Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, today was my first official doctors visit...after taking matt to the emergency room to get a Tetanus shot because he got bit at work (haven't been to any doctor in a looong time).  After sitting in the surprisingly busy waiting room, we met with a lady who gave us a ton of information, and a baggy full of more information.  Than we went up stairs where I got the "lady doctor" stuff done.  We couldn't really plan anything without knowing how far along I am, so she managed to get us an ultrasound for right than.  We went over, got the ultrasound....man was that trippy.  I never actually expected to see something pop up on the screen haha (that is called denile!).  After printing us some pictures, we went and had my blood drawn.
What a long...eventful day.  Interesting huh? :)


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