Thursday, January 23, 2014


Now that we are home, I can tell the story of our exciting Thursday...
It was just another day, planning on going to Disneyland when we get a knock on the door at 6:30AM.  Not going to lie, whenever we get someone at our house that early, I get a little freaked out haha.  I was trying to wake Matt up to go look to see who it was.  Then he got a phone call.  It was Michelle.  I heard through the phone "Did you see the fire?".  So I shot out of bed and caught the glow out the window.  I saw how big and close it was and ran and got dressed and turned on the news.  I never dreamed it would grow as fast as it did.
Of course the kids woke up in the chaos and I brought them downstairs.  Matt told me we might have to leave so I started packing Hailey's toys (still thinking we had plenty of time).  Then I got them dressed.  As I was getting Brooklyn dressed there was a knock on the door and then Matt yells up the stairs for me to grab the folder full of our taxes and stuff.  I came down stairs and he told me that was the cop telling us to leave.  He pulled my car to the door to make it easier and faster.  When I saw how fast he was moving and how frantic he looked I started to panic a little.  I put Brook in the carseat and ran back upstairs to get my photo albums and things like that.  Matt quickly grabbed our big duffle bag and told me to start throwing clothes in it.  When I came back down all the pictures on the wall were down and the kids were in the car.
When I went outside it was so weird.  It was almost red/brown everywhere, super windy from the helicopters, and surprisingly hard to breath.  We grabbed a couple jugs of water to drink because it was awful outside.
Matt flipped my car around to go down the steep driveway since it was driving away from the fire.  Then I got stuck because they were trying to get the llamas all loaded.  Matt guided me out and I was trying to concentrate and not freak out haha.
Once I was free I drove faster then I probably should of down the hill.  I had to stop because some truck was in front of me going super slow.  At the moment I was so frustrated with him because Baby B was screaming in the back and fire on our doorstep and he was driving miss daisy!  Then a car was coming up the hill and the truck didn't know what to do (and I did which was odd haha). I had to tell the other car to tell the truck to keep moving.  And this whole time Mia is flying around in the front seat.
When I get out the gate....which we had to wait to open (I guess the firefighters cut the cable after a while because it kept shutting on people).  It was so chaotic at the bottom.  There was someone with a horse and police blocking so people wouldn't come up.
As soon as I got to Matt's dad's house I just started crying (which Hailey later told me was 'ok').  It was so weird that this was all happening and had escalated so quickly.
In hindsight I wished I would have taken a moment to look around and see the fire.  I know it was bad and scary, but I'll (hopefully) never be that close to fire like that again and it would have been interesting to see.  Apparently it was a lot closer than I had thought.  I heard Matt's uncle had to take the llama trailer through the flames a little bit or he would of been stuck.
When Matt's sister was leaving, it was under the trailer so I was so sure our house was gone.  When I had heard what the firefighters knew was gone and that they couldn't see our house from where they were I was positive it was gone.  Matt and I cried.
Then with the binoculars we found our window!  Hope!  It was a loooong day waiting for them to let us up to assess the damage. And when we finally were aloud we had to walk.
We were so lucky!  It was like it hit our fence and went around.  You can see in the backyard where it's burned around the fence line.  If the wind had been any different, the fire could of climbed the trees that have branches resting on our roof.
It's still very weird coming up here and seeing so much of the hill gone.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


I've had my little Hailey on the brain lately.
I have to give her props.  She is an amazing little person.
Ever since she was born she's been pretty easy.  She was a good eater, slept through the night, and didn't cry very often.
As she grew she learned all her milestones quickly and with ease.  Things that could have been a real headache weren't, such as switching her from a bottle to a sippy cup.
Now that she's a toddler, she's so independent.....good and bad.
She's defiantly got personality.  She can be the sweetest little girl ever, then she can be the sassiest little diva!
And when it comes to her little better not mess around.  I've caught her cleaning up spit up when we didn't know she even had.  She sings to her when she sleeps, gives her her toys when she drops them, and tries her best to make her laugh.
I was a little nervous when Baby B came around because Hailey has always been the center of attention.  On Matt's side she was the first grandkid.  But she has handled it very well.  My little mommy.
She is defiantly not perfect. She still sucks her binky (but we're working on that one.  Wasn't good time to take it away with the baby), still wears diapers.....which is where I'm stumped, and she can talk back like a 14 year old drama queen.
But despite all her bratty moments and how bad she can frustrate me, she is the love of my life!
Whenever she laughs or says one of her silly statements, or when she loves on her little sister I just melt inside.
Oh Hailey Nicole,
How I love you


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Checkup Time

Today we had Brooklyn's 4 month check up.
Yes, she is 5 months. Yes, she is behind.  Insurance crap....don't ask
Everything was good.  Almost 15lbs.  I didn't catch how long she was though.  She doesn't seem to be quite as chunky as Hailey was.  She's more long then chunky.
She's almost able to sit up on her own.  Usually she over extends and tips.  Also, she is getting very interested in our food.  She'll follow it around and try to eat it.  It's almost time to start trying her on cereal.
Poor little baby got 4 shots today.  And since we were behind, she'll get her 6 months at 7 months.
Oh well
She is also exactly 5 months old today.
Beautiful little Baby B


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Well hello there 2014!
How are you?  Good? Great!
I have a feeling we are going to be the best of friends!
So, what are your new years resolutions?
I felt like I had a lot, but they all pretty much fall under the same categories.
-Be Healthy
-Go outside my comfort zone/learn a new skill
-Be a better mom/wife
I know they aren't going to be easy.  But I want to prove to myself that I can do it.  That I'm not just someone who gives it has been so far in every attempt do to them.
I'm hoping that tracking my weight loss and stuff on here will help me.  Later today (when Matt wakes up to help haha) I'm going to take some weigh in pictures and maybe measurements to track.
So 2014, lets be good to each other, Ok?
Sounds great!