Friday, September 17, 2010

The Countdowns

Lately I have had holidays on the brain.  I'm not sure why...but I do. 
First, of course, is Halloween.  I've been trying to think of what Mia can be this year.  We do have a devil costume we can put back on her...which is what I'm thinking because I have no other ideas...unless someone else has a good idea.  Matt said something about drawing a pumpking on my stomach but I told him nooo way haha.  It's weird to think next Halloween I'll have someone besides my dog to dress up.  Fun thing about having little kids to take can eat the bulk of their candy and they'll never know! :)
Next is Thanksgiving (which, of course, goes along with baby).  This is the year Matt and I would normally go to Utah for Thanksgiving since we did Christmas last year, but I'm not aloud to travel that close.  So I thought it would be fun for them to come here for Thanksgiving.  Also because Matt and I figured it wouldn't be good to head up to the other families dinners because they're up in Lake Arrowhead and if something did happen, that's a long ways to drive to get to the hospital.  It's hard to plan anything though because as everyone knows, babies come when they feel like they want to come.  I don't mind having dinner in my house even though it's small (that and we may have new carpet so no spilling! haha), but I guess it's up to everyone what they want to do.  It's far away and close at the same time.  I want to make some kind of plans, but I'm afraid it's too early to try.
And finally, Christmas!  First Christmas as a family of 3(well 4 if you count Mia...which we usually do)...weird.  I was talking to Kimmy about pulling names...wondering if it's something they wanted to do again.  She said she didn't care.  The first year I did it I just mixed in everyone's names and did it that way.  The next year Lacey pulled and did the kids seperate from us (which I liked better).  So I was thinking that I guess that means this year it's Kim's turn to pull names, if she wants.  I already have some ideas for people.  Matt's the hardest to buy for because he handles the money lol.  That and I can't figure out how to drive that stupid car!  I usually have to go around him and have someone get his stuff for me than I pay them back.  Any volunteers? =P
So...the holidays are approaching faster than we afraid! and excited! <3

Days Till:
Halloween - 44
Thanksgiving - 69
Christmas - 99


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