Friday, July 27, 2012


Today is Mia's 5th birthday!  Is it weird I celebrate my dogs birthday?  I don't think so!  She's my first baby.
I had wanted a husky for a long time.  When we first moved to California, I was having a hard time.  I think that's one reason Matt agreed to let me start looking for a puppy.  Originally, I wanted a black and white husky, but when we went to see these puppies (we had seen some before), I just fell in love with her!  She was one of three females(all white), and she was like a mix of her sisters.  She wasn't quite as fluffy as one but more fluffy than the other.  She had a pink spotted nose and was running around playing in the grass more than the others.  I just had to have her.
The people were really nice, and I thought we got a pretty good deal.  She's purebred so we got papers to register her.  They also gave her first shots (with a paper record...which I lost lol), dewclaws removed, bathed, collar, and a small bag of dogfood to help her transfer over to our brand.  We even got a reciept haha.  Oh, and Matt got $100 off as a wedding gift.
Mia is the silliest dog ever!  And a decent one.  I will admit, she has gotten worse with the food thing since Hailey has been tossing it to her haha.  But I'm getting back on her about it. 
I never realized how rare white huskies are until I started looking at magazines, books, and calendars and stuff.  Rarely a white one in there.  We did see one at the dog park that was white though. 
Anyway....I love my doggie!  And Hailey loves her too. Best doggie in the world!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Little Princess

Hailey is getting so big!  And even though she can be a pain in the booty sometimes, she is such a sweetheart.  We are melted with her cuteness everyday.
She is such a girlie girl with a love for shoes, purses, jewelry, and hair accessories.  Where she learned that I have no idea haha. 
For a 19 month old, she has some manners (most of the time haha).  She'll say "thanks" "please" "bless you" "excuse me" and "are you ok?"  Usually she'll throw her trash (and yours) away, she'll cover her mouth when she coughs, and makes sure Mia's food and water bowl are always full. 
Now, she dances with her baby doll, or pushes her in a baby stroller, which is about fully broken......poor little stroller.  Oh, and she also says cheese for pictures. 
We just love her to death!  Now if she would listen and not scream all the time bahahah. 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

What To Do

What all should we do while Austin is here?  We've gone down to Venice and gone to the mall.  I'm sure we'll be back to the mall later.  Matt has to work a lot, but we're trying to fit in as much as possible during his time off (without exhausting him).  We may head back to Knott's Berry Farm, because we may still have some tickets.  But for that we may find someone to watch Hailey since a lot of the little kid rides she was still too small for.  We are going to go do Disneyland at some point, but I'd rather go during the week, so we'll have to wait for Matt to have another day off in the week.  I think he wants to hang out with Little Ray at some point too, but he never returned my text.  We may also try to head down to Little Tokyo again this year (since now we know where it is haha).  Last year, the two shops we would of wanted to go in, were closed.
So, anything else here we can do that doesn't cost a ton? 

Oh, and check out my Chibi Inuyasha he drew for me. <3


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet Arya

Arya is having her surgery today.  She just went in and it should take about 2-4 hours (or so I'm told).  Praying everything goes smoothly for this sweet little, lively girl.  We love you Arya

*Update - She's out of surgery and doing good*


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cleaning Day

Today has been assigned to be another cleaning day.  Austin is going to be staying with us for a while, starting Saturday.  Friday we are going to Knott's Berry Farm, so today is the only day I have to clean even a little bit....which turns out ok seeing as Matt works till about 8 or so.  Down's going to be HOT to clean. 
It's always fun and scary to have my brother stay with me.  It's fun to have him here because we laugh A LOT!  But it's also kind of like being a temporary parent to a teenage...scary.  But I think it's good for him to be away from Mom and Dad (and home) for a while and see what it's like being away.  This coming school year is his LAST YEAR OF HIGHSCHOOL!!! Isn't that scary??  Nothing makes you feel older than the baby of the family graduating.  But I've become an advocate of striving for what you want to do in life while you can because I had so many opportunities slip past me because my vision was blurred with emotional stuff.  My goal is to help him figure out what he wants to do.  I was going to help him make some choices for his senior class list, but they made the classes much sooner than I thought. 
Even though Matt will probably have to work quite a bit, we are going to try to do as much as possible.  I'm sure a lot of home time will be spent mastering video games (probably God of War and Zelda).  But we also want to: go to Disneyland, the beach a couple of times, the "japanese store", and who knows what else!  It'll be fun.  But the scary part is, if we clash, we have no where to seperate too.  Also, money is tighter this time around than it was last year.  And add on a sassy baby who seems to be entering her terrible two's 5 months early haha.
But I love my little brobro and we'll make it work....we always do.  We are a crazy duo!


Sunday, July 8, 2012


Life sure is full of decisions.  From big to small.  One that's kind of in the middle that I'm trying to decide right now is any kind of vacation plans.  Matt wouldn't be able to go, and that always makes me sad.  Plus Austin is to come here at some poing, but we don't wanna have him here too close to going back to school.  This summer has been kind of....unplanned haha.
Another big decision that needs a lot of talking and explaining is where are we going to live?  Do we stay in California and try to make it here (even though this state is going to hell in a handbasket with quality of living), go back to Utah, or do a new adventure and head to Texas?  They all have good and bad points.  This decision gives me a headache all the time.  I wish I could just get a sign to point me to what would be the best choice.  I have a fear of regret that makes it hard for me to make any kind of decision, especially if it's a huge one like this.
Than of course you have the little decisions, like what to make for dinner....which as of right now I have no idea on that either haha.  So I guess I'll go find Matt and see what he has planned.
Enjoy this adorable baby!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

12 Years Ago

Did you all have a good 4th of July?  Ours was ok.
Today is the day after...the 5th.  Meaningless to most people, but to my family (at least I do) I always remember it as the day my grandma died.
It wasn't all bad.  She finally got to rest after a long battle with cancer.  But, of course, still very sad.  I remember that day very well....
I remember coming home from a fireworks show and going to relief whoever was staying with her at the time.  We stayed for a while than went and slept in Sonnie's bed (me and Malinda that is).  The next morning I woke up felt like I was the last to know because no one woke me up.  I couldn't find anyone than Malinda told me that Grandma was getting ready to go.  We all met upstairs at her bed. 
I remember George telling her to "just go Mom, it's ok"  because she had been fighting so long.  I remember agreeing with him, but also being a little mad because my mom wasn't there yet and hadn't been able to say goodbye.  (sorry Mom, but this is what I remember and I feel like it's an important part to me) When Mom finally got there, she burst through the door in tears.  She ran over to the bed and started crying "I'm sorry Mom, I tried"  The dog had gotten out and she was trying to get her back in before the garage shut.  That part always sticks in my head.  It's part of what makes me feel so uncomfortable to live away from home. 
For some reason, when I have a super clear memory about something, I question how real it actually is.  This is all seen through the eyes of an 11 year old.  This was the first time I watched someone die.  I felt like a sponge, watching everyones emotions and how they handled it.  Sonnie went to the phone and started calling family and friends to say that she had gone.  My mom was talking to someone about how she should of just left the stupid dog, and that the dog was in the car now because she didn't know what else to do.  I don't remember the rest until Malinda and I are back in Sonnie's condo, sitting in the window we used to always sit in.  We had one of Grandma's pillows and were smelling it.  We watched them wheel her away through the window.
Most people probably don't know this, but I feel like this experiance changed me.  This was my first time being involved so closly with death and the stuff that follows.  I had to watch my mom cry and know that there was nothing I could do to fix it.  I also had a pang of guilt because I never really did treat my grandmother right.   I regret it now.  I had made a vow to be closer with my family, but as I look back on it now, I haven't done a very good job (and this includes Matt's family).  Some parts won't be fixed now (if ever) due to personal situations, but some others could be if I just tried to communicate more. 
Well, I've lost my train of thought sitting here and I think I got off the point I wanted to make.  The main point is.  I do love you and miss you Grandma. 


Monday, July 2, 2012


We've actually been home for a couple days now.  I unpacked, cleaned a little, and we ran around doing things we needed to get done. 
It's nice to be home in some ways, and I wish we were still there in others.  I still hate this barn and how things are right now.  But I missed my doggie sooo much haha.  And other things but blah blah blah. 
I've been trying to put the little amount of footage I got together.  I have one video up right now.
I probably took more photos than anything.  Plus Matt's dad has some (I need to go get them), but it would take forever to put them all up here, and when I added pictures to a post below, it wouldn't upload them all, which is weird so.  If you want to see them, here's a link to my Facebook gallery!/media/set/?set=a.10151846682235580.858315.620565579&type=3
Don't really care?  That's ok haha
I don't really have much more to say as of right now.  Gunna go finish getting ready for the day. Lots of Love!