Saturday, July 30, 2011


We have made it back home.  It is so quiet here....I don't think I like it haha.
We had a blast in Utah!  Even though I didn't really meet up with anyone like I was going to.  It was so fun seeing Hailey interact with her cousins.  I think Matt enjoyed playing too :)
I also loved watching Kim take photos, and I can't wait for her to email me copies. 
Don't really have much to say right now.  We're going to go run some errands and take care of sick little Hailey...first sickness!  Her nose is running and stuffy (I never understood that!), she's a little hot, and last night she threw up.  I felt so bad for her.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today is special because...'s two birthdays


(I don't have a picture of Sonnie on this computer)


Saturday, July 16, 2011


Lately I've been trying to "prepare" for our trip to Utah.  I know there really isn't anything to prepare for, but I keep feeling like there is, and I like feeling prepared.  I do have a list of things I'd like to make sure are done before we're gone.  Like...making sure the house is pretty clean.  I hate coming home to a dirty house.  Plus giving "care" instructions to Matt's sister about Mia and his lizard, dishes all done, and laundry all clean.  We already shipped Austin's swords home and I taped up and labeled the box of diapers I'm bringing for Kim and I....or rather Hailey and Olivia.  I need to get some jeans, but I'll probably have to wait until we get to Utah to get them, which is probably better anyway because they may be cheaper.
Today Matt took Austin to the shooting range with him.  I think he enjoyed it.  I'm pretty sure he shot the hand gun and the rifle.
Hailey has pretty much mastered crawling.  She's still not very fast, but she sure gets around.  Her new fasination is trying to turn off my computer (wants to touch the light).  She also likes to talk to Mia.  Standing has also become her favorite thing.  She tries to stand up against everything and sometimes won't sit on her bum.  Speaking of turning off my computer...gotta go enterain my crazy baby.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Tokyo

The other day we decided to go to downtown LA and explore Little Tokyo.  Man was it a pain to find.  I was a little disappointed.  It was smaller than I thought it would be...but I think it didn't do well in the economy drop since the "mall" part of it had mostly shops that said "for lease".  Also, the two stores that Austin and I would mainly want to go in were closed.  But they did have cool other stuff.  Austin got a couple figurines.  They had some awesome weapons too!  Plus the bakery and grocery store had cool Japanese foods. 
Apparently we have at least one other mouse.  I heard it this morning and the crumbs from the pizza box (which I left to see if they would be gone) were, in fact, gone.  It's starting to drive me I'll never have a clean counter again!  I want to get rid of them all (or at least most) before we go to Utah...which is in 5 days!  I'm so excited. 
I talked to Kim the other day on the phone and hearing the girls in the background always makes me laugh. Sadie was crying because it started raining and her penguin was outside.  And Arya decided to take a mudbath under the gutter haha.  So cute. 
I feel like I need to prepare for this trip starting now...but there really isn't anything I can do beside kill some mice...that and mail Austin's swords.  I'm afraid that is going to cost a ton of money.  Mainly because the box is oddly shapen.  I also had this idea about bringing a box of diapers with us instead of trying to pack them like I did last time...and that way I can have more and bring some for Kim as well.  But now I'm rethinking how I'm going to do it a little.  Maybe I'll ask Matt his opinion and maybe call the airline.  Another bummer is we wish we could bring our own stroller (but no way could we do that without a major pain).  I like it because we can put our junk under it, unlike an umbrella stroller.  That and because it leans back, if we're out and about I can give Hailey her bottle and lay the seat back and she's fine.  We could check it with the baggage, but than we'd have to pay for it.  And we all know your stuff doesn't get treated that well when being thrown on a plane. 


Monday, July 11, 2011


Yesterday we decided it was time to take Hailey to the beach!  We decided to go to Venice because I don't think Austin has ever been there.  I didn't take many pictures because I knew I'd drop my phone in the water and didn't want to risk it haha.  Matt took video, but it's on his phone so I'll have to get it once he gets home.  Austin bought a sun stone...he's into Aztecs right now.  And probably the best part is when Matt dropped Austin's wallet in the water and had to chase it!  The water had major pull and huge waves so swimming wasn't aloud.  I put Hailey's feet in the sand, than the water.  She didn't cry but when the water pulled back she lifted her feet out of the water.  Between the beach and Raging Waters, I have some funky tan lines now. 
Since we were already salty, we headed over to Matt's aunt's house to go swimming.  It felt really good!  After swimming around a little, we sat and relaxed in the hot tub. 
We finally caught our smart mouse....well....mice.  This morning I saw the first mouse trap snapped and I smiled.  When I looked and saw the second one trapped too I laughed sooo hard!  We usually only have one or two mice at a time, so I'm hoping the problem is solved...for now.  With as many holes that are in this place and the location, we're bound to get more :(
8 more days till Utah!  Hope you're ready Mom and Dad for a house full of craziness!! :)
 On the way to beach!

The view


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Raging Waters

Yesterday we got to go to Raging Waters.  It was fun!  I actually had more fun than I thought I would....being self consious the whole time.  Hailey loved it too!  I knew she liked water, but I thought maybe she wouldn't like the cold water (and it was pretty cold), but she didn't make a peep.  The only time she got frustrated is when I changed her out of her swimming suit at the end and when we had to put a life vest on her in the lazy river and it was choking her.  But we took her to the kiddie area and just sat her in the water where it's real shallow and shaped kind of like the beach.  She sat and played in there till she got tired.  And even than she didn't cry, she just wouldn't sit in the water anymore and kept crawling up me (and it was past her nap time).  So Matt's mom sat with her while she napped and we went and got in the wave pool for a while..where Austin went treasure hunting.  Than we went on a rapid ride which was awesome!  And spent a lot of time in the lazy river...after we kicked out this stupid girl who was splashing EVERYONE and getting it in our eyes (Matt almost lost a contact).  We had to leave early because Matt had to go into work.  It was a stupid situation because he had found someone to cover for him for the day, but his manager said no.  Vons has been a pain in the butt ever since he started working there.  My shoulders got pretty burned, but that was to be expected.
Also...we have a mouse in the house (I'm a poet!).  It is making me so mad!  I know this sounds dumb, but I think he's a smart mouse, and he's slowly making the whole place his.  It grosses me out and is very very annoying.  We've had snap traps out for 4 days now and he hasn't gotten in them.  He stole one of Matt's rattles from a rattlesnake, he ruined some bananas we were going to make banana bread out of, and this morning...instead of going for the open food in the traps, he tore open my bag of oreos!  What the crap mouse!  I'm afraid to eat anything in the kitchen since I don't know where he's been.  People can get very sick from mice.  I hope Mia catches it soon (I caught her hunting it last night, but she's not going to jump on the counter for it).
Oh, and 10 more days till Utah!


Saturday, July 2, 2011


17 more days till Utah!  I'm so excited!  I actually found glow in the dark nail polish...and in 3 colors! I was so happy.  I've been looking for some for years (ever since my old one broke).  Found them in Hot Topic haha.  They had black light kind too.  Only thing bad about them is they are really light colors.  Gotta have lots of layers to see the tint of pink, green, or blue.  But hey, they still glow! (I tested them on Austin teehee).
Speaking of Austin.  He is so funny.  Within the same 5 mintues he has said "I don't like kids" to "your baby is so cute!" hahaha.  He's actually kind of surprising me.  I thought he'd get annoyed real quick when she cries ya know?  And sometimes he does (which I don't blame) but a lot of times he'll bend down and either pick her up or try to "fix" her.  I've even caught him kissing her on the head and going "I love you" awww. 

We beat God of War 1, 2, and 3 in a week.  That was a funny/frustrating experience.  We also got a bird feeder, but no birds are eating out of it.  I think we'll have to move it.
I love my Mom!  I made Matt take me to the store to look for a Forth of July outfit for the baby.  They were pretty much gone.  So we went home.  What do I get when we get home?  A package from my momma...that has a Forth of July outfit for Hailey in it.  I was so happy!  It's a cute red tank top from Old Navy and some jean shorts.  Plus another cute outfit.
Speaking of stores.  While we were out looking for the baby, my eyes couldn't help but wander to clothes my size.  My wardrobe needs to be burned and replaced.  The only things in my drawer not over a year old are winter clothes.  I'm not saying old clothes are bad, but they are bad when they are worn/ripped/don't fit.  A lot of my clothes (including all my jeans) are either all stretched from wearing them pregnant, have holes, or both.  If not that they look all ragged or are too small.  I have no summer clothes that I feel like...completely comfortable in.  I always say I want to lose weight before I get any clothes.  But seeing as that's going slower than I'd like...I may have to cave or go naked/nasty looking.
Time to go give the baby breakfast!