Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Update June

Hello There!
How have you been?
We've been fine and dandy, well minus that our house keeps getting visitors.....of the creepy kind!
Ever since the fire, we have had more bugs in the house.  That makes sense.  I'm sure a lot of lizards and stuff died, plus the birds booked it.  Anynoodle, with the window still falling out of the stairs, we get lots of houseflies.  We've also gotten a couple Sunspiders, which are creepy looking, a hobo spider somewhere because it bit Matt, lizards, ants.....EVERYWHERE, and a couple scorpions.
Luckily, bug man is coming out tomorrow.
Matt did get bit by a Hobo(we're assuming, we never did see it) spider.  It got pretty bad, but after some antibiotics it finally healed.  He is also enjoying his job at Petco.
Hailey is officially potty trained, though sometimes she does have accidents.  She is also officially off the binky.  We told her the one she had was her last one, and it got to the point it had to be thrown away.  She threw it away herself.  The first night it took her a while to fall asleep, but I think she'll be good.  We are looking into Preschools for her as well.  It makes me so nervous, though I know she would LOVE it.
Brooklyn is starting to walk more and more.  She still likes to crawl since it's faster.  She is also a climbing FIEND.  Sometimes she drives me insane.  All she does all day is crawl and climb and get into things.  Hailey wasn't near this bad.  She has narrowed her naps down to two a day.  She is also almost completely off the boob.  No more breastfeeding for her.  I never planned to breastfeed her this long, but she never did take a bottle and she got teeth really late, so I just kept feeding her.  Speaking of teeth, she finally got her two front bottom teeth.  They are both kind of coming in at the same time.

As for me, nothing is really different.  I'm frustrated with the infestations, money, and finding a job where we can move somewhere we can get a house and get out of this barn that is way too small for 4 people and a dog.
So, if you know any place hiring in California, Utah, or Texas, let me know!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Shugo Chara Review

Today I am reviewing the Anime series Shugo Chara
Shugo Chara focuses on a young 5th grade girl name Amu Hinamori.  After transferring schools, she accidentally makes people think she's tough, rebellious, and "cool and spicy" as they put it.
She's not really that way, she actually doesn't really know who she is.  She is kind of uncomfortable in her own skin and always has an 'outside character'. So one night Amu prays to be able to find her true character.
Much to her dismay, the next morning she finds three eggs in her bed.

They all eventually hatch into Ran(heart), Miki(spade), and Su(clover).  They represent her would-be self.
Once at school this group of kids call the Guardians notice she has them and recruit her into their club as the "Joker's Chair". She also finds out that only people who have Shugos or know about them can see them.
Soon they find out about X eggs and X characters, which is when someone starts to doubt themselves and it turns their hearts egg black.

After receiving the Humpty Lock, Amu gains the ability to Character Change with her shugos, and she uses the Open Heart ability to cleanse the X eggs or X characters.
There, of course, is the opposing force which is a company called Easter who is looking for The Embryo, an egg that can grant any wish.  In order to look for it, they are deliberately putting X's on people's eggs.
And, like every good 'girly' anime, there is a good ol love triangle.  Amu has a little crush on most of the boys, but the two main interests are Tadase, the King's chair from the Guardians, and Ikuto, who works for Easter against his will.
There are quite a few love interests, even in the side characters, yet (at least in the anime) they never do really show anyone actually connect.
I love this show because, even though it is kind of a cheesy, magic girl, cutsie anime.  I think anyone can watch and enjoy it.  I really enjoy the idea of being true to yourself, finding your true character, and following your dreams.
I think the characters are really interesting. Getting a peak into their 'would be self's' is always a funny experience. This show provides plenty of giggles.
It also has the occasional "is this really an anime for kids?" moments.  Maybe it's just me and my dirty mind, but there seems to be quite a few sexual innuendoes in it.
My favorite dirty mind moment has to be when Ikuto tries to take his Dumpty Key and unlock Amu's Humpty Lock.  He tries to put the key in, and it doesn't fit.  Something is blocking the hole because Amu is not ready for it to be unlocked yet.  Hahaha....oh dear.
Overall, love this show and I will continue to rewatch it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
To all the wonderful father's out there
Of course I have to say a special thanks to the men in my life
First of all got to say what a great dad my man is!
He is such a trooper.  Working hard for his family.  And his girls love him.
I let Hailey pick her own card, and she picked more of an adult one over the kid ones "because it has hearts and I love him!"
I melted.

Also, my Dad.
The "awesome" man.
Also a hard working man for his family. And the coolest grandpa.  The kids always just gravitate towards him.

Of course there is their other grandpa as well, Matt's dad.
Happy Father's Day
All around!
Lots of Love

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today is my little brother's birthday.
When did he grow up?!
Nothing makes you feel old like your younger siblings getting older.
I like to think that we are pretty close friends, but I guess you'd have to ask him.
Sometimes he drives me nuts, and he has very much earned his nickname "Sheldon"
But we love him anyway!
Hope you have a great birthday little brother-kun



Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Is friendship fleeting?
I never really had that many friends growing up.  I had a couple close friends and that was it.  I remember even back in kindergarten sitting at the playground alone.  Being shy didn't help, but from what I remember, I didn't really get approached either.
All of school was pretty much the same.  Had my few friends and that was it.  I had some acquaintances, and some friends that teeter tottered back and forth.
High school I feel like I had even less contact with people.  That's mostly my fault, seeing as I struggled hard with my bi-polar at that time.  I had a couple friends, I feel like, messed with me.  Even now when I go back and read my diary from that time I can't believe it was real drama.  They had to be picking on me.  If you ask them now, they may have a different story, but that's on them.
So now I'm "grown" and moved to another state and have two kids.  And now I can say that I don't really have any real friends here.  Sure, there are people I talk to online every once in a while, and Matt's friends who I talk to merely cause they know him (aka I don't think they necessarily consider me their friend).
Part of it is me.  I'm kind of paranoid and don't really know what qualifies someone as a friend.  And sometimes I'm 'self loathing' and just figure by default that people don't like me (that's what history has shown me).  Plus I don't really know anyone with the same 'childish' hobbies that I have.  I like 'normal things too, but the bulk is pretty nerdy haha.
I'm not going to lie....I feel a little lonely.  I don't feel like I have a close enough relationship with anyone around me I could keep a conversation going without awkwardness for any kind of outing.  Plus having two kids makes it hard anyway.  Makes me feel kind of old (which I know I'm not) haha.
But when I look back, I really don't talk to old friends online that much.  We never text or call.  An occasional Facebook comment or Instagram like.  That river runs both ways.  I'm just as bad at keeping up (but that voice sometimes says they don't want to hear from me).
Friends that Matt made at old jobs, even here in California, don't keep in touch either.  I remember back to our "going away party" Matt and I threw for ourselves when we were moving here.  I thought for sure most of Matt's friends would show.  And even though I said I didn't think anyone would come, inside I thought for sure a couple would.
One person showed up for about 15 minutes. Thanks Alyssa
I was kind of surprised. Oh well I figured.
So now, I feel like I can't make new friends, or hold on to old ones.
So I ask.  What is a friend.  Was I a bad one?  Were mine good ones?  How do I get more?  Should I even try?
I swear this had a point when I started, but between rambling getting the better of me, and chasing Baby B around the house since she's crazy, I kind of lost it haha.