Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Insane change (for me anyways) I was thinking of trying this (in my opinion) insane diet.  Only eating raw fruits and veggies and stuff...pretty much a raw diet.  I don't plan on doing it for long, just to like, I guess wipe my body clean and jump start my new diet/exercise I want to do.  This guy did it for 21 days and lost 20 lbs.  I may have to take some kind of multi vitamin (maybe buy more prenatals) since I'm feeding the baby still ya know?  Once I tell Matt I wanna try it, he'll probably laugh at me and say I'm crazy, but hey! Might as well try to see if I can do it right?  If I can do this for however long I decide, than I'll know I can stick to a less strict one probably easier :)  I'm not going to start till we eat the porkchops that are in the fridge as to not waste them, but after that I'm going to gather all my willpower and try it!  Man I wish I lived in a...FLAT neighborhood so I could go walking or bike riding easier. O well...I'll figure that one out later. 
Should I try it?

P.S. Why must jumpers be so expensive?! :'(


Sunday, May 22, 2011


I've been sitting here doing my daily morning routine.  Contacts, potty, feed the dog, turn on the computers, blah blah blah.  And I started thinking about part of a conversation I had last night where we were talking about weight.  Before Hailey was born I had a plan to work out as best/much as I could while breastfeeding to get as low as I could with the extra calorie-burning boost.  Well, between an extended baby blues, and stress of other things like this stupid barn, it never really got done.  And what doesn't help is I'm one of those unfortunate people who snack when they are bored or sulking.  Whoppers are the best for that.  Given I haven't gained too much weight back, and I'm still about 20lbs lighter than when I got pregnant.  But I'm terrified that it's going to rebound when I stop breastfeeding.  I had been doing my wii fit, which is fun, but it doesn't really burn that many calories.  You just don't move around that much.  It's good for tracking weight though, it even helps you set a goal.  These last couple days, I discovered the joy, and calorie burning aspects of jumping on a tramp, and jumproping.  Sucks because I have neither.  I could do jumping jacks, but I also don't have a sports sometimes it kind of hurts haha.  Ever worked out with them just free? Annoying!  Sometimes I think it would be easier to do with another person, but I also think I'd get too embarrassed.  I don't know....
Anyone have any ideas??  I wanted to stop breastfeeding at 6 months (which is like 2 weeks away).  I may go a little longer but I for sure want to be done by July because that's when vacations start and stuff and I don't wanna breastfeed her at the zoo or beach or something haha.  So I've got that long to like...establish a life plan and maybe extreme (just a little so I don't rebound from that alone) diet/work out to take advantage of the breastfeeding extra calories.  Sound good?  Now who wants to help me and beat my ass when I feel like slackin?? :)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bored and Tired

Hello World!
I'm just sitting here because I can't sleep anymore...which sucks because the baby IS still asleep...which is amazing as of lately where she has decided to wake up between 6 and 7.
Speaking of which, I love my baby!  She is a crack up.  And she's getting so big!  She wants to be a part of everything.  Now, she can sit up almost all by herself.  I can set her on the floor and she'll sit and play sitting up for a long time, but eventually she'll get really excited or bend too far one way and topple over.  Yesterday I sat her in the stroller like normal (usually we leave her in the carseat and it hooks into the stroller), and she loved it!  Kind of sad for me because I liked her facing me on walks haha.  But because she liked that, when we went to the store we tried sitting her in the front of the shopping cart instead of hooking the carseat there.  She loved that too.  Sat up just fine the whole time.  Near the end though she started fussing a little and wanted to get out.  I know no one really knows when they will start crawling or anything, but I can tell she wants to move.  One time I was in the bathroom getting ready, and she rolled onto her tummy and pushed herself up.  She could see me in the bathroom and wanted to join me.  She started grunting and fussing it was cute and sad at the same time.  Eventually she got tired and put her head on the ground, still fussing.

Man, Matt and I need new phones.  Why? Well, it's always fun to get new phones of course! But, they really do need to be replaced.  I don't know if we just use them that much or what, but Matt's phone's scrolling is like starting to die.  My phone hangs up on people, is getting to the point where the speaker pops more than I actually hear it ring, and sometimes my alarms won't go off...resulting in Matt and I waking up late to get him out the door at 3:40 AM.  I wish wish WISH I could get an iPhone.  I want one so bad I'm kind of tempted to switch carriers just so I can get it.  But, T-Mobile is the cheapest for family plans and has decent coverage.  AT&T is the suck.  Plus, we've been with T-Mobile for years, both as a couple and before we even met.  They do have some cool, decent priced, smart phones that are probably just as good as the iPhone, but it's the name (mostly I believe) and the look of the iPhone 4 that I love!  *cry*

Well, I guess I'll go check on my baby and the spider that I trapped waiting for Matt to get home so he can smush! Hey! I can kill spiders better than ever in my life...but not the huge, fast ones that pop when you squish them :(


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanna say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my wonderful Momma!
She is the best mom ever!  I gave her a lot of hell back in school and I feel bad for it.  She didnt' deserve it.  Always tries to make us all happy the best she can.  She is also a wonderful Grandmother.  She loves and gives, and doesn't always get much back, which I feel bad for and want to change. 
We all love you Momma very very VERY much.  You are beautiful, amazing, and wonderful.
Keep it up *wink* <3


Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 months

Today Hailey is 5 months old!  She's almost half a year old...weird.
She can now roll from her back to her belly, and she ALWAYS does it.  Also, she can almost sit up on her own.  If I balance her, she sits up by herself for a while, than flops over.  She needs pretty much no support sitting in my lap (like she is right now, pounding on my desk).   She used to sleep on her back with her arms up.  Now she sleeps usually on her side cuddling with her blankie, or on her belly (which I try to not let her do).  She also is almost never in the same spot I put her in when she wakes up...rolling all over the crib.  Screaming is probably her favorite passtime.  I recently opened these toys that you put in the fridge to make them cool, and she loves to suck on those...until they go warm haha.  To me, she seems long.  A lot of her clothes will fit her arms and legs (or even be big) and the length of them will be pulling.  Slobber is still always running down her face.  I try to keep it wiped up, or she gets a rash on her chin or in her "neck fat".   From what we have observed, she seems to lean more toward the color red....but maybe that's in our heads.  Sonnie gave her some toy keys before she was even born, and she loves them.  They are always in her mouth.  I have to watch her, cause sometimes she'll stick the key in her mouth the long way and she gags herself.  She also seems to have an arm!  Her toys and binky end up pretty far when she throws them.  Oh!  And water...she loves it!  She splashes, smiles, and squeals.  I dipped her in the cold pool and she didn't cry or anything.  But usually when we take her in the water we take her in a lowly heated hot tub over at Aunt Odette's house.  She is one crazy baby and we love her.

Flashback Time!

Love you Hailey bug!