Saturday, December 22, 2012

To The Road!

Well Matt's almost home.  When he gets here, we pack up the car and head to Utah!  I'm so excited!  Though I am not excited for the drive....I can already feel the boredom haha.
Pray for no snow.  See ya when we get back


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Early Christmas?

Since we'll be out of town, and Matt's dad is going out of town too, we are having a mini Christmas tonight.  I think Hailey is excited, even though she doesn't fully understand.  I told her we were going to Emma's house to give her a present haha.  I'm a little bummed just because it means she'll have less to open on Christmas morning, but that's ok. 
I'm SO excited for Christmas!! As of right now, the weather looks like it's going to be favorable.  It's a little bit of a bummer that we won't be leaving till Saturday afternoon, so we won't get their till night time.  Especially because that means Matt will be sleepy all the next day haha.
I was debating whether to take our nice stroller or not.  Are car is very tiny and I don't know that everything will fit in the trunk if we leave it, plus Mom and Dad have an umbrella stroller at their house.  I mean, I don't think we'll need it.  What do you think? 
Here are some pictures of Hailey being silly in the car :)


Monday, December 17, 2012


8 Days till Christmas!
I'm so excited to go to Utah.  I'm getting giddy as it approaches.  I wish we could go right now.  But Matt works everyday until we leave, which is good and bad.
Now that there are presents under the tree Hailey is itching to open them, and she keeps asking for snow. I'm hoping there is snow on the ground, but it doesn't snow while we're driving haha.  But from the forcast right now it looks too be clear....but we all know that could change.
So hope for clear roads, and a white Christas!
WOO 5 more days till ROADTRIP!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Saying...

(I have a birthday card....but it's late cause I needed a stamp haha)
Hope it's a great day!


Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hailey's birthday party was last night.  It was a little thrown together and messy but it was fun.  Hailey was a little grumpy at first since we woke her up from her nap to get their on time, but then she opened up and enjoyed the night.  I think the cake helped wake her up haha.
I didn't get any pictures on my phone because she wanted me to hold her all night, but other people did, so I'll have to get them.
We had cake that I made, and opened presents, then hung out and danced with Santa.  She loved opening things, and got some really cool a super sized doggie, a shopping cart, and a tea set.  Pluse TONS of clothes.
I'm hoping she'll love opening presents on Christmas as much. And I'm so excited to see her on Christmas morning seeing what Santa brought.
And it's about 90% official we will be in Utah for Christmas!  I'm so excited.  If the snow keeps up we may be able to go sledding! 

 16 days till Christmas!


Friday, December 7, 2012

Sea World

Yesterday, we used the other day of the Sea World tickets we got in July.  It was awesome!  It was so empty.  A lot of people think of getting wet when they think of Sea World, and who wants to get wet in December?  I mean, it's not as cold as other places obviously, but it's still chilly haha.  Plus their hours are cut for the offseason.  They were only open 11-6.  But Hailey was loving it and all the animals were out and about.  I didn't get too many pictures because they were all being blurry and I was too busy playing with Hailey and kicking Matt's momma's booty!
 Christmas dolphin


 He was eating a fishy

Turtle cleaning station

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

It's hard to believe it's been two years since she was in my belly.  Yet it also feels like she's always been here.  Either way, I've loved every second of it.
I am so in love with this little girl.  She melts my heart every day.  Sure she has her brat moments, but who doesn't?  More often then not, she is a sweetheart, smart, sassy little girly girl.
And man is she a girly girl!  She loves to have her toes painted, wear dresses/skirts, carry around her babies, her purse, and don't forget her love for shoes!  She has also recently shown an interest in jewelry, wanting to wear my necklaces.
She is also so smart.  She talks nonstop! And some of the things she says surprise me.  Yesterday she pulled my head down so she could kiss the top of my head and said "I love you most" from Tangled.  I'll admit...i squealed a little girly squeal of cuteness.
Hailey is also quite the performer.  She loves to dance and sing.  On Thanksgiving she would dance, then bow, and tell us to clap for her hahaha.  What a ham.
I could go on and on....
Well, Happy 2nd Birthday little girl
We love you so much!


Saturday, December 1, 2012


It's December! Woo! Officially time to start counting down to Christmas.  This year we got Hailey one of those chocolate countdown things I used to always get.  We opened our first one today.  I think she'll enjoy it.   She also was so excited to put up the tree.  I wish I had filmed that haha.  Every day she goes "good morning tree"
There is also the countdown to Hailey's 2nd birthday.  Her party is going to be on Saturday since her birthday is on a Wednesday.  We are doing at Matt's Aunt's house since we had to change it to dinner time and the place we were going to go would be crowded.  We didn't want to feel rushed.

So here it goes.....
4 days to Hailey's birthday
24 days till Christmas!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Leftovers Day!

Didn't get a chance to write yesterday, we woke up, got ready, left, came home, and went to bed haha.
How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was pretty good.  Same as usual, first Matt's mom's side, then his dad's.  Both up at Lake Arrowhead.
I got some pictures, but they aren't very good cause of bad lighting (and wiggly targets)

 Waiting to eat
 Abby's Yin

 Waiting to eat....again

Are you going out for any Black Friday deals?  I'm not....but mainly cause I have no money haha.  Matt, however, is out there right now!  Not what you think....he's working.  He was put on the register in the electronics section.  I think he was a little nervous cause that's usually the busiest section.  But he'll get the last of the crowd, since he went in at 4AM and they opened at 9PM


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Saying....

Mr. Miracle Man

(old photos)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To My Daddy.....

We love you so much! 
Thank you for everything you do for us.
You are an amazing Dad and Grandpa, just ask Hailey
She misses her outside, popsicle eating friend haha
We hope to come see you soon!
Have a wonderful day!
(and your present is going to be late, sorry)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rapunzel, meet Rapunzel

Yesterday we went to Disneyland.  I usually let Hailey pick her outfit, and she picked her Rapunzel dress from Halloween.  Well whatever little girl :)  It won't fit her next year, so might as well let her wear it out.  Anyway we had a lot of fun!  These last couple times we've gone have been more fun because she knows more of the characters and stuff.
We had decided to wait in the line to meet Rapunzel since she was wearing her dress.  It wasn't too bad a wait.  Right when we got there she had taken a break but after that it went pretty quick.  Plus the line wasn't as long as I have seen it before.  When we went in there, the lady with the camera and someone else were talking so no one told us it was our turn.  Rapunzel ended up talking to us so Hailey walked over to her.  Hailey was talking but surprisingly soft.  She gave her a little hug and was looking at her dress since they were the same, and the flowers in her hair. Rapunzel seemed to be smitten with her.  I got one really cute pictures, BUT since hailey wouldn't hold still, I had to delete it because she was a blurry blob.  I don't know if my phones messed up or what, but it used to take beautiful photos, and now not so much.  But Hailey is a wiggle worm now, and the room was surprisingly dark.  We got some pictures but they have me in them because Hailey eventually asked me to sit on the bench too haha.  I was a little bit irritated that the lady that was supposed to take our picture with the nice camera was too busy talking to even attempt to take a picture.  We left on our own time (we were never told to leave) because we knew there were people waiting still.  I'm sure next time Hailey asks to wear her Rapunzel dress to Disney, we'll stop by and say hi to Rapunzel again.
Smile for Daddy...she's too busy looking at her dress

Talking to Punzel

 Hailey's favorite ride.  We even ended up on a pink and purple horse!
On the Dumbo ride

In line to go see Jack

Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's hard to believe it's already November.....even harder to believe that your 10!
I still remember the day you were born.  It was the night after trick or treating and I woke up to a baby crying and I was like "what's going on?!" and ran upstairs.  It was Tanner crying.  We were watching him while you were born.  That night always sticks out in my mind.
Happy Birthday ladies man

Friday, November 2, 2012


How was your Halloween?  Ours was ok.  Hailey had a great time!
She was Rapunzel for Halloween.  I know what your thinking....wasn't she Rapunzel last year?  Well yes, yes she was.  But last year I picked her costume because I LOVE Tangled.  But this year she picked because she loves Tangled.  We walked into the Disney store at the mall and she saw the Rapunzel dress and squealed! It was adorable. 
I tried my hand and crafty "baking" for the first time.  Well, it was my first time trying something I saw off Pinterest.  They turned out ok.  Could of been better, but never would of known had I not tried.
Fun huh?  They're pumpkin rice crispies!
We went trick or treating down Matt's dad's neighborhood like we always do.....since our "neighborhood" doesn't suit trick or treating well haha.
I think Hailey had fun.  She loved her dress and loved talking to all the people.  It was hard to get her to not tell some story and introduce everyone and everything to people at every house.  She also held her pumpkin like a purse instead of in her hand, so it was hard for people to get the candy in.  No matter how many times I moved it, it always ended up on her arm again. 
Than when we got back, she was helping pass out candy.  One time she gave a guy one and was going back to give him his second (instead of holding them both at the same time) and he left and she was yelling after him "hey! Get back here!"  it was so funny! 
Here are the pictures I could get in her costume.  She refused to hold still or give a smile that wasn't like she was in pain.  Silly girl.


Monday, October 15, 2012

I love Anime!

One of my favorite things is Anime (and, of course, manga).  Most people consider it dorky, nerdy, or whatever...but I don't care!
I love Anime for many of the reasons people love books.  It lets you escape into a different world.  What makes anime special vs other cartoons?  Well, most American cartoons now a days (and not all, there are some I love too haha) are just nonsense or very oddly animated.  Most anime (once again, not all....some suck horribly) has some kind of story or meaning to them.  Another thing I love about it is that in most movies and shows, you know that the main characters are fine in the end because otherwise they wouldn't have a show right?  But I've seen several anime where the main, or love interest, or whatever dies, or leaves, or turnes evil...etc etc.  So when things go bad, I'm always on the edge of my seat because I know that anything could happen!  I even saw one where the good guys died and the enemy lived on.
Anime also has a unique way of showing emotions.  They focus on the eyes most often, or the over exaggerate things to show the emotions.  The feelings are never lost and I love it.
A dorky part that I do that not everyone who loves anime does.....I prefer to watch them in their original glory, in otherwords, I watch them in Japanese and read subs.  Not all, but most dubbed versions are just awful!  Don't get me wrong, I grew up on dubbed anime like Sailor Moon and Card Captors.  But once I watched them again in Japanese, I fell in love again.
There is also an anime about almost everything! Even things you wouldn't think of. 

What kind of anime do I like?  Here is a link of a list (in NO order) of ones I like on Pinterest:
I don't know of another website where I could make a list....if you know one let me know haha.

There is also something on YouTube called "amv" which is someone making a music video out of anime or manga.  Some are so amazing!  Here is one about a short movie that I loved.  This one has minimal effects and is simple, but shows what the movie is about so well.

So ya, Anime is great!  If you feel like it, you should check it out.  I was bored and decided to share an interest with you.  :)


Friday, October 5, 2012

Little Girl Phrases

Hailey is getting her own things that she says all the time.  I honestly don't know where she got some of them.  She's silly.

My favorite is "ok...fine....whatever"  bahahah! Sometimes she just says "fine" but usually it's "fine, whatever"

She'll ask you a question like "what ya doing?" than when you answer she goes "oh, yea." but now she's added recently "oh, yea...of course" ^-^  I have no idea where she picked that up.

If she wants to go see something or if we're leaving she'll say to Mia *raises hand up* "I be back".  She also will say she'll be back when she 'goes to the store' in her car or goes to push her baby around in her very broken stroller.

If you ask her what she's doing she now usually say "sitting here" which she learned from her daddy haha.

On the manners front, she still says "bless you" even if you cough.  And if you says thanks to her she goes "your welcome!" so excited like.

Last...lately all I here is "watch punzel!" Even when she's watching Tangled, as soon as the credits roll she goes "Mom, watch punzel!"

The lesson is....she keeps us laughing all day long.  I love my baby girl <3 p="p">


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Well we're home!  We have been for several days, but I've been trying to get things organized, plus we went swimming and to the LA Fair haha. 
Utah was a blast!  If I'd of let her, Hailey would of spent all day everyday outside.  She just loved to follow her grandpa around while he did yardwork. Or we'd sit out in the front yard and wait for Austin, than Grandma to get home.  Between me, Dad, and Austin...I have a TON of pictures.  You can look at most of them on Facebook, but here are some of my favorites.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012




Friday, September 7, 2012

Going Home Soon

Tomorrow afternoon I head back to California.  Man is the house going to be quiet after almost two months of noise.  I think Hailey and Austin will be lonely, seeing as they've been best friends for the past two months.
I'm excited to go home, yet sad to be leaving.  I always thought that was funny how that could be.  They're such opposite emotions.
When I get home, get ready for a grip of pictures!  I have over 200 just on my phone....add the ones that I sent myself from Dad's camera and....that's a crap ton of pictures!
I'm going to go watch Hailey play with Grandpa outside.


Monday, August 27, 2012

School Time

For me? Nooo, I wish.  For my wee brother it is his first day of his senior year.  Scary!!  Makes me feel so old to think the youngest in my family is in his last year of grade school.
Also, now that he's gone for a bulk of the day, and my mom works, I'm so bored haha.  Even Hailey is asleep right now.....
Well....that's about all I have to say right now.  When I get home I'll have a butt ton of pictures to upload.  I already have over 100 on my phone, plus what my dad took that I sent to myself.  Fun times.
Gunna go get some more juice.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Utah

I never really said but, I'm in Utah! haha.  I've run into a couple people though.  I didn't say anything because I wanted to surprise Sonnie.  And it worked!  There is (lame) video of it on Facebook.
We've been having a blast.  I'm hoping to go check out the new park that's where my elementary school once stood.  I hear it's a water park.
Hailey has actually been really good.  She has moments of brattiness of course, mostly because her nap schedule is all off.  But she hasn't really been shy or anything.  Austin has been a good helper.  It kind of makes me laugh. I don't know what I'm going to do when I go home.
Right now Hailey is sitting here coping me typing haha.  She is so silly!
Well I'm going to go get in the shower since I went swimming with Austin and Malinda last night.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Sea World

Sea World was a blast!  I didn't take as many pictures/video as I wanted (and I knew I wouldn't) because half the time I was soaking wet or on a ride.....or both!  We sat up close at the Shamu show so we could get wet.  Also, the rapids ride got us soaked!  We went on the new Manta roller coaster.  It looked kind of slow and boring, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It was sooo fun!  It would be fun to go on at night.  We got another day out there free so we'll be back.  I could just sit and watch the dolphins play all day.  One came up and stared at me through the glass twice.  I think Hailey had a good time.  I was really surprised at the lack of animal/human interaction in the shows though.  I think they had to cut a lot out because of the latest controversy going around animal parks and stuff like that.  Still good though :)
Here are some of the pictures I did take and a link to some video

Link to video to come