Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Retard Dog"

There is this dog at Matt's work that is special. It is a wolf, Malamute, and husky mix....but it's a dwarf! It does take medication, and I guess it's hard to potty train, but she is so cute! They say that they want someone who works there to take her, but Matt told me no =( He thinks Mia would bully her haha. I guess when she get knocked over she just lays there like a turtle. But, maybe Mia would be able to tell that she's special and be nice. So, I doubt we'll take her (Matt didn't want to show me the picture because he knew I'd want it haha), but I just had to talk about the cute little retard dog!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seal Beach

Yesterday was Matt's early day, and it was a beautiful day, so we decided to go to the beach. It was awesome! It wasn't all that crowded and I got a little color haha. Made me want to go to Hawaii lol.
Matt was having fun buring his feet in the sand For some reason, there were a TON of lady bugs
Silly Bird
Some Navy thing

Only thing that sucked was the traffic coming home haha. But we had a good day together and it was nice. I want to go to Sea World hehe :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

17 Again

Matt and I went to a movie last night. We decided to see 17 Again, and it was good...surprisingly good actually lol. And it shows how HOT Zac Efron is haha. But I always liked a guy who can sing and dance. So, if you want to go see a movie, I suggest this one haha

O and I never said this but, my anniversary was fantastic! Of course lol. Matt's mom took us out to Joe's Crab Shack where she flirted with the waiter (even though she won't admit it haha)...but I can't blame her, he was a good looking guy =)
O and if you want to hear a fantastic song that's going to be part of Breaking Dawn, look for the song "My Never" by Blue October....and try to find the actual album one. The acustic(spelling) is cool, but the crowd kinda sucks lol. Ok ok, I'm done. <3

Sunday, April 5, 2009

20th Birthday

Well yesterday was my 20th birthday! Crazy huh? My friend Mike took Matt and I to Red Robin the day before, where they gave me some gifts and forced the staff to sing to me haha. Then Sonnie gave me money which I used to go see Haunting In Connecticut (and buy the new Britney Spears CD haha) which was very scary :) And I got a lovely package from my mom which contained the following! lol

My new Twilight shirt and earings

Twilight (from Matt) and Marley and Me
My new baby dolphin

Knocked Up (from Mike) and my Britney Spears CD
It was a very good birthday. I even get a free cut and color
from Matt's mom on Saturday (which just happens to be my 1st wedding

Can't wait <3

Thanks Everyone =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Job and Schedule

Two in one day, I know I'm shocked too. I just have to say....MATT GOT HIS JOB! I'm soo happy for him. It's a job in a vet office so his job with help with his school and his school can help with his job! Perfect :) And he looks so cute in his scrubs ^.^
I also came up with this perfect schedule today. The only problem is...when Matt's aunt comes home, I won't be able to do it because I won't be here haha. But!! If I wake up with Matt at 7, I can make breakfast, brush my teeth and wash my face, clean whatever needs to be cleaned, work out, shower, make lunch for me and Matt (he should come home for lunch usually), clean up lunch, and at night wash face, brush teeth, stretch, do some crunches, and go to bed! TADA! I like it haha <3


Last night I babysat Matt's cousin's baby Cheyenne (I think that's how they spell it haha). I said I would watch her all night when they seemed like they couldn't find anyone to take her for the night. After I said I'd do it, I got really nervous....I hadn't babysat a baby baby by myself in almost 2 years. But, after we got her to our house, I surprised myself. She didn't cry once...well exept the one time she woke up in the night. She wouldn't sleep at first, being in a new place with new people, but I got her to sleep finally around 11:30. She stayed asleep till about 3:45 where she woke up from gas (I'm guessing....that's what it seemed like haha). It took me kind of long to get her back to sleep...about 20 min. I'd say (she would cry when I'd lay her down lol), but finally she fell back asleep till 7:00 on the dot. I was all afraid that it would be a bad experience, but it was good. She was a very happy baby and it all worked out! <3

*I know I know....I'm a dork*