Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Where did August come from??  Better yet, where did the time go?  It's hard to think that Austin will be going to Hillcrest come the end of the month.  Also I'm about to "turn" 24 weeks.  Is it weird to say that I still feel like it hasn't really hit me that there is actually a baby in there...yet I sit here all day and feel little bangs on my tummy.  I think I have a hyperactive baby (given I guess I don't really know what is a lot of movement).  I would put on my new ultrasound photos, but I'm on Matt's computer.  Mine still has a virus and I don't want to turn it on and mess with it.  Better to just leave it alone until my "computer doctor" gets here...which hopefully will be tomorrow. 
Oh! I have to say.  On my plane flight to was the best!  There was a ton of Japanese school kids on it.  At first I wasn't sure if they were getting on my plane, but they did.  I spent pretty much the whole time trying to understand what they were saying.  I could only understand up to like 3 words per statement, but it was still awesome.  They had school uniforms and everything!  It makes me with I could learn Japanese faster.  I still say the little words I know all the time.  Sometimes I have to catch myself from asking "why" in Japanese when I'm not at home haha.  Best flight ever!
Utah was awesome too.  Central air felt so good haha.  Austin and I pretty much hung out the whole time.  We tried to do as much as we could. When we went to the mall and into the kids clothing stuff...part of me wanted to get just one little shirt or something, but I felt like if I would be like a jynx.  I'm weird I know.  Man as far as baby stuff goes, I don't have much...but I don't think that's a bad thing.  I'm only a little over half way...I have plenty of time..right?  I have a baby swing, some crib sheets, and a rocking chair! =P 
I also have to say how much I love my husband!  This morning was one of those where you wake up and it just feels like a bad day.  I started crying (yea yea) and went back up to bed.  He asked what was wrong.  I sniffled out "it's a bad day already! I'm going back to bed!" He said he'd take care of it, and he did.  He always tries his best to make sure I'm happy.  He's even been playing Mario with me teehee.  Ooh Mathew, you are so cute! I love you!  Now if I could just convince the baby to kick when he wants to feel hahaha.
Oh! One last thing.  I have this picture frame I got at one of my bridal showers that holds 8 pictures that hangs on the wall.  I have some pictures in it right now, but I want to change some of them.  I'm thinking of getting each family to give me a family photo to put in there.  Like...Lacey, Kim, and Matt's dad.  The 2 I for sure won't change are pictures from my wedding.  One with Matt and his mom and one with me and my dear mommy! Sound good?


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