Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 days til Halloween

I'm so excited for Halloween!  It's funny how time flies.  Just a week ago it felt like Halloween was forever away.  We got Hailey a pumpkin today at Target for $1.  She loves it.  She likes to put her blocks in there haha. As far as my costume goes....I had to go cheap and just get a Batman shirt.  I like it though.  I used to have a Batman shirt in highschool and loved it.
Some updates with Hailey bug.  She is soooo close to walking.  She's taken quite a few steps, even being able to stop without falling to the ground.  But she has a hard time standing up on her own.  She did once today so I don't think it'll be too long.  Shaking her head yes and no is also a new trick of hers.  Sometimes her timing is just perfect it's so funny.  And now she likes to sit on the stairs and dangle her feet.  She is growing way too fast.  She's long for her age, and is almost out of clothes. 
Now that Halloween is coming close to an end - the countdowns for Thanksgiving and Christmas begin...and Hailey's first birthday!  We're trying to decide what we should do for it.  I also got an email for 4 free introductory classes at a little gym that I'm thinking would be kind of fun.
Oh and another Hailey likes to do now is hug her elephant or baby doll and pat their back hehe.  So cute!  We need more space bad.  She gets so excited when we go to someone else's house where she can actually wander around.  (and no mice....sigh)
4 days till Halloween!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Mall Adventures

Yesterday Matt and I went to the mall to look for Halloween costumes.  First we stopped by a friend's jewelry show.  She had some great stuff!  After hanging out there for a while, we headed to the mall (well actually King Taco for Mr. Matt haha).  It was so busy!  Probably the hardest time we've ever had finding a park.  The thing I like about our mall is that it's pretty family oriented.  Recently they added parking spots marked for people who had kids.  They are a little bigger spots for you to have room to get out the stroller - or if you have a car like us, climb in the back seat to get the baby out.  Anyway, we found one open, and as we were about to pull in Matt sees the guy in the line opposite us has his blinker on, so Matt lets him in - trying to be nice.  And what does this single 30 year old gangster looking man do?  Slide right into that family spot.  Where did we find a spot?  The very back of the lot...I'm not being sarcastic haha seriously the last spot.  I was so annoyed!  Given....I was already feeling a little annoyed because I was trying to look up directions for Kimberly on our phones (reading the address on mine and using Google on Matt's).  In the process they both restarted and Matt's froze once.  Than Google kept losing the addresses...anyway back to crappy car guy - he was just sitting in his car too!  Didn't even get out...what a jerk.
So the mall was way busy!  I don't think I've ever seen it that busy besides a weekend in December.  First thing we did was head to the food court to get lunch and feed the baby.  Our mall has this family center by the bathrooms where you can take your kids to chill out and whatnot.  Hailey happens to be very vocal when it comes to I took her in there to feed her and let her play with the toys while we ate.  They even have rooms for women to breastfeed which is awesome!  Even though a lot of times teenagers go in there to talk or mess around - which also makes me very annoyed - but that's a story for another day.  (I think I really do need to get an opinions blog for frustration so I'm not bulking up this one) 
Now...we didn't end up getting my costume.  Why?  We wanted to look at other stuff and have a fun day out and in doing so forgot it was Sunday and that the mall closed at 7....
Either way it was still fun.  I'll probably just do a cheap costume (since I is poor kid) and wear the awesome batman shirt Hot Topic has.  Now they have a Sailor Moon shirt too which I love!  But it looks kind of silly on.  I don't know....I might still go with it. 
Also Hailey is getting better at walking!  She can take 4 steps before she either falls or decides to dive for you instead.  Love my baby


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Costume Confusion

Ok so, Halloween is 16 days away and I have NO idea what I'm going to be.  Why do I want to dress up?  Because That's why! Haha, no really I love Halloween.  It's pretty much tied with Christmas on my favorite holidays.  And even though the only thing I'll probably really do on Halloween is take Hailey trick or treating I still want to dress up.  I haven't dressed up for the past 3 years, and the year before that I did the classic "cheat" costume and wore scrubs. 
Matt said we are going to the mall tomorrow to get one =D. Originally I wanted us all to match.  But since I fell in love with the Rapunzel costume and got that for Hailey we wont be matching (unless I get a big Rapunzel costume or find a dress to match her mom's).  So now my options are pretty much wide open.  Oh and bugs are out (lady bug, bee, butterfly)....those costumes are cute but...don't ask haha.
I also can't decide if I want to wear an actual costume, or go cheap and just get one of the cute super hero shirts from Hot Topic.  But there are so many cute costumes I just can't decide.  So hey! What do you think I should be??  I love your opinions!
Please and Thank You


Oh, and even though I know barely anyone reads this blog - I'm thinking of starting a second one just for my opinions....kind of like a vent blog where I can get out how I feel about something haha.  I don't know about you, but I kind of consider this blog to be more for family updates and stuff.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dolphin Tale

A couple day ago Matt and I went on a date to see Dolphin Tale.  I was sooo excited when I saw a commercial for this's not a secret that I LOVE dolphins. 
This movie was even more amazing than I thought it would be.  Matt even really liked it.  And a little known fact I didn't realize is that Winter is playing herself in the movie!  That's why the dolphin was bigger than when they actually found her.
The inspiration this movie provides is amazing.  To never give up - to keep trying.  This is a movie I would recommend for everyone.  Trying to get my parents to go see it actually haha.\
If you don't know - it's about a young dolphin who becomes trapped in a crab trap and beached.  She is taken to a rehab center but her tail becomes too infected and has to be amputated (sp).  She teaches herself how to swim without it. But because she's moving in a way that is not natural, it messes up her spine.  So they come up with the idea to make her a prostetic tail.
Go see it. Love for dolphins or not :)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Rain...

Dear Rain....I used to like you, I used to love you!  But now, not so much...
I liked you before you turned my driveway into a river...
I liked you before I only had a dirt backyard in which my white dog uses to potty...
I liked you before I had to walk down that river to get to my car or do any kind of laundry....
I liked you before I had to carry a baby to the car - causing me to sink in the mud
I liked you before you made my whole living area smell like nasty wet clay/mud
So why don't you go away until I like you again okay? :)