Thursday, October 28, 2010

The New Doctor

Well first of all let me say I think it's mean to make a 8-9 month pregnant woman drink a ton of water and not pee for over an hour! haha.  Plus add pushing on it with the ultrasound wand.  Speaking of the ultrasound...this was a crappy one.  It was almost like her machine was dieing.  She got no good pictures.  We could usually tell what she was looking at but this time we couldn't.  She did get us some pictures but they're all pretty much black, I'm not even going to put them on the computer.
This time around I had to see a "real" doctor.  I don't know if the office was having an off day or what but it was the longest we had been there.  We waited for like an hour...first for us to even get called than while we waited for the doctor.  He is a weird man! Matt liked him but to me he just seemed...weird.  He like didn't make any eye contact, his hands were in his pockets the whole time, he had a whimpy hand shake haha.  But he did explain things really well.  I guess I'm kind of looking at a foggy view of him because I just don't like doctors period.  But he said everything is normal.  He said something about giving me a copy of the paper they had been tracking my weight and stuff on, but he never gave me one haha.  I go back in 2 weeks than it's every week after that.  It seems weird to think that a couple days ago was a month to my due date...and we still don't have half the stuff we need.  We have no bedding, one tiny blanket.  I need a changing table pad.  I'd like a "diaper pail" and a breast pump (but those aren't like NEED haha).  Well, I guess at least Matt gets a discount at Target now (but it has to be cash or gift cards to work) that'll help.   Sonnie said she wanted to throw me a baby shower (I guess she didn't think about it while I was there for 2 weeks teehee, silly lady) and I can't travel now.  I thought about driving up for the weekend but I don't think we can afford the gas even for a little trip like that. 
Well I guess I'll go finish folding the laundry to cure some boredom until Matt gets home. 
Excited for Halloween! (even though I didn't get to decorate or dress up.  That's what Mia is for! =P )


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rain rain go away

It has been raining for the past week.  We just got the doggie door and what not in, and we can't even let Mia out there (she'd get sooo muddy and get it all over the carpet).  It's been a pain trying to do laundry.  I already lose my footing on the stupid uneven dirt driveway, but when it rains, it becomes a muddy waterslide.  That and I don't want to bring clean laundry out in the rain.  That and my floor is now soo's because I mopped *bangs head* haha.  Ok...I'm done *cough*stupid rain*cough*
Matt made me put up the crib haha.  So now there is a crib upstairs.  Now that it's all put together, they can make the changing table/dresser with a better view of matching than a little picture off the internet.  And the sooner they make it the better, cause I have stuff I can put in it.  Man this place is so small...I don't even know where I'm gunna put our baby tub.  Baby towels and washclothes are probably going to have to be in the dresser as well.  Speaking of dressers....Matt and I need to go through his.  It's so stuffed and messy (it's small), expecially with Christmas coming up.  I'm sure he'll get at least one shirt. 
Man I'm hungry and tired.  I woke up at like 9:15 (it's 11:25 now) and I ate not too long ago.  Frustrating haha >.<


Thursday, October 14, 2010

33 week dr. visit

Oh the stuff as always (at least they're short visits).  The one thing I don't like about this doctors office is that they never tell me anything that they messure!  Once have they told me my blood pressure and babies heart rate.  I've never been told my weight.  I guess because they don't say anything that it's all good.  The lady did, however, sometimes tell me how much I'd gained.  It was always only just a pound *relief* and she said that's good.  This time, I guess I'd lost weight.  She didn't seem too concerned with that either, so I'm happy.  I get my final ultrasound (unless something goes wrong) in 2 weeks.  I also was forced to pick a "real" doctor.  The lady I'd been seeing (it has a name but I can't remember) is really just like their assistant.  Lots of people like her and shes good, but she's not a doctor doctor so she can't deliver or anything.  I figured that she probably isn't aloud to go past a certain week with pregnant women since she can't deliver and what not.  I'm not a fan of doctors...and they all look like scary old men to me.  So we just randomly picked one based on the days we can usually come in and their work schedule.  I guess I'll be seeing him next time *sigh/shiver*


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's up!

It's been a while!  I'm home after 2 weeks in Utah.  When I got home I walked into a new barn!  Matt had got new carpet downstairs and painted the downstairs.  The carpet is now a light brown, and the walls are yellow.  No more blue on blue!  He even got rid of the big table that we were debating on getting rid of, and put the pictures on the wall.  We can get a new couch from Matt's grandparents, but I love my futon.  I think it looks good, expecially now with the new stuff (matches sooo much better)....too bad it's broken.  It looks like a smiley face...all bent in the middle.  I guess we could find a brown slipcover.  The backyard is all blocked off, but Mia is in her finding ways out stage.  She did that back when we first put her in Matt's mom's backyard.  Now that this is all new, she's exploring. 
The other day I was forced by Matt to register at Babies R Us.  When we first started I was being kind of a butt, and for some reason unknown to me, I let Matt hold the scanner.  I'd pick something up to look at it and he'd go *beep*...sigh haha.  So the first part of it is like...a mess (even though it didn't organize that organized it by catagory).  But like bottles, I don't even know which are on there because that's the first thing we did.  I also didn't do a lot of clothes because I didn't want to only get clothes haha.  But the next day, Matt's mom took us to get the crib and stroller/carseat.  It's not put together yet because I don't want it to sit there getting dusty (yea, I'm a freak).  But the house is starting to look more baby-ish.  We tried to reorganize upstairs a little to make the space look bigger, but I know it won't help much. 
To close this random is a cute picture of Sadie least I think...she looks sooo much like Kim