Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve

It's kind of hard to think that this year is over.  When this year started, I had no idea that by the end of it, there would be a baby in my house.  I never thought Matt would be working at Target.  That list could go on and on.  It's funny how things change.  It always makes me nervous and excited to see what changed will happen the following year!  I know I should have goals for the new year, but I really haven't thought of any.  I guess I still have a few hours =P
You know how almost everything has good and bad about it?  Well Matt waking up at 3AM is no exception.  But right now, the worst bad thing about it is - Matt is like a space heater.  It's been so cold, and the barn has almost no insulation...when he leaves the bed is freezing!  When I get up with the baby and come back, my body heat is all gone and it's like getting in for the first! haha
*knocks on wood* Lately the baby has been sleeping pretty good.  I try to feed her at around 10 before putting her to bed.  Than she'll sleep usually anywhere between 3-6. Pretty good huh?  For her last couple of baths, Matt and I have both tried taking her in the shower with us.  It's kind of interesting haha.  Kind of sucks for me in the fact that I like my water really warm and I don't want to burn her.  We have this cute octopus that tells us if the water is too hot or cold.  While she was bathing with Daddy, I grabbed the camera.  The pictures are a little fuzzy from the steam (I shut the bathroom door so they wouldn't freeze), but I tried to fix them.  Maybe she'll like the water, she didn't cry once either time. 
Her legs look funny, but I think he was afraid of dropping her teehee.

Have a happy New Years!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can you believe it?

Happy First
Birthday Arya!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

How was everyone's Christmas?  Ours was pretty good.  We woke up whenever we wanted.  I got ready for the day, than we woke up the baby and open gifts.  Of course she didn't show much reaction to them, but it was fun none the less.  We got some video, but not much.  We really didn't end up taking that many photos either, don't know why.  After we did our own thing, we got Hailey dressed in her cute Christmas dress and headed over to Matt's grandparents house, where everyone played "pass the baby".  We opened gifts there and had some lunch, and than headed over to Matt's dad's house.  We didn't stay there very long, since they were getting ready to head out.  Than we headed home and just hung out on our own.  Of course, than we got on the webcam with Mom to show her the baby in her dress.
Right now, Hailey is sitting in her swing wide awake.  She has to be tired, she didn't nap like at all today.  She's also been quite fussy tonight (fighting sleep).  I'm sure she feels like she's had a hard day...being passed around by people she's never seen before in a place she's never been all day.  My poor baby haha.  So it's going to be one of two ways tonight....she'll either sleep really well from being so tired, or she'll be up all night like she's doing right now.  Pray it's the first one =P


Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 2

Yesterday makes it 2 weeks since I gave birth...weird haha. 
We took Hailey to her first doctors appointment today...was kind of weird to fill out paperwork for someone else.  She has gained a pound and half an inch.  She also had to get a shot...poor baby...really didn't cry that much.  The doctor was like Russian, was cool.
It has been raining for days, and is supposed to go till Wednesday.  I wouldn't mind it so much if I didn't have a HUGE mud river down my front door.  I mean, my pants falling off of me (I think I stretched them out haha) doesn't help either, but I could ignore the wet if it wasn't MUD too haha.  But all the running around we've been doing is twice as annoying as it would be.  Sigh.  This huge tree by the mail boxes fell over!  It was huge and barely missed the box where you punch in numbers to open the gate.  Was kind of awesome =P
Well since it's been 2 weeks, my stitches should be coming out (TMI?).  As weird as it sounds, I kind of wish I could see them so I could know when they come out.  Also weight is down.  I'll tell you my weight story (even though it's kind of embarrasing to post my numbers haha).  Before I got pregnant I weighed about 186.  When I went into my first appointment (so 14 weeks along), I weighed 174...lost so much from throwing up.  I think I was about 184 the day I actually gave birth.  Last Sunday I weighed myself on my Wii Fit and it said I weighed like 164! I about died.  Than I weighed myself again today, and it said 157!  When I'm "aloud" to work out the way I want...I hope I can keep this up!
5 days till Christmas!! Are you ready??


Monday, December 13, 2010

Gotta say...

Happy Birthday Lacey Marie!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 1

Today Hailey is a week old.  Part of me wants to say it went by fast and part of me can't believe it's only been a week.  There have been ups and downs of course.  So far *knock on wood* she sleeps through the night pretty well.  My times up with her when she does get up seem to be longer than they were though.  Her eating habits are crazy (to me) and sometimes I fear she's not getting enough, even though I can't force her to eat haha.  Sitting here "recovering" isn't sitting well with me.  I feel like I'm wasting time, even though I probably wouldn't be doing anything anyway.  Breastfeeding right now seems like such an ordeal to me, but I'm still working out the kinks.  I don't know how I'll get it to where I can do it in public with ease. 
I have a major case of the baby blues.  My emotions are all out of wack.  I worry about things I know I shouldn't and I can't help myself haha.  Everyone tells me to relax and things will work out...that it's only been a week..and they are right, it's just hard convincing my head of the same thing.  She is great though.  She's a pain to burp because she is always trying to lift up her head haha.  She's also quite alert, sometimes just sitting there awake looking around. 
 Matt takes very good care of me.  He has been rock.  I really haven't been resting like I should be, and he's trying to get me to.  He prepares my meals, does the laundry, changes diapers without a complaint, and would do anything I asked him to.  Sometimes I wish he could breastfeed her haha.  Thank you babe for being so wonderful! I love you.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hailey Nicole Rioux

On Sunday at 5:21PM, Hailey Nicole Rioux came into the world at 7lbs 8ozs and 21inches long. 

It was truly an interesting couple of days.  As I had said earlier, I had gone to the hospital once and they sent me home, so after that I was paranoid to go back.  After going to the doctor, we walked around the mall...well tried.  I couldn't anymore, I was in pain that I assumed was from my exam.  That night, I didn't get one wink of sleep because I was in so much pain.  I was having contractions, but when I'd get up they'd pretty much go away, and that is a sign of false labor, so I refused to go in.  They never went away and the next night as I was laying on the couch I was in so much pain.  Finally I said I couldn't take another painful, sleepless night.  We called the doctor and asked if we should go in (that way if I got sent home I wouldn't feel as stupid haha) he said to come in, so at about 11 Saturday night we headed to the hospital.  They checked me and I was at a 4.  I was afraid they'd send me home again because we had been walking around so I hadn't gotten a contraction in a while.  But they came in and hooked me up to an iv, so I knew I was staying.  All night, and into the morning I made no progress.  They hooked me up to pitocin (spelling), but a very small dose.  I was having a lot of pain so they gave me some medicine through my iv that did nothing but make me tired (same shot I had gotten before).  So I finally asked for the epidural (hoping they'd give it to me at a 4).  I had heard that they can slow down your progress, but after I got it and was free of pain (and laughing with Matt over my legs sliding off each other) in about 2 hours I went from that stupid 4 to an 8! I was so surprised.  After that it all went pretty fast.  I pushed for about an hour an 5 minutes and she was out.  I tore a little, plus the doctor cut me, so I have stitches...but it was worth it. 

Now we are home with a baby who sleeps at night (for now!).  She's quite alert and has a very dainty sounding cry haha.  Everyone tells us she looks like Matt (her birth size was exactly the same as his)
Well, time to go gather trash for trash day (super fun)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Labor Woes

Well, the night before last, I was up since midnight with pain.  As 6 rolled around, Matt timed them to be about 4-5 minutes apart.  I didn't want to go to the hospital, but Matt said we we did.  What a mistake!  First, they didn't call my doctor because they "weren't sure if he was back from vacation yet." so they just had the doctor on call come (so I have now seen 3 of the 4 doctors in that practice).  Besides the fact that it took about 3 or more hours for him to come by, him and the nurse said I was only a 1.  He said that since I am already 4 days over due they were going to start me because there was no reason to wait.  But he came in to break my water...fiddled around, said he couldn't feel the head (the other 2 I had seen had no problems with that), said he couldn't break my water. Than he ordered an ultrasound.  We waited another hour, that like 30 min for the tech to do her thing...who didn't say a word pretty much the entire time(other than the head is down...stupid doctor)...than left.  So after another half hour, a different nurse came in.  She said she was just helping out our original nurse and didn't know anything about our case, but she heard they were going to give me some pain medicine than send me home...what the hell!?  We never saw our original nurse again (or the dr, but that's not a surprise).  We waited 2 hours for some shot that was supposed to be pain medicine.  After I finally got it, she said I had to wait an hour after an injection before I could go home.  The shot helped a little, and made me sleepy(which she said it would).  She said we should remake our doctors appointment for that day, since we had to cancel our original one since we were there.  Matt made the appointment and than we left.  The shot like wore off..well minus the sleepiness (man I was tired).  My doctor was back, and had been in the office all day, so why they didn't check or call him I have no idea.  I guess because I was in the hospital, I got put on their baby monitor for like a half hour.  I had this little button I had to push everytime I felt the baby move (which was kind of hard because I was falling asleep on the counter).  The nurse "woke the baby up" by putting this vibrating thing on my stomach...which worked haha, we even had to move the heart thing a couple of times because she kept rolling over.  My doctor finally came in...and had no idea about us going to the hospital or anything we had done that day (you'd think they'd communicate a little better...expecially when the office and hospital are within walking distance).  He said I was about a 2.  He also said that I can't go in an be induced until Friday because they're full...but if I started getting really strong contractrions that theyd have to let me in anyway, so to go walk a lot, like a mile and a half a day (I think he wants things going...he even seemed like he'd let me have a c-section if I wanted...nooo thanks).  I have another appointement and ultrasound on Friday if I'm not delievered by than.  But it was just so weird...if the pain meds worked how was I supposed to know when they got stronger if I couldn't feel them?  So now I get to sit here for days with random contractions (which aren't as close together anymore but way longer than they were), until I think they'd let me stay...which who knows when they consider it ok (maybe when the head is hanging out).  But why would he decide to start me than not?  He never said why, so I guess we'll never know.  And now I'm going to be paranoid about going back.  I'll probably sit home for as long as possible being afraid they'd still send me away.  Horrible day to say the least.