Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow, I'm behind haha.
Well first, Thanksgiving was good. First we went to Matt's Aunt Beth's(mom's side) house in Lake Arrowhead. We ate and talked before heading to Aunt Odette's(dad's side, of course)..also in Arrowhead. We got to catch up with his cousin Michelle that has been going to school in Texas. We had a very....laughable dinner, and enjoyed pie! It was awesome. It was smaller than I thought it would be though. Last year there were so many people.
Right now, I guess Matt's grandma, on his dad's side, isn't doing so good. She has had some heart trouble, so right now all of her kids are visiting. We heard from Michelle that she is going to need open heart surgery, if she decideds to do it. Matt needs to call and check up when he gets home from work.
Who's excited for Christmas?! I know I am!


Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon

WOO! New Moon was awesome!! Of course, there were things that were off from the book, and things that could be better....but that's going to happen with any book to movie. Edward looks so much better when he smiles vs. being sad haha. And Jacob is sooo hot! I still stand by Books:Team Edward Movies:Team Jacob(sometimes edward haha). Makes me want to read the books again.
Haha I love that commercial! The commercial where the 4 members of a family are fighting over the tv and they're pointing the remotes at each other. The grandma walks in and is like "has anyone seen my........nevermind." because they all freak out hahaha.
The other night Matt and I went with his mom and Michelle to our downtown area for some Christmas Walk. The stores open so you can see their stuff and give away cookies, apple cider, and HOT CHOCOLATE! It was fun. Here's a picture of Matt's mom giving Michelle a piggyback ride. It didn't last very long =P

O and here's a couple other random pictures taken this last month. The First is Matt playing with a snake we gave to our friend (from another friend) and the other is my ironing board...that is obviously broken haha


Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today Matt and I are going to some work dinner. I have to wear a skirt....yikes! A dinner with a bunch of Korean doctors.....I hope that all the food isn't Korean.
Happy (late now) Birthday Daddy!! I had a card all ready to go, but I didn't have a stamp and than all of a sudden it was here! I tried calling too but no one answered. You must of been busy because I know you were up because you called Austin while I was talking to him haha.
I finally got liberated from my glasses. I have a trial (sample) pair of contacts in. I guess the doctor wants to see how they affect this scar in my eye before she orders the boxes, which is good cause I think I can find the boxes cheaper somewhere else than her office. Also, I don't think this trial pair is the brand I usually wear. The contacts themselves seem huge.
Matt and I want to replace the flooring here in our "barn". We definatly wanna put carpet upstairs, but we where thinking of putting less, if none at all downstairs, and putting like tile instead. Someone said it's cheaper, plus it's easier to clean. But I don't know. What do you think? Also, anyone know where or how I can get the cheapest flooring? I also might try to talk Matt into asking his dad if when he's done painting their new house, if we can use some of his paint to repaint here too. It's yellow, he decided to paint all the houses he has the same color so he only has to buy one kind of paint....kind of smart. But that might be more of a pain that I want to deal with haha. I need to at least make Matt help me wash the walls.....anyone have a bucket??
I was bored when I got home yesterday and was watching some new movie trailers on Yahoo! and a lot of them look like they'll be pretty good. One that I think Austin would like is called "How to Train Your Dragon" It's made by the people who did Shrek. It looks kind of cute. Also, OCEANS! I'm soo excited for that. It comes out next Earth Day. And this time, instead of planting a tree in your honor, they'll make a donation to the reef (I think) foundation in your name. I love Disney! You know how sometimes people ask "if you could talk to one person from the past, who would it be?" I think I'd pick Walt Disney. Maybe I'll look for a biography on him in the library.
Well I guess I'll go hope in the shower now, wish me luck with my hair!