Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mr. Howly

Last night as Matt and I started off on our nightly walk, suddenly a dog came up from behind us and wanted to play with Mia.  We looked around and there were no people.  Looking closer at the dog, he had no collar on.  Being the way we are, we couldn't just ignore it.  Matt knocked on a couple doors asking if the dog was theirs or if they knew where he luck.  Soon it got too late to go around knocking on doors.  Animal control was closed (even though we hated to call them), and the police station didn't care.  They told us to let him go.  Not having the heart to let him go, we called around.  First we called Matt's friend from work who explained that the office has a policy that they won't let in dogs they don't know over night because they don't know if they are sick.  I can kind of understand that...but also I can't.  They keep sick dogs over night all the time.  And they are a vet office, they clean the cages any dog stays in well (at least they are supposed to).  He would of only been there till 7 AM when Animal Control opened.  But whatever right?  We called Matt's mom and asked what she thought we should do.  She offered up her house for the night.  So we locked him in her gated backyard, and just put the doggie door blocker on for the other dogs.  And this morning at 7 sharp, we took him over to animal control (he's a howler...and a loud one at that haha).
There were several reasons I couldn't just turn away and leave the dog.  One: I LOVE helping animals.  Two: It was dark and he could of gotten hit by a car or something.  Three: He seemed like he had a home and hadn't been lost for very long.    I say he didn't have a collar on, but it definatly looked like there used to be one.  He wasn't over or under weight.  He loved people and was very kind and well behaved.  I'm sure (I'd hope) his family is looking for him.  It also made me think of Kimmy and her dog that went missing the one day she happened to not have her collar on...and they never found her.  I would want someone to stop and get Mia if she got lost.  He was such a sweetheart...I hope his family calls the shelter or he has a chip and can go home soon.  He even got along with Matt's mom's dogs this morning no problem.
Oh and how did we steer a dog who had no collar?  We keep a slip leash (the ones from the vets) in the car for these very instances haha.  Dorks, I know.
Get home soon Mr. Howly.


Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm sitting here bored...just folded the laundry and did the dishes...and thought I'd write about something that I'm proud of and is kind of strange.
People who know me know how "wow" this is haha.  I haven't had McDonalds since late March.  That is the longest I've gone without since I started eating it...I don't even know when.  Even better? I don't miss it.  I have no desire to eat it.  I was eating some Wendy's and some Arby's...but after a couple times of eating them I felt sick and haven't touched them since. 
Not only that! I haven't had Coke since late March also.  I have gone longer than this without it before, but I'm catching up.  I do miss "the burn" that you get from taking that first sip from a can, but Matt opened one the other day and I had no desire to drink even a sip of it.  I was drinking Sprite at first for a couple help settle my stomach, and to drink something that had some flavor (at first water tasted weird to me).  But I don't even drink that anymore.  Matt brought one home for me and I don't think I even finished it.  I'd much rather have a Gatorade or just water.  Given...lemonaide and a couple other things are still yummy! I'm not a water freak...yet haha.  But still not soda. 
I'm hoping that these desires to NOT have these things and not having it for so long, that I'll stay away from it.  Maybe it'll help me lose the baby weight (which is funny cause I actually weigh less right now at 20 weeks pregnant than I did before I got pregnant). 
Whether my goal stays or not, I'm proud of myself right now.  Woo! =P


Friday, July 2, 2010


Man! Do you ever get in that mood where you're feeling sassy (which is basically a nice way of saying your feeling kind of mean haha)?  I think it's more of a girl thing.  I can always tell that I'm waaay into one of those moods when I'm laying half awake in bed and arguing with people in my head.  >.<
Sometimes I just have moments where people just make me mad!  And I make myself mad.  Trust me I'm not judging people...I know I'm probably one of the worst on my list...even though I know I'm not the bottom bottom haha.
One thing that sparked this attitude this morning was The Last Airbender race issue.  " bothers me that people say that all the characters in The Last Airbender should be asian. Aang is WHITE! The 2 men who made the show are white. Sure it has asian influences, but that doesn't mean that they are ALL asian."
The water benders in the show are like eskimos (look at the way they live and they color of their skin in the cartoon).  The firebenders are probably the most Asian in the cartoon.  But maybe it's just me...but Asians don't usually have white skin right?  If you were to draw a person and make them Asian wouldn't you color their skin darker?  I'm sure the cartoon artists own colored pencils.  Does that sound racist?  I'm not.  I also hate people who think anyone who talks about race a little bit is racist..... haha OK I'm done I swear.
Well...I probably could go on...but I need to go find some breakfast before lack of makes me throw up ^.^
Venting - Check  <3