Sunday, June 24, 2012


Officially been here a week now.  Having a pretty good time.  Sometimes the humidity and heat is hard to escape.  And sometimes I get that feeling where I wish I could retreat to my own house for some private time, but other than that we're doing good.
We keep getting compliments on how good a girl Hailey is, which is kind of funny because to me she seems to be being a little more naughty than normal.  I guess everyones perception of it is different.  But it's nice to hear anyway hehe.
We're all pretty tan now.  I got a little sunburnt on my legs, and Matt's back is pretty burnt.
Well, I'm going to go for now.  I have more pictures to put up when I get home.  I just don't have a way of pulling them off my phone for the blog without putting them on this laptop and I don't want to do that. 
Possibly seeing Brave today!  So excited.  See ya later!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wild Life

We haven't even been in Texas a week yet and we've seen a fair share of wild life.
So far we have seen:  Fish (big and small) in the ocean at the beach.  Sea Turtles of multiple sizes walking by the ocean.  Hermit crabs I picked up in the ocean.  Various sea birds, especially the Pelican I named Oscar who was bugging some fishermen for their fish at the same place we saw the turtles.  We also saw wild dolphins while we were crossing on a ferry.  Of course, we've seen several lizards, which Matt has chased down and caught. 
Of course, we saw a lot at the aquarium as well.  We went to the Texas State Aquarium (I think it's called).  It had some dolphins, who put on a small show.  Birds, who also had a show.  And, of course, fish fish fish!  They had seaturtles, and even had some non-sea life, like frogs, snakes, and even a porcupine.  It was quite fun.  Have to keep and eye out for more wild life!! (some of the pictures didn't work for some reason)


Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh my

Totally forgot I didn't post a Happy Father's Day post.  Got sidetracked by HAVING MY PHONE STOLEN!!  I was so bummed.  Honestly, I cried all night.  I mean, I didn't lose that many pictures because I empty my phone every chance I get of videos and pictures.  But it still felt...dirty I guess is the right word.  Something that I used everyday for tons of stuff that I slept with is now in the hands of someone else.  Someone who probably at least once looked through the pictures that were on there and my text messages.  Creepy!
But anyway....HAPPY (late) FATHER'S DAY!  First to my wonderful father....who heard his message in my YouTube video
But to my wonderful husband who I couldn't really do anything for.  You are such an amazing father.  Hailey cries everytime you leave for work, and gets excited when you come home.  "Daddy" was her first word for a reason ;)
Well, I'm going to sign off now since this isn't my computer.  But beach posts will come soon, and pictures when I get back home.  We've been here two days, and have been to the beach both days haha.  I'm already getting pretty tan....though I'm still pretty darn white!  Forgot my lotion so I hope I don't peel too soon.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Ready

Today is prep day for our trip.  I guess Matt's dad wants to have the car packed tonight.  So I have to pack everything I can today.  Too bad Matt forgot to pull out the suitcases before work haha.  I guess I'll just have to be a good wifey and have everything pulled out and ready to stuff in them when he gets around to getting them (I can't reach them).
I'm also in a cleaning frenzy, for two reasons.  One, I like to clean before I leave so when I get home I'm not like "ew".  Two, Matt's sister is coming up to house sit for us so Mia can stay here.
Of course we've got the usual things to do before a trip...tons of laundry, passtimes, "which shoes should I bring?" etc etc.
I'm hoping I remember to take tons of pictures and video.  Usually I do all of one and forget the other.  But I'm going to try to be good and get both. 
*turns off iTunes*
Hailey keeps wanting me to get up and dance with her with every new song that pops up haha
I love this baby girl!
Well maybe I'll go make a to do list for myself so I don't forget anything.
Away I go to prepare!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Saying it twice...

Happy Birthday Austin!!
Happy Birthday Malinda!
Two pretty awesome peeps


Friday, June 8, 2012



Hope it's as awesome as you are!