Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm sitting here bored...just folded the laundry and did the dishes...and thought I'd write about something that I'm proud of and is kind of strange.
People who know me know how "wow" this is haha.  I haven't had McDonalds since late March.  That is the longest I've gone without since I started eating it...I don't even know when.  Even better? I don't miss it.  I have no desire to eat it.  I was eating some Wendy's and some Arby's...but after a couple times of eating them I felt sick and haven't touched them since. 
Not only that! I haven't had Coke since late March also.  I have gone longer than this without it before, but I'm catching up.  I do miss "the burn" that you get from taking that first sip from a can, but Matt opened one the other day and I had no desire to drink even a sip of it.  I was drinking Sprite at first for a couple help settle my stomach, and to drink something that had some flavor (at first water tasted weird to me).  But I don't even drink that anymore.  Matt brought one home for me and I don't think I even finished it.  I'd much rather have a Gatorade or just water.  Given...lemonaide and a couple other things are still yummy! I'm not a water freak...yet haha.  But still not soda. 
I'm hoping that these desires to NOT have these things and not having it for so long, that I'll stay away from it.  Maybe it'll help me lose the baby weight (which is funny cause I actually weigh less right now at 20 weeks pregnant than I did before I got pregnant). 
Whether my goal stays or not, I'm proud of myself right now.  Woo! =P


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  1. It's a very good goal, glad you're thinking ahead ;) I never do and I regret it later!!!