Saturday, December 12, 2015

Big News!

Hello! We have some news....
We moved!
To Utah!!

So I am going to try to answer any questions here.  Here we go:
Why Utah? Well, family, of course, but also it has a cheaper living cost, let's be honest haha.
Why are we leaving California? We love California, and we may move back one day, but it's just so darn expensive, and we need a break to get back up on our feet solid. 
Why would you move from that awesome spot? Ok...I get this a lot. We LOVE the area. It is beautiful and awesome. It was the barn we were living in that just wasn't cutting it.
What will Matt do for work? He's transferring out with Petco as a dog groomer. So if you need your dog groomed he's your man!
Are you staying forever?  We don't know. We're planning on getting a house after our lease is up (even though plans may change if stuff comes up, but hopefully not). We are going to look in a few states, but it is very possible we'll buy here. Who knows
And the most important question...what about Philip, your llama boyfriend??  I plan to steal him back one day!
There may be more I'm not thinking of at the moment, but that's pretty much the story.

If you'd like our new address just message or text me and let me know.
Let the new adventure begin!