Monday, September 13, 2010


Today has been one of those lovely cleaning days.  Of course, I couldn't do everything that I wanted because I don't have any real cleaning stuff right now.  I have solution to make one but no empty bottles haha.  The other day for dinner I made rice, and I guess somehow I put in too much water, so when I put on the lid it overflowed and made a huge mess.  So today I was cleaning the stove...but I don't know how to clean the burners themselves (that and the under part.  It's hard to get to).  I don't want to use chemicals because that seems bad to be burned off again when they turn on.  And I don't want to get them wet because it's electric.  I was thinking of taking them outside and using Matt's grill brush. 
Come next week, I'll be 30 weeks.  Kind of freaky to think about.  I actually bough maternity pants yesterday.  Scary!  When I went to the dressing room with them, I felt like back when Malinda and I used to grab fancy dresses and whatnot and try them off just to goof off.  They are kind of weird but pretty comfortable.  Only thing I don't like is a lot of my shirts are on the thinner side and you can see the stretch part of the pants through them haha.  Not as bad as this woman I saw at the store who had a thin white shirt over hers.  You could see looked silly. 
Well now that I'm smelly from cleaning in the heat, I've go to go get ready to go to Matt's dad's tonight.  It's Kim's birthday. 


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  1. HAHAHA... Sad, but maternity pants are SOOO comfy!! They become your best (& worst) friend!! Enjoy your last little bit being just you and Matt!!