Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Barn = headache

I know no one wants to hear someone complain...but this is just to vent
Oh this barn...how I hate you.  It has some good points, and the nature around is cool, but the bad points are really starting to outway the good points.  Ever since we moved here it just seems like one thing after another
When we first got here, we couldn't even move right in cause it was unliveable.  We lived with Matt's dad for a while.  Than we cleaned it up best we could....Ya see, it was empty for years and the guy who lived here before us was a slob! Let his cat "mark" all the walls and not clean it, would let spills sit, and has random holes in the ceiling like he was hanging stuff there.  Than we had to catch all the mice and kill all the spiders who had moved in.  Get out the old furniture and move ours in.  There was no water, and no one could figure out how to turn it on to our house, so we had to stay with Matt's dad a little longer.  Finally the water got fixed, but they had turned on the water heater with no water...resulting in a burnt out element in it.  So no hot water...had to shower at his mom's house for like a month.  Also upon moving in we learned the hall light didn't work (the wiring, cause we tried changing the bulb)
A while down the road, the roof started to leak...right in the rainy season...in a lot of spots.  Ruined a couple pictures I had in the window and there is permanate water stains I've tried to clean.  Had to redo the roof (in a very half-assed way). 
Some time after that our shower broke in the oddest way.  No matter which way we turned the nob, the water wouldn't turn off.  We had to switch the nobs so they are backwards now. 
Then we got infested with ants
Water was off again for some reason
Heating element in the oven burnt out...that was another $80 plus shipping since we could only order it online.
More mice and a couple lizards to catch
One of the kitchen light bulbs goes out...we can't get into the fixture to change it.
TONS more spiders and bugs to kill
Heater won't work, had to fix that
Discovered we couldn't have both the upstairs and downstairs window units on at the same time
Shower won't turn off again
Water off again
Fixed water (2 weeks later) and then we lose our water pressure
Some how that fixes, than the washing machine water filter is clogged and we can't get to it, so water barely runs into the washer
Pipe breaks down the water line..fix that just to have it break in a different spot.  Apparently all new piping needs to be run..that's only like $3,000....
oh! And the backdoor lock broke...in the lock position....
Now given...this has all happened on a span of almost 4 years, and we have fixed a lot of them the best we can but that's not even all the little stuff.  Add in:
No shelving minus the bottom of the cabinet
Hole in the bathroom wall
Holes above the window units
Hole in the closet I'm pretty sure
The river of mud that is the driveway any time it rains
Not being able to take out the trash except on trash day cause of the animals...and hoping you don't miss the trash man since he NEVER comes at the same time
Washing machine being a walk down to Matt's mom's house
The side of the barn curling up
Round ceiling
The worry of running into (or more so Mia running into) rattlesnakes, coyotes, bears, and the mountain lion
Dirt driveway...even when it's not raining it's a pain!
Can't even go for a walk without having to mountain climb cause we're so far up the mountain.
NO space whatsoever...the closet is like overflowing...and we really don't have that much stuff
I could go on and on but I'll stop
It's just sooo frustrating.  But hey, I try to put on a happy face and just pray for the day we can get out of here to come asap ;)
To break the bad mood...a picture!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Gone and back again

Just got back from a week stay in Utah.  Went to help my momma out after her surgery.  We all know men can't do laundry!  Had a really fun time.  Hailey learned a couple new tricks and has really fallen in love with sitting up...now if she could only learn to do it on her own so I don't have to sit and hold her haha.
It was her first plane ride.  I was soo scared.  On the way there, she slept the whole flight.  Never made a peep (her shots she had just gotten that day probably helped).  The flight home, she didn't sleep as well.  She fussed a little going up, and a little in the middle, but that was it.  My carseat got dirty though :(
Lets see...the list of events went as...
Drove in the snow
Went to target...more than once
Saved some hermit crabs from mites!
Watched Austin punch through glass
Did homework
Almost peed my pants laughing so hard
More runs to stores
Visited family
Tried on bows
Went down memory lane at Hillcrest while dropping Austin off at school
Ate fast food
Played with Grandpa
Learned about the "womp ass hat"
Visited a good friend
Was fun...want to go back already


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 Months

Today little Hailey is 4 months old.  It's amazing to see how she's grown.  For a while she didn't seem any bigger to me, which, I'm sure, is because the longest I go without seeing her is at night.  But one day it hit me how big she really is.  I weighed her with my Wii Fit the other day and it said 14lbs! We'll know exact weight when she goes to the doctor on Thursday.  She is still a drooling machine!  And everyday is a battle to keep her hands out of her mouth.  Matt says I won't win...but I'm not giving up haha.

  She now loves to have a blankie with her when she sleeps, usually using it to cover her face. 
Her feet have become like another pair of hands.  Matt calls her monkey feet.  She'll lay on her play gym and kick her toys.  I've also been pinched by them more than once.  She also uses them to kick her blankies off at night. 
She's so close to rolling over from her back to her belly!  She gets half way, than just lays on her side.  I think her arm gets in the way. 
She's discovered her voice, which leads her to just sit and squeal most of the time. And something I love....she's discovered the joy of splashing!
 (I do have fun videos but I need to put them on here still)
On Thursday, I take her on a plane for the first time....by myself.  I'm so nervous!  No one likes to sit next to a baby on a plane, and I have no idea how she'll react.  I'm hoping to try to keep her awake most of the day if I can so maybe she'll just sleep.  I also need to get her back to using a bottle.  She used to take it just fine, but one say she decided she didn't like it anymore.  I'm not going to breastfeed her forever so she's going to have to learn at some point.  Sigh. 
Oh and I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks everyone :)


Friday, April 1, 2011


Lately I've been regretting not getting nice pictures of Hailey when she was little(er).  I've seen quite a few people have nice professional pictures of their new borns and they are so cute!  We never had any done for two reasons.  One - we're poor! We might of been able to find a good deal somewhere thought.  Two - I had baby blues bad for about a month.  I was struggling with breast feeding, I felt like things were just falling apart everywhere, and as much as I loved her I took like no pictures of her, even with just my cellphone.  But on her month "birthday" when I was getting her dressed, she cooed at me and smiled.  I just liked snapped out of it than, but by that time the cute pictures I've seen she's too big for.  Now I take tons of pictures of her.  She's a goof ball.  And I know I can take nice pictures now, but it's not the same (And she really has no like foofy outfits or headbands/bows).
Random rant, but couldn't get it out of my head haha.
Here are some of her pictures now!