Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Yesterday Hailey had her first dentist visit.
This was kind of a big deal for me because I'm not the biggest fan of the dentist and my teeth are a mess (not for lack of wanting to get them fixed though).
I'd been thinking of making her a dentist appointment for quite a while, but wasn't sure how to go about it.  I'd never had to look for a dentist before (one of those "my mom always did it" moments that remind you that you are the mom)
I saw a sign for this dentist at Matt's old doctors office. I went to their website to check them out.  After looking at pictures, watching his videos, and a friendly email to see if we could go there, we made the appointment.
I was really hoping it was pretty kid friendly, and I wasn't let down.  Right at the doorway to the office they have a canopy type thing over the door.  The waiting room had a movie going with small chairs, super big teddy bears, and even a place to color.
Once you get called back, if it's your first visit they take you to a room full of toys (I had a picture but accidentally deleted it) where you talked about your child while they could play.  Hailey didn't get much play time because she kept taking time to ask if she could play with each thing haha.
It looked like they had another room kind of for play, but I didn't really see much of it.  There was even a tent in the hallway.
Hailey was brave and sat in the big chair by herself.  She got to watch Madagascar.  One thing I really liked is that the assistant explained everything she was doing to Hailey.  I've always loved doctors that took the time to actually say what they were doing.
She did really well.  Did what she was told and didn't complain or cry.  No cavities and "100% plaque score" haha.  They did say some silly things that I think are kind of a scare tactic but that doesn't surprise me.  I'm really happy, and hope this is the start of no fear dentist trips haha.
When she was done she got a toothbrush, balloon, and a toy (she picked a bouncy ball).  We were even told that we could hang out and play with the toys before we went home if we wanted.
Overall, I'm happy with my choice of dentist and glad Hailey had a good time.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Potty Trouble

Hello There
I need some mommy advice!
Hailey won't go on the potty!  I'll be honest, I could be more on top of it from the mommy side, but that doesn't matter with the fact that she just flat out refuses to sit on it.
She used to go on the potty every once in a while, she would at least sit on it.  Now she won't even sit on it to attempt. 
She usually wakes up dry and I try to get her on and she just won't.  The other day she screamed at me and acted like she was afraid.  I don't want to force her when she's afraid of it so as to not make her even more afraid of it or have her associate it with punishment.  Ya know?
I've put her just in underwear before thinking maybe she wouldn't like having an accident in them, but she didn't seem to care.
She gets rewards that she likes and that she only gets from going yet that still doesn't motivate her.  We've told her she can sign up for a class (like a dance class or tot sport) or that she can't go to school until she learns to use it.  She says ok and she wants to do that stuff but she still won't.
I'm at a loss.  I don't know how to make her want to go.  Everyone says she will when she's ready, but I'd love to know why she acts afraid of it.
She is in pull up, and she does have undies, but we bought them to potty train her before her growth spurt so they're getting too small already.  Help! It's time for her to be potty trained haha

Thursday, October 10, 2013

2 months

Brooklyn is now two months old.  How did it come up so fast?
And with two months comes the two month check up and shots.  Hailey wanted to come and hold her hand (aww) and I was glad to bring her because I also wanted to see how she liked this doctor because we are thinking of switching Hailey to her too.
She had to get 5 shots! It was so sad.  Of course she cried and looks at you like "why are you letting them poke me?!"  Hailey didn't like watching it either.  She was surprisingly uncomfortable.
Baby B still looks tiny, but she is indeed gaining weight.  She's just so long that she looks thinner.  I think she may end up being taller then Hailey.  It's cold today so I put her in this long onsie jumper thing that was Hailey's and it is almost too short for her.
She is 23 inches long and 11lbs.  She is also very strong.  She is constantly holding up her head or trying to get you to have her sitting up. Also, she loves to stand! If I try to hold her in a sitting position she straightens her legs to try to stand.  And when you do stand her, she is sooo happy.
Sleeping through the night? Yup, she's still doing good at that.  Feeding well?  Well, she's ok.  She's not as good an eater as Hailey was, but she could be worse.  Talking?  More and more.  She has a love/hate relationship with this thing we hang over the swing.  She'll talk and coo at it for a while, then she'll start to whine and cry at it until I take it down haha.  So silly.
How is Hailey doing?  She's good.  Right now we're having a conflict between when she wants to be a baby and when she wants to be a big girl.  She always wants me to carry her down the stairs and she refuses to go on the potty.  I honestly think she would get it completely if she was willing.  I don't really want to force her to sit on there when she hates it so much because I don't want her to grow to hate it more or think of it as a punishment.  I also need to start weaning her off her binky.  I haven't because Brooklyn uses a binky and I didn't want to ambush her with a new baby and then take her comfort item away (especially when that new baby gets one).  I think I'm going to start with taking it away when she's not sleeping.  Then once she accepts that then away at night too.
But the potty training has me in a hard spot.  I don't know what to do about it.  You hear so much advice and tips/tricks, but I'm still at a loss.  She just flat out doesn't want to....and I think it's a holding on to being a baby thing.  I guess I'll just have to keep talking to her and waiting for her to accept that she's not one anymore.
How are Mom and Dad?  Well.....stressed.  Work is hard to find.  I swear I look every day.  The good jobs are usually the hidden ones or the ones you need to know someone to get.  We just don't know anyone haha.
I'm so sick of this barn.  Yes, it's decent for what it is, but it's becoming increasingly crowded.  I can't even imagine Christmas and Hailey's birthday *shiver*.  We're going to drown!  Add on the dirty dirt dirt dirt! Especially with rainy season coming.  We just got a (free) new couch and muddy shoes and paws are sure to find it.  Also, it ain't easy doing laundry with two little kids you have to tug around with you (ESPECIALLY if it's rained haha).  I strap the baby to me in one of those pouches, but they aren't a cure all.  It's still hard to lean down to get the clothes out of the washer or dryer without either hitting her head or dumping her out.
Oh well, we'll keep looking and keep keeping on. *wink*

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We have done it! We saved to renew our Disneyland season passes.
Our first day we didn't tell Hailey where we were going.  She was so excited!  Especially right now with the Nightmare Before Christmas haunted mansion.  She loves Jack and Sally
Hailey loves to meet the characters, especially the princesses.  The only thing that kind of bums me as a momma is that she LOVES to talk their ears off.  She'd sit there and talk to them all day if she could.  But there is usually a long line and I feel bad letting her take up too much of their time.  We'll be walking her away and she'll keep turning around and trying to tell them something new.  Yesterday she goes "I forgot to tell Jack about it" (I don't remember what it was though haha).  I felt so bad.  And man do I ever wish they'd fix the lighting in the princess area.  I hope we happen to see them walking around because we have a picture book for her and the pictures in the princess building SUCK because they have horrible lighting.  You'd think they'd make it lit better because they have to know people are going to be taking pictures.

I have this like, to do list of things I want to do while we have our passes. Now I need to find someone to watch the kids so I can go on all the roller coasters now that I'm not preggo anymore haha.  I need some zippin and zoomin!
We love Disney!
Some people look at us funny for having the passes, because they are expensive.  It's true, but we saved money especially for them.  And if you go more then 4 times it's paid for itself.  You can get discounts on food and souvenirs, but you can do what we usually do and bring your own food as well.  And it covers parking as well.  So if we don't buy meals there we are going for free for a year.  Sounds good to me *wink*