Friday, September 17, 2010

The Countdowns

Lately I have had holidays on the brain.  I'm not sure why...but I do. 
First, of course, is Halloween.  I've been trying to think of what Mia can be this year.  We do have a devil costume we can put back on her...which is what I'm thinking because I have no other ideas...unless someone else has a good idea.  Matt said something about drawing a pumpking on my stomach but I told him nooo way haha.  It's weird to think next Halloween I'll have someone besides my dog to dress up.  Fun thing about having little kids to take can eat the bulk of their candy and they'll never know! :)
Next is Thanksgiving (which, of course, goes along with baby).  This is the year Matt and I would normally go to Utah for Thanksgiving since we did Christmas last year, but I'm not aloud to travel that close.  So I thought it would be fun for them to come here for Thanksgiving.  Also because Matt and I figured it wouldn't be good to head up to the other families dinners because they're up in Lake Arrowhead and if something did happen, that's a long ways to drive to get to the hospital.  It's hard to plan anything though because as everyone knows, babies come when they feel like they want to come.  I don't mind having dinner in my house even though it's small (that and we may have new carpet so no spilling! haha), but I guess it's up to everyone what they want to do.  It's far away and close at the same time.  I want to make some kind of plans, but I'm afraid it's too early to try.
And finally, Christmas!  First Christmas as a family of 3(well 4 if you count Mia...which we usually do)...weird.  I was talking to Kimmy about pulling names...wondering if it's something they wanted to do again.  She said she didn't care.  The first year I did it I just mixed in everyone's names and did it that way.  The next year Lacey pulled and did the kids seperate from us (which I liked better).  So I was thinking that I guess that means this year it's Kim's turn to pull names, if she wants.  I already have some ideas for people.  Matt's the hardest to buy for because he handles the money lol.  That and I can't figure out how to drive that stupid car!  I usually have to go around him and have someone get his stuff for me than I pay them back.  Any volunteers? =P
So...the holidays are approaching faster than we afraid! and excited! <3

Days Till:
Halloween - 44
Thanksgiving - 69
Christmas - 99


Monday, September 13, 2010


Today has been one of those lovely cleaning days.  Of course, I couldn't do everything that I wanted because I don't have any real cleaning stuff right now.  I have solution to make one but no empty bottles haha.  The other day for dinner I made rice, and I guess somehow I put in too much water, so when I put on the lid it overflowed and made a huge mess.  So today I was cleaning the stove...but I don't know how to clean the burners themselves (that and the under part.  It's hard to get to).  I don't want to use chemicals because that seems bad to be burned off again when they turn on.  And I don't want to get them wet because it's electric.  I was thinking of taking them outside and using Matt's grill brush. 
Come next week, I'll be 30 weeks.  Kind of freaky to think about.  I actually bough maternity pants yesterday.  Scary!  When I went to the dressing room with them, I felt like back when Malinda and I used to grab fancy dresses and whatnot and try them off just to goof off.  They are kind of weird but pretty comfortable.  Only thing I don't like is a lot of my shirts are on the thinner side and you can see the stretch part of the pants through them haha.  Not as bad as this woman I saw at the store who had a thin white shirt over hers.  You could see looked silly. 
Well now that I'm smelly from cleaning in the heat, I've go to go get ready to go to Matt's dad's tonight.  It's Kim's birthday. 


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LA Fair

On Sunday, Matt and I (and his mom) went to the LA Fair.  We always go opening weekend because it's only $1 to get in, although we want to go back.  It was so very hot.  Not one cloud to provide a little bit of shade...although there was a nice little breeze every once in a while.  Even the air conditioned buildings got hot after being in them for more than 5 minutes because there were so many people.  The fair seemed smaller this year.  Usually there are rows and rows of outside shopping and than all the shopping in the buildings.  But this year there were close to no outside shops.  And not one Anime booth!  That surprised me given there were 5 last year.  But!  I did see a lot of the same type people who run them running booths that sold nothing but these weird squishy balls to play with.  So maybe they decided to do that this year.  We didn't manage to get over to the animals because by time we got through the shops, we (well me at least) were dieing.  My feet and back hurt so bad.  Let's see the first year we went we stayed till like 7 or 8...but the next year we only stayed till about 2 because it was even hotter...and this year we stayed till about 4-5 so I guess we did good. Matt was excited to use his little camel pack that he got for Christmas a couple years back.  He looked kind of silly with it on because it was so small compared to him (I should of taken a picture), but he got to carry around his own water and he was happy haha.  It also came in handy when we had to single file.  I just held onto the backpack so I wouldn't get lost =P   Matt's mom wanted to open some pearls (I always like to watch that) and Matt and I both picked one.  And who would of guessed...both the ones we picked had twin pearls!  Matt's were cream and mine were black, and slightly bigger haha.  There was also an exibit there that I had always wanted to go into after hearing about it.  It was $7 extra but worth it.  It's an exibit of bodies.  They say they are real bodies, but they look like they put some clay or something to help keep them upright.  It was interesting.  It had healthy lungs next to smoker's lungs.  I heard one guy say he was going to quit smoking haha.  They also had a body sliced completely from head to toe in about inch thick slices.  We weren't aloud to take pictures inside that, and I didn't even think about taking some if we go back I'll have to take some.  All in all it was a pretty good day.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 28

Went to the doctor yesterday.  I had an ultrasound to check my...marginal previa?  Anyway, it's completely out of the way now, so all is normal.  The lady got us a pretty good profile picture (even though to me it looks like it's just a head with no body haha) and told Matt that it is indeed still a girl.  I had to get my blood drawn again for my glucose test.  I drank some stuff they called "glucola" (I found that entertaining) and it did, in fact, taste like orange soda.  For some reason this time, the lady had a hard time finding any veins.  She's never had problems before.  She tried to draw from my arm and missed, so now I have a little prick mark in my arm hehe.  She ended up drawing with a smaller needle from my hand.  It actually hurt more and i got a darkening bruise, bigger than I usually get, and it's actually a hurty bruise unlike the others.  I also had to get a shot for the Rh Factor thing.  Matt said it was a big needle.  It didn't really hurt when she stuck me. It did hurt though when she pushed the plunger and than pulled it out.  I had to get it in my hip.  The doctor said that everything is good.  She said that now I'll have an appointment every 2 weeks.  That seems like a lot.  Am I wrong?  Oh well. 


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And again...

Happy Birthday Christopher!