Saturday, May 29, 2010

Matt's Birthday

Quick update...don't really have much to say haha.
Yesterday was Matt's 22nd birthday.  We didn't get to do much because he had to work (and worked today too), but we went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  They made him go around to each table and shake his butt with some gypsy like belt on haha.  Tonight, we are going over to Matt's dad's for dinner.  One of his friends also brought rice crispy treats to work for his birthday, because she knows he doesn't like donuts. 
I'm hoping we can go to the beach this weekend.  I want to go to this area called Dana Point early in the morning to try to catch view of some dolphins.  There was also a grey whale hanging out down there, but I think it finally migrated on (after they freed it's tail from some netting that had gotten caught on it). The sky has kind of been going back and forth between nice and cloudy, so I hope if we do decide to go, it'll stay sunny. 
Well...that about raps it up.  Have a great day! haha


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