Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello There!

Hey there, it's been a while
I want to continue my Sailor Moon Crystal reviews, but I keep getting distracted, so I am way behind.  But, I will do them (if you read them) because I love it!
I usually try to do like a "monthly family update", but I'm behind on that as well.
So, even though there isn't much to update on, here we go!
We are doing fairly well.  A couple miscommunications in life with other people, but over well.
I don't want to talk much about the details, but like we've mentioned before, we may be moving sometime within the next year.  We're not sure where or when yet.
So....that should be exciting.
Hailey has learned how to spell her name on the computer.  She recognizes some letters, but not all.  She does better with letters than number though.
She is also an amazing big sister.  I mean, they fight every once in a while, but they're sisters...they do that.
She'll let Brook go first in things or make sure she's not hurt.  Just today she saw that Brooklyn had fallen asleep, so she turned down her video volume, then kissed Brook on the head.  So sweet!
She is still as creative as ever.  Her new medium is her big lego style blocks.  She builds all kinds of houses and cars and things.  Sometimes they really amaze me.
Brooklyn is a little stink butt!  She is starting to say more words in her tiny little voice.  She'll say "hi, uh oh, up, ow, Mia," and most annoying of all "MOM!"  Her voice may be little, but she can get very loud.  She'll just sit and chant "mom, mom, mom" over and over.
Her sleeping goes on and off.  Some nights she'll sleep all night, and others she gets up 2-3 times.  I don't know what her problem is.  I think that now that it's starting to cool down, that'll help.
She is still getting into everything and making huge messes.  She loves to destroy all the things Hailey builds with her legos....
But we love her anyway
Matt has been working at Petco long enough now to start training to become a groomer.  He was supposed to start training a long time ago, but corporate says they have to train in twos, and the other person had to be delayed over a family death.  So now, he can't start training until after Christmas, because apparently they won't train right before the holidays since it's their busiest time.  I don't know.  In my opinion, you'd want more licensed groomers at your busiest time. Oh well.
I have been failing miserably at any attempt at diet or exercise.  I know I know, I need to do better.  But stresses and things make it hard on me.  I continue to make YouTube videos, even when I feel like quitting.  I like to be able to share those with family and friends who want to watch.
I'm not going to go into details about all our family stresses, but they have been piling up quite a bit lately.  We are slowly working on dissolving them as best as we can.  A bulk of them are out of our control.
But, we're good.  We try to find fun in anything that we do.  We've been going to the park and library more to get out of the house and have some fun!
I'm hoping 2015 brings with it new adventures!
....and hopefully some good luck sent our way