Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stopped by to say...

Crazy, adventurous, and energetic little girl.
We love you!


Friday, December 20, 2013

A Case of the "Bad Mom"s

Lately I've had a bad case of the "bad mom"s as I call them.
It's when I feel like no matter what I do, I'm a bad mom.  I can't seem to find any of the good mom stuff in anything I do.  I guess it's kind of a Debbie downer mode.  Add on my anxiety attacks that still love to visit from time to time and I'm a hot mess!
Hailey is still refusing to use the potty.  I really can't figure out what she's so afraid of.  The fact that I can't figure out what's wrong with it and fix it, or the fact that she's just not potty trained yet is a big "bad mom" factor.  She's so smart and I know she could do it, she just flat out doesn't want to.  But every time I change her diaper I feel like I'm being an enabler (which is stupid) and I'm reminded of my failure.
Hailey has also had a lot of pooping problems over the last year or so.  I won't go into details....because I'm sure that's the last thing you want to hear about, but it makes me feel like it's something that I have done that makes her body work this way.
I just noticed tonight that Hailey is starting to lick her lips like I did when I was a kid.  So I'm working on trying to prevent clown mouth like I would get every year.
Speaking of her lips, she bites her bottom lip in her sleep.  Matt thinks it may be because of her binky.  Like it falls out at night and she tries to suck on it so she ends up biting her lip instead.  Today it was the reddest I've ever seen it and I don't know how to stop it....bad mom floods over me.
I know she shouldn't have a binky anymore, but when Brooklyn was born, we thought that would be a bad time to try to take it away since Brooklyn uses one.  But we've told her that (since she bites her binkies now and gets holes in them) her binky she has now is the last one she's getting.
Lately I've also had KILLER bad mom on diet.  I feel like we eat like college kids sometimes.  We're not very good meal planners.  Something I never really learned growing up.  I never really watched my mom do dinner, just disappeared till called and it was magically there, ya know?
I try to give her fruit and veggies but I know I could do a LOT better.  It's hard being a picky eater and trying to make your kid try new things, because I know how much it sucks to try to choke down something yucky.  But I feel like her diet sucks and she's going to grow up with bad eating habits or overweight and I'd just die.
Brook had picked up the habit now that most babies do at one point or another, and that's crying at night to have attention or be held.  Hailey did the same around this age.  Difference is I could let Hailey cry it out if it was one of those nights.  I can't let Brooklyn do that because it keeps Hailey awake in this tiny hell of a barn.  So they both suffer. Sigh
Speaking of this barn.  That's another one.  I feel like we're not doing a good enough job because we don't have a house with a yard where they can just go out and play (safely and not in the mud/driveway) and run around.
I know this sounds like a pity party, but sometimes it helps me get things out of my brain when I write them down.  And night time is the worst time for my brain to wander.  I'm one of those people who's mind will NOT shut off.  Especially at night when I have nothing to distract myself with.  I lay away for an hour or more every night just looping thoughts in my head.  The one that keeps coming to the top of the pile lately is bad mom.  Hence this post.
I know that most of these things could go away if I try to change them, but it's hard.  I'm defiantly a creature of habit.  I like things to be organized and not change.  And for some reason my emotions and crap got whacked up with Brooklyn.  I got the normal pregnancy change but it never went back to normal I guess.
So change is super hard right now, even little ones.
Ever get a case of the "bad mom"s?
I sure hope mine pass or resolve soon

Friday, December 13, 2013


Hope it's fantastic


Thursday, December 5, 2013

3 years ago

Three years ago today I lay in a hospital bed ready to do something I was terrified of.
I wasn't so much scared to become a mom as much as labor's not like it has a good reputation.
I remember crying when she finally got here.  She was amazing.
After that she was pretty much the best baby ever!  Slept through the night pretty much from the start, was a fantastic eater, and laid back...only crying when she really needed to.
She is also very smart...almost too much so.  Learning to walk and talk fairly quickly and with ease.
And the do you have some funny things to say.  You just KILL us with your sense of humor.  Even when you try to be serious we can't help but giggle.
Princess.  She is defiantly one of those.  In love with almost everything girly (don't worry she loves 'boy' things too like spiders and rocks).  Shoes, dresses, and the color pink, she shines everyday.
And love.  She loves so much.  Better not play fight me or pick on her little sister because she will defend!
But also the best cuddle bug ever!  With lots of hugs and kisses, she is just as much a lover as a fighter.

We love you baby girl!

Monday, December 2, 2013


I just have to stop and say that I am grateful.
Sometimes, especially around the holidays, I start to feel down about some of the stuff in my life.  Sometimes I feel bad that I feel bad because there are people worse off than me, and I understand that I'm blessed that way.  But also, there is a quote that goes "there is always someone hurting worse then you, that doesn't mean your pain doesn't count."
But I also want to say that I am indeed grateful for what I do have.
As much as I hate this barn, we are lucky to be able to be here rent free.
I'm glad that I have a husband who works to support our family.
And I'm grateful for my two beautiful kids.
I have to say that has what's been on my mind most.  My girls.  I am so lucky to have them.  Both have slept through the night since they were born *knocks on wood*
Hailey was always a pretty easy going baby, and Brooklyn is following in her footsteps so far.  Of course they cry, but not very often.
I'm also lucky to be able to breastfeed.  Sometimes I really hate it.  This time has been a little harder because Brook isn't as good an eater as Hailey was.  But I also understand that there are moms out there that want to breastfeed and can't.
I'm grateful that in the mornings I wake up to cooing from Brooklyn or Hailey popping on my bed informing me that it is indeed morning time.  I love waking up to smiles vs cries.
I know this post has been kind of all over the place, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately and just kind of let it spill out.  So it's messy!
But....the point is I love my little family!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Little Warrior Man!
We love you

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy B-Day

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
We love you so much!

Love you Grandpa!

Friday, November 1, 2013


The baby whisperer


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Yesterday Hailey had her first dentist visit.
This was kind of a big deal for me because I'm not the biggest fan of the dentist and my teeth are a mess (not for lack of wanting to get them fixed though).
I'd been thinking of making her a dentist appointment for quite a while, but wasn't sure how to go about it.  I'd never had to look for a dentist before (one of those "my mom always did it" moments that remind you that you are the mom)
I saw a sign for this dentist at Matt's old doctors office. I went to their website to check them out.  After looking at pictures, watching his videos, and a friendly email to see if we could go there, we made the appointment.
I was really hoping it was pretty kid friendly, and I wasn't let down.  Right at the doorway to the office they have a canopy type thing over the door.  The waiting room had a movie going with small chairs, super big teddy bears, and even a place to color.
Once you get called back, if it's your first visit they take you to a room full of toys (I had a picture but accidentally deleted it) where you talked about your child while they could play.  Hailey didn't get much play time because she kept taking time to ask if she could play with each thing haha.
It looked like they had another room kind of for play, but I didn't really see much of it.  There was even a tent in the hallway.
Hailey was brave and sat in the big chair by herself.  She got to watch Madagascar.  One thing I really liked is that the assistant explained everything she was doing to Hailey.  I've always loved doctors that took the time to actually say what they were doing.
She did really well.  Did what she was told and didn't complain or cry.  No cavities and "100% plaque score" haha.  They did say some silly things that I think are kind of a scare tactic but that doesn't surprise me.  I'm really happy, and hope this is the start of no fear dentist trips haha.
When she was done she got a toothbrush, balloon, and a toy (she picked a bouncy ball).  We were even told that we could hang out and play with the toys before we went home if we wanted.
Overall, I'm happy with my choice of dentist and glad Hailey had a good time.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Potty Trouble

Hello There
I need some mommy advice!
Hailey won't go on the potty!  I'll be honest, I could be more on top of it from the mommy side, but that doesn't matter with the fact that she just flat out refuses to sit on it.
She used to go on the potty every once in a while, she would at least sit on it.  Now she won't even sit on it to attempt. 
She usually wakes up dry and I try to get her on and she just won't.  The other day she screamed at me and acted like she was afraid.  I don't want to force her when she's afraid of it so as to not make her even more afraid of it or have her associate it with punishment.  Ya know?
I've put her just in underwear before thinking maybe she wouldn't like having an accident in them, but she didn't seem to care.
She gets rewards that she likes and that she only gets from going yet that still doesn't motivate her.  We've told her she can sign up for a class (like a dance class or tot sport) or that she can't go to school until she learns to use it.  She says ok and she wants to do that stuff but she still won't.
I'm at a loss.  I don't know how to make her want to go.  Everyone says she will when she's ready, but I'd love to know why she acts afraid of it.
She is in pull up, and she does have undies, but we bought them to potty train her before her growth spurt so they're getting too small already.  Help! It's time for her to be potty trained haha

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2 months

Brooklyn is now two months old.  How did it come up so fast?
And with two months comes the two month check up and shots.  Hailey wanted to come and hold her hand (aww) and I was glad to bring her because I also wanted to see how she liked this doctor because we are thinking of switching Hailey to her too.
She had to get 5 shots! It was so sad.  Of course she cried and looks at you like "why are you letting them poke me?!"  Hailey didn't like watching it either.  She was surprisingly uncomfortable.
Baby B still looks tiny, but she is indeed gaining weight.  She's just so long that she looks thinner.  I think she may end up being taller then Hailey.  It's cold today so I put her in this long onsie jumper thing that was Hailey's and it is almost too short for her.
She is 23 inches long and 11lbs.  She is also very strong.  She is constantly holding up her head or trying to get you to have her sitting up. Also, she loves to stand! If I try to hold her in a sitting position she straightens her legs to try to stand.  And when you do stand her, she is sooo happy.
Sleeping through the night? Yup, she's still doing good at that.  Feeding well?  Well, she's ok.  She's not as good an eater as Hailey was, but she could be worse.  Talking?  More and more.  She has a love/hate relationship with this thing we hang over the swing.  She'll talk and coo at it for a while, then she'll start to whine and cry at it until I take it down haha.  So silly.
How is Hailey doing?  She's good.  Right now we're having a conflict between when she wants to be a baby and when she wants to be a big girl.  She always wants me to carry her down the stairs and she refuses to go on the potty.  I honestly think she would get it completely if she was willing.  I don't really want to force her to sit on there when she hates it so much because I don't want her to grow to hate it more or think of it as a punishment.  I also need to start weaning her off her binky.  I haven't because Brooklyn uses a binky and I didn't want to ambush her with a new baby and then take her comfort item away (especially when that new baby gets one).  I think I'm going to start with taking it away when she's not sleeping.  Then once she accepts that then away at night too.
But the potty training has me in a hard spot.  I don't know what to do about it.  You hear so much advice and tips/tricks, but I'm still at a loss.  She just flat out doesn't want to....and I think it's a holding on to being a baby thing.  I guess I'll just have to keep talking to her and waiting for her to accept that she's not one anymore.
How are Mom and Dad?  Well.....stressed.  Work is hard to find.  I swear I look every day.  The good jobs are usually the hidden ones or the ones you need to know someone to get.  We just don't know anyone haha.
I'm so sick of this barn.  Yes, it's decent for what it is, but it's becoming increasingly crowded.  I can't even imagine Christmas and Hailey's birthday *shiver*.  We're going to drown!  Add on the dirty dirt dirt dirt! Especially with rainy season coming.  We just got a (free) new couch and muddy shoes and paws are sure to find it.  Also, it ain't easy doing laundry with two little kids you have to tug around with you (ESPECIALLY if it's rained haha).  I strap the baby to me in one of those pouches, but they aren't a cure all.  It's still hard to lean down to get the clothes out of the washer or dryer without either hitting her head or dumping her out.
Oh well, we'll keep looking and keep keeping on. *wink*

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We have done it! We saved to renew our Disneyland season passes.
Our first day we didn't tell Hailey where we were going.  She was so excited!  Especially right now with the Nightmare Before Christmas haunted mansion.  She loves Jack and Sally
Hailey loves to meet the characters, especially the princesses.  The only thing that kind of bums me as a momma is that she LOVES to talk their ears off.  She'd sit there and talk to them all day if she could.  But there is usually a long line and I feel bad letting her take up too much of their time.  We'll be walking her away and she'll keep turning around and trying to tell them something new.  Yesterday she goes "I forgot to tell Jack about it" (I don't remember what it was though haha).  I felt so bad.  And man do I ever wish they'd fix the lighting in the princess area.  I hope we happen to see them walking around because we have a picture book for her and the pictures in the princess building SUCK because they have horrible lighting.  You'd think they'd make it lit better because they have to know people are going to be taking pictures.

I have this like, to do list of things I want to do while we have our passes. Now I need to find someone to watch the kids so I can go on all the roller coasters now that I'm not preggo anymore haha.  I need some zippin and zoomin!
We love Disney!
Some people look at us funny for having the passes, because they are expensive.  It's true, but we saved money especially for them.  And if you go more then 4 times it's paid for itself.  You can get discounts on food and souvenirs, but you can do what we usually do and bring your own food as well.  And it covers parking as well.  So if we don't buy meals there we are going for free for a year.  Sounds good to me *wink*


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hello out there *cricket cricket*.....
I know no one reads this, but whatever I'm still gunna write and pretend I have an audience!  I'm thinking of starting to vlog again, but I dunno....not really much going on.  Plus in the YouTube world, people who try to vlog now are laughed at because so many YouTubers already do it.
How are things?  Good I guess.  Right now we are in this kind of....funk in our life.  We don't know what to do about work and money, getting used to having an addition, etc.  Sometimes it feels like something is wrong and if I could find it and fix it everything would feel like it used to (at least more normal then now).
Brooklyn is doing well.  Everyone says she's bulking up (because she was so skin and bones born), but it's hard for me to tell.  Yea yea I know it's because I see her 24/7.  This week she's only woke up before 7 once.  Lucky!  I still wish I could get her to 4 hours in between instead of 3 but not sure how I want to do it.  Also, need to make her 2 month checkup appointment....weird.  But that also means (probably) shots! So sad.  We are going to bring Hailey with us to her appointment because we're thinking of changing her over to this doctor....yes right now our kids have different doctors haha.
Speaking of Hailey, she's in this phase of being bratty right now.  She's not as bad as some kids I've seen, but she's defiantly not the angel she was haha.  She's just got this killer attitude of "I'm the boss" going on.  Getting in my face and telling me to 'get' or 'shoo'.  Hope it ends soon *shakes head*
But she's such a doll!  I was thinking of getting her to sing a Shirley Temple song and put it on YouTube, but she's still pretty little for memorizing a song like that.  Plus she gets distracted pretty easily haha.  She knows the first line of two songs but that's it.  I did make a video of her for a DisneyJr thing the tv is doing where you tell what you're going to be for Halloween.  I mainly did it to see if she could follow instructions.  Didn't take as long as I thought it would to get it right.  I filmed maybe 6 or 7 shots.  But man is it ADORABLE!  I know I'm the mom so I don't get much say but she's one of the cutest I've seen do it.  Given there are only like 11 entries which is weird to me.  So that means they'll probably all get on tv since there isn't very many.  I don't know if they only one or what, but I know they show them on Friday on Disney Jr.

Friday, September 20, 2013

6 week follow up

Today was my long awaited 6 week appointment.
Do I dare say I can't believe it's over with when I sat and complained it wasn't coming fast enough? haha.
Well, he said everything was fine and I can go on about my life.  I'm a little bummed he didn't actually like.....look at my stitches but whatever. (he's one of those doctors that does his thing while looking away haha)
So now I can start working out!  I think imma start out slow since I didn't work out much while I was pregnant because I always felt sick, and of course, these 6 weeks.  Time to dust off my Wii Fit!
I'm also trying to decide what kind of birth control to get.  I want a Mirena, but I'm a little nervous of it.  Because I googled it, my Facebook ads have been for it, and one has been a "Mirena lawsuit" from people who have had it float up and implant somewhere, but the doctor was saying that that's a very slight chance.  Also, (tmi warning) I'm afraid for the possible 6 months of heavier bleeding and spotting.  So I can't make up my mind.
Any Input?

Time to Exercise

Later today is my 6 week appointment.
Once I get the green flag on being back to normal and being able to exercise again Matt and I are going to kick it into gear.
The hard part for me will be diet.  I'm such a picky eater and the things I do like aren't really that good for you haha.  But I have heard that healthy eats is an acquired taste.
This time around, when we start we are going to take before pictures and I think I'm going to log my weight and (maybe) measurements.  It's hard for me to keep motivated, especially when it's hard to see results.  So I think if I document it so I can see even the littlest change, it will help me keep going.  I'll probably post it on here too to keep me wanting to share my (hopeful) success.
Some of the things I need to do are cut out soda and stop snacking, among other things.  I'm also bad at portion control.  I hear if you drink 1-2 glasses of water before you eat it helps. I'll probably have to start out slow and work my way up as far as exercise goes because it's been a long time and I'm sure I can't do the P90X cardio video anymore haha
I'm open to all tips and tricks!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


You're such a beautiful, bubbly little girl!


Monday, September 9, 2013

One Month

Today Brooklyn is one month old!
She still seems just as small to me as she did when she was born.  People tell me she's fattening up a bit, but I don't see it.  I know it's because I'm always with her, but man she still seems so thin and tiny.
I'm not going to lie, the first of the month was really hard for me.  Baby blues are killer.  I had them last time, but they were just different this time.  I had (still a little sometimes) a bad case of "mom guilt" bringing this little person into Hailey's world where she was queen.  And, I'll admit, the bond with Brooklyn wasn't as instant as it was with Hailey.  I just felt yucky all around.
I still sometimes get my anxiety attacks, and I'm hoping they'll go away in the normal length of time.  If not, I guess I'll have to ask my doctor.  But it's not near as bad as it was.
Brooklyn isn't a very good eater, which is a little frustrating, especially because Hailey was such a good eater.  I'm still waiting for her to be able to go for 4 hours instead of the 3 right now.  But I get the feeling I'm not helping because I like to be on a schedule because I'm OCD sometimes haha and when she switched between 3 and 4 hours in the day it knocks me out of balance.  But I guess I should let her stretch if she's willing so she doesn't just get used to 3 hours even if she can go 4.  Then once she can go that long I'll get her onto the schedule I want.
She is an amazing night sleeper though *knocks on wood*  Not as good as Hailey was, but still amazing.  I put her down between 10 and 11 and she sleep till between 6 and 7, sometimes 5 but not usually.  (Hailey was pretty much 9-9 always).  Once she starts sleeping past 7 I'll start trying to put her down at 9 like Hailey.  But I feel like maybe she's gunna start getting up at the same time just because she's used to it (like the 3 hour thing) and I don't know what I should do if that's the case.
These last couple of days she's also started finding her voice.  She coos every once in a while. I can't wait for that to be more of a thing.  I also can't wait for her to start wanting to follow Hailey everywhere.  Hailey will love that so much.
So it's been an interesting first month.  I can't wait for her to get bigger (and chunkier).  She's already starting to push up and hold her head up.  Excited to have Hailey observe her first milestones with us.
(also excited for 2 more weeks till my 6 week appointment haha)


Sunday, September 1, 2013


Hope it's wonderful!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just stopped by to say....

Good thing I addressed your card to the wrong place....because it's late anyway haha
Love you!

Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Weeks

I wasn't going to put up a post for 3 weeks.  I mean, how much can you hear pretty much the same crap?  But it makes me feel a little better (while also making me realize it's only been halfway)
Baby still sleeps pretty much through the night.  I put her down around 10:30 and it takes a while for her to pass out.  Then she gets up usually around 6-7.  It is amazing, don't get me wrong....but I'm afraid that even if she can sleep all night, she's not going to just out of habit.  I'm sooo hoping that's not the case.
My body is trying its hardest to get used to this new sleep schedule.  Now I usually end up being up for the day when she wakes up at 6.  I know that's what a lot of people wake up at, and I used to get up at 7 naturally...but than I ruined myself and started sleeping in with Hailey till about 9 or so, so now my body is like WTF you doing go back to bed!!!
My Wii says that Baby B is gaining weight.  It said she weighs about 9lbs.  Which is defiantly more then her 7 when she was born.  The Wii is usually pretty accurate.  But to me, she still looks the same as at birth, like a turtle/old man with no meat on her at all.  I know part of that is because I'm with her all the time, so it's harder to notice the change, but man I hope she gets some fat cheeks soon haha.
It hasn't been too bad with Matt at work.  Hailey has been a little more clingy, but that's it.  Well, that and Matt's more tired haha.
I'm curious.  They say you're not supposed to work out or push yourself too hard for the first 6 weeks.  That you can walk as long as you take it easy.  I wonder what's too hard and how close to 6 weeks you can walk more.  The LA fair is opening this weekend.  We may not go THIS weekend but I don't want to wait till my 6 weeks because it'll be pretty much over...and all the good stuff will be gone haha. (my 6 weeks is Sept. 20 I believe)  So I wonder, could I go do all that walking as long as I took breaks?  I'd have to take breaks to feed the baby anyway.
Hmm...we'll see

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Time to look for the good in things.
I'm not going to lie....I have baby blues pretty bad.  So in order to help myself feel better, I'm going to look for the things that I'm thankful for.
First in this sticky situation I'm thankful that, for the most part, Brooklyn is a good baby.  I know she could be a LOT worse.  She sleeps most of the night, she doesn't usually sit and just cry.  And I'm recovering (or seem to be) pretty quickly, faster then with Hailey.
I'm thankful for Hailey, who could also been a lot worse in this situation.  Don't get me wrong, she has her moments. But she loves to help and be a big sister.
I'm thankful that my mom was able to come for a week and help me right from the start (even though she missed the delivery because it happened so fast haha).  She also lets me text her whenever about the stupidest things.
The little things, thankful for not having to get up every hour to pee anymore, my boppy, anime that allows me to escape the real world for a while, and of course chocolate!
And the biggest thing, I'm thankful for my husband.  Without Matt I'd be falling apart.  He's my rock even when I'm being completely unreasonable haha.

Now the next thing I need to focus on is weight loss.  Since your not supposed to workout till 6 weeks, I need to try to start changing my diet.....way easier said then done.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week Two

Whelp, tomorrow is 2 weeks.
Usually feels more like today is because I went into the hospital Thursday night thinking I was coming home, and I had to stay. So the two days kind of run together.
This week wasn't much different.  I'm trying my best to not count down to the 6 week mark, but I can't help it.  Once again, it's going fast, yet very slow.
She still sleeps from 10-11 to about 5-7.  Yesterday she even slept till 8! But as much as I love the fact that she sleeps, when she gets up it usually means I'm up for the day.  I know that's what most people get up at, but my body just isn't used to it.  Hailey has always been a good sleeper and used to sleep in till about 9 or so, and so did I (because I could haha).  Now it's suddenly different and my body is like WTF you doing to me?!
Emotional wise, I'm still pretty much off my rocker.  When I think I may be going back to normal and feel fine, BAM it hits almost harder.  Almost like my mind is trolling me.  Go figure.
With Hailey I remember kind of snapping out of how I felt at a month....but that feels so far away and my head can't take it anymore.  Sigh, oh well I guess.
The end of two weeks also means the return of Matt to work, and that terrifies me.  I'm sure I can do it, but it's just the idea to a very anxious mind that if I do end up needing him, he's 20 minutes away at the fastest.
It'll be fine.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Week

Tomorrow it'll be a week since Brooklyn was born.
A week.....already?
Have you ever had that where when you think "omg 6 weeks?! That's so far away!" yet the week is already over making it only 5 weeks.  I have that bad right now.  I cannot WAIT for things to go back to....well "normal"  our new normal.  Which.....scares me a little haha.
Mom just left.  This is when I wish they lived closer so when I need her she can run over.  But I'm very grateful she got to come.  Thanks to my wonderful husband.
Another thing I'm grateful for is she is sleeping really well at night right now *knocks on wood*  I put her down at 10:30-11 and she sleeps till about 6.  Sometimes a little earlier sometimes later.
Odd thing is, she can go so long at night, but in the day she always acts hungry.  We struggle to get her to wait even two hours sometimes.
Hailey has been really good so far.  We did have one moment so far where baby did something cute cause she's little and Hailey wanted to too, but she was just too big.  Broke my heart.....and I know it won't be the last.  But she claims to like her.  She was even telling me not to touch her cord because it would hurt her.
Matt also still has a week off work to help me.  I'm very grateful for all the help I've gotten.
But of course, got a case of the baby blues.....but I'm not going to go into me you don't want to hear it haha.
One week down!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Well hello there
As you may have heard, I just recently had a baby.  And man, was it an interesting time.
This time around was defiantly different from last time.
I was late again....or so the doctor said.  Matt and I think they got the due date wrong and we actually forced her to come early.
The doctor had been telling us that she was going to be a big baby.  He didn't want to wait super long over my due date because of that.  So I had to go in and get medicine on my cervix Thursday night at about 6. 
I guess I should give a TMI warning.  I dunno what is "too far" so beware haha.
Anynoodle....So I had the leave the medicine in till 4am and that is when they'd start Pitocin.
I was already getting contractions before the medicine came out.  When they took it out and checked me at 4 I was at a one.
The contractions got REALLY bad.  Worse then the ones I had with Hailey.
They never really came in and checked my progress (which I think made my doctor mad) so when they came in at 7 for shift change I told them to check me to see if I could get my epidural.
I was at a 4 so I could, but the guy who does it was in surgery so I'd have to wait for him to get out.
They gave me the little version in my IV but it didn't do anything for me.
They were getting things set up for my epidural and I was contracting like crazy.  I needed to go to the bathroom.  That was basically my water breaking.  After sitting I couldn't get back up.  Baby was on it's way!  I thought I had felt pressure down there, but I was sure it couldn't happen that fast.  I was just a 4!  But after squatting like that to pee, that did it.
My body was pushing her out!  The nurse there was an RN but was new to babies and I don't think she got that I meant pushing like baby coming not pushing like through the pain or whatever because she was like "oh you mean baby?!"
She checked and baby was RIGHT there.  They called the doctor and had the emergency doctor on call.  The nurses were all scrambling.
Doctor came in and he was annoyed at them for not keeping up on it.  He kept telling them to get him his gloves.  They were trying to tie his smock thingy, but he kept saying there was no time.
Five minutes later she was out.  If that....born at about 8
I went from a 4 to 10 in about an hour.
So I delivered her with no Epidural....which was an interesting experience.  Not what I had wanted, but it was nice not to have the after results of it.
I just remember coming to the realization that it was the baby coming, and they weren't going to give me the epidural, so I just started pushing because everyone always says the pain goes away like right after baby is out.  I know I shouldn't of helped it along while doctor wasn't there but....I was so done haha.
Afterwards I swear the doctor gave me a tranquilizer or something.  I basically passed out afterwards.  They had the baby on my stomach and were trying to get me to rub her clean with them and stuff, but she kept rolling backwards because I couldn't hold her.  Finally the doctor told the nurses to take her.
The doctors office doesn't seem to communicate well, and he's not much of a people person it seems.  But I will say when it came to delivery and all that, he was very good.  Much better then the guy who delivered Hailey.
So now, we're a family of 4

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I was going to post on Facebook, but I thought this would be better so it's not a super long thing, and you don't have to read it if you don't really care haha.
Went to the doctor today.  Since I've gone over my due date I had to have an ultrasound checking my fluid levels (which is kind of weird because I went over longer with Hailey and never had a fluid check).  He said it's on the lower end so he wants to make sure we have baby this week.
I hate these words (I know I'm immature) so bare with me hahah.  He checked me to see if I was dilated at all and I was at like a 1....and my cervix is still pretty damn hard.  He said that's not really "inducible" so what he's going to do is I have to go into the hospital Thursday night and get like a patch thing of medicine put on my cervix to soften it.  Then the next morning they'll start the Pitocin and pop my water blah blah induction stuff.
I'm a little bummed I have to be induced.  I HATE hospitals and only want to be there for as long as I have to be.  That and I was soo sure it was coming early.....I guess that's what I get.
On the bright side of knowing when I'm going in, it's easier to get my momma out here, and getting things set up like the bed and whatnot.
So time to go do some laundry and dig out Hailey's old crap.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dr. Says

Well.... no baby yet.  Looks like I'll go over my due date AGAIN.
I guess that's what I get for praying it would come early.  My due date is tomorrow and unless something magic happens I'm not going to be on time.
Ya ya, I've been walking and all that jazz.  I don't know how much faith I hold in that one because I walked with Hailey and she was almost two weeks late.
It's also apparently a big baby.  I don't know how much faith I put in his diagnosis of that either, he doesn't like to share information.   Let's just say the doctor has been annoying us this time around.
But barely 1/2 centimeter and hard cervix makes for a very disappointing doctors visit.  Next week I'll have to get another ultrasound to check fluid levels and he may start me then.  I hope it just comes on it's own.
Well, I had other stuff I wanted to say, but I don't remember.  If I remember I'll come back and edit this haha.
So, pray baby comes asap! :)
I would put up an ultrasound picture, but our tech isn't very good and gets like NO pictures. Oh well
Here is my beautiful Hailey instead *wink*

Sunday, July 28, 2013


to Sonnie and Sadie!


Saturday, July 27, 2013


Yes....I know my dogs birthday
My doggie is the best doggie ever!  She's beautiful and sweet and talks :)