. It was a really fun time! See you all again in two weeks! hehe


Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of Aquarium!

What's the best way for someone who loves the ocean to spend the 4th of July? Why, in an aquarium of course! Yesterday we decided to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It was my first time there, and it was fun. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Austin got to pet some sharks and sting rays, we fed some birds, and watch a sea otter bang on the glass with his toy haha. After hitting the gift shop (of course) we went and ate at Famous Daves. That place never gets old. We went home and relaxed for a little (after I oogled at my dream car in the parking lot - orange/copper colored 4 door Honda Fit) than we went to the Golden Spoon and got some ice cream. By time we came home it was dark enough to see fireworks. All we had to do was stand near the edge of the mountain and you could see about 10 sets of fireworks going off at once. You could see them pretty much to LA. It would of been cool to film if my video camera wouldn't of been dead haha. But no matter where you looked, you saw fireworks from somewhere. And last but not least, as we're walking back to the house in the dark, talking about scary movies of course, Dad throws a rock to make it sound like an animal or something, and I screamed bloody murder! Matt's mom was probably like "what was that!?" haha

Here are some pictures of the Aquarium


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mia and her heartworm

If I can figure out how to put videos on here, I did my best to take video of Mia taking her monthly heartworm and (now) flea prevention stuff. I don't know how I got her to do this, but I'm so happy she does. A lot of heartworm medicines are meat flavored, but ours were this weird offbrand (shes gunna switch though because they don't sell it at Matt's vet). The flea and tick one is supposed to be flavored, but I actually usually have a harder time getting her to take that one. When she was littler, we got some flea stuff from the LA County fair, so we tried it, and we had to push it down her throat. I couldn't do that every month haha. I thought me pulling out the camera I'd naturally have a harder time (the "they never do it with the camera out" thing), but she took it faster that I had thought, so it's really bad video haha. But check it out! <3

The first one is her heartworm. I usually give her half a treat after each one, but since she took it so fast, I tried to do them both, and she spit out the flea one haha

Than she finally takes it...Yay!