Friday, July 2, 2010


Man! Do you ever get in that mood where you're feeling sassy (which is basically a nice way of saying your feeling kind of mean haha)?  I think it's more of a girl thing.  I can always tell that I'm waaay into one of those moods when I'm laying half awake in bed and arguing with people in my head.  >.<
Sometimes I just have moments where people just make me mad!  And I make myself mad.  Trust me I'm not judging people...I know I'm probably one of the worst on my list...even though I know I'm not the bottom bottom haha.
One thing that sparked this attitude this morning was The Last Airbender race issue.  " bothers me that people say that all the characters in The Last Airbender should be asian. Aang is WHITE! The 2 men who made the show are white. Sure it has asian influences, but that doesn't mean that they are ALL asian."
The water benders in the show are like eskimos (look at the way they live and they color of their skin in the cartoon).  The firebenders are probably the most Asian in the cartoon.  But maybe it's just me...but Asians don't usually have white skin right?  If you were to draw a person and make them Asian wouldn't you color their skin darker?  I'm sure the cartoon artists own colored pencils.  Does that sound racist?  I'm not.  I also hate people who think anyone who talks about race a little bit is racist..... haha OK I'm done I swear.
Well...I probably could go on...but I need to go find some breakfast before lack of makes me throw up ^.^
Venting - Check  <3


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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy... You will survive, I promise... Though Matt might not ;) Enjoy!!