Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Update

Hello again...
I still have put this on the back burner.  No reviews or anything!  I'm a total slacker.
Of course, if you want to keep up with us on a daily basis, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel! Link is in my profile *wink*
November has just flown by! (yes, I know it's not quite over yet)  It feels like Halloween was just yesterday, even though our candy bowl is, in fact, empty.
Tonight we are headed to the annual City Walk in our downtown area.  The shops open up and give out snacks and hot chocolate as a way to advertise.  It's pretty fun.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  We actually haven't talked at all about plans for it.  Matt has the opening shift at work the next day so we won't be out too late.
They've finally started rebuilding the garage.  So that opens up a lot of life possibilities that I'll explain later.  Yes I know that makes no sense but trust me!
Christmas is coming up, and we will be in Utah for it! (unless something comes up, but doubtful)  I may be in Utah earlier than Matt, since he has to work, but that all depends on if my dear ol Daddy wants to pay for my flight out there haha!
I plan on taking a new family photo ASAP!  So, if you'd like a copy, let me know!
Hailey is still a big ol mix of sweet and sour.  She can be so caring and loving, than turn and be sassy and rude.  Sometimes it gives me whiplash.  I wish I could get her into school or something for her to burn off some steam.  Being up here with no yard or anyone to interact with, I think she gets cabin fever.  I don't blame her, I do too.
Brooklyn is starting to take after Hailey in the sass department.  She can still be sweet, like giving her sister random hugs or cuddles.  But MAN is she getting sassy.  She makes these grump faces that crack me up and make it hard to be mad at her.  She also now lays on the ground when you make her mad.  But most frustrating at all is a lot of times when you try to get mad at her (and are soo frustrated) she just giggles and runs away.  Sigh, I think she's going to be a rebel.
Matt is the same, haha.  His back hurts him more some days.  He's doing well at work.  It makes me not want to move because he's finally found a place he's happy and gets along with people, not to mention is doing well (regardless of the pay rate they give).  I'm afraid if we move he'll end up transferring to a store where he doesn't get along with anyone and will be miserable.
Me, well I've been sitting here playing the new WoW expansion and worrying we're not going to hit 100 in time for the anniversary stuff.  I have been working on YouTube, but some days I feel like I should just quit it altogether.  Yet, everyday I still usually find a way to put up a video.  I have started my Christmas shopping, so that's exciting! I love shopping for Christmas, but it's hard on a budget.
Health wise I kind of suck.  Now, don't panic!  It's nothing serious.  It's mostly my fault.  My teeth are hurting big time. My eyes are starting to hurt as well, because I need to change my contacts, but I don't have any.  I should wear my glasses, and I will if I HAVE to, but I hate them with a passion.  I'm so unfit and overweight it's not funny.  I'm having a hard time getting started down the path of health and fitness.  Soon.
I'm excited for the upcoming Holidays, and Hailey's 4th Birthday! AH! My baby....
Anyway, we're doing good.  How are all of you doing?!

Let me know

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello There!

Hey there, it's been a while
I want to continue my Sailor Moon Crystal reviews, but I keep getting distracted, so I am way behind.  But, I will do them (if you read them) because I love it!
I usually try to do like a "monthly family update", but I'm behind on that as well.
So, even though there isn't much to update on, here we go!
We are doing fairly well.  A couple miscommunications in life with other people, but over well.
I don't want to talk much about the details, but like we've mentioned before, we may be moving sometime within the next year.  We're not sure where or when yet.
So....that should be exciting.
Hailey has learned how to spell her name on the computer.  She recognizes some letters, but not all.  She does better with letters than number though.
She is also an amazing big sister.  I mean, they fight every once in a while, but they're sisters...they do that.
She'll let Brook go first in things or make sure she's not hurt.  Just today she saw that Brooklyn had fallen asleep, so she turned down her video volume, then kissed Brook on the head.  So sweet!
She is still as creative as ever.  Her new medium is her big lego style blocks.  She builds all kinds of houses and cars and things.  Sometimes they really amaze me.
Brooklyn is a little stink butt!  She is starting to say more words in her tiny little voice.  She'll say "hi, uh oh, up, ow, Mia," and most annoying of all "MOM!"  Her voice may be little, but she can get very loud.  She'll just sit and chant "mom, mom, mom" over and over.
Her sleeping goes on and off.  Some nights she'll sleep all night, and others she gets up 2-3 times.  I don't know what her problem is.  I think that now that it's starting to cool down, that'll help.
She is still getting into everything and making huge messes.  She loves to destroy all the things Hailey builds with her legos....
But we love her anyway
Matt has been working at Petco long enough now to start training to become a groomer.  He was supposed to start training a long time ago, but corporate says they have to train in twos, and the other person had to be delayed over a family death.  So now, he can't start training until after Christmas, because apparently they won't train right before the holidays since it's their busiest time.  I don't know.  In my opinion, you'd want more licensed groomers at your busiest time. Oh well.
I have been failing miserably at any attempt at diet or exercise.  I know I know, I need to do better.  But stresses and things make it hard on me.  I continue to make YouTube videos, even when I feel like quitting.  I like to be able to share those with family and friends who want to watch.
I'm not going to go into details about all our family stresses, but they have been piling up quite a bit lately.  We are slowly working on dissolving them as best as we can.  A bulk of them are out of our control.
But, we're good.  We try to find fun in anything that we do.  We've been going to the park and library more to get out of the house and have some fun!
I'm hoping 2015 brings with it new adventures!
....and hopefully some good luck sent our way

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5

Here we go!
Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 - Makoto - Sailor Jupiter
This episode starts out in the rain, Usagi running late as usual.  She isn't paying attention and walks into the road.  Makoto is walking by and jumps, grabbing Usagi and saving her life.
Makoto tells her to not space out and keeps walking on.
Later the girls are at school talking about weddings and Umino tells them about a haunted bridal shop.  Once again, Usagi is spacing out and bumps into Makoto who tells her to be careful.
They all make the observation that Makoto is kind of intimating.  But Usagi thinks that maybe it's a misunderstanding.
Lunch rolls around and since everyone in her class is afraid of her, Makoto finds a quiet place to eat alone.  Usagi is skipping along and sees her and her cute lunchbox, so she decides to investigate.
She pops up and sees her amazing lunch and, in being herself, befriends Makoto (who is actually very girly and super adorable!)
Usagi, of course, takes Makoto to the arcade and shows her the Sailor V game.  Ami meets them there and is amazed at how quickly Usagi makes friends.
They also meet Motoki and, just like the original anime, Makoto has love at first sight since he reminds her of her old senpai.
After leaving they go walk by the bridal shop, then go meet up with Rei at her shrine.  Rei senses something from Mako-chan.  Luna does too, and they both suspect she may be another scout.
Skip to Motoki closing the arcade up, where he runs into the creepiest thing ever! The "bride ghost" takes his energy and makes him her puppet
After leaving the group, Makoto goes back by the bridal shop where she meets the possessed Motoki and he seduces her into thinking he loves her. 
 Mamoru sees and notices the evil.
He quickly changes to Tuxedo Mask and heads to Usagi's house....which how does he know where she lives?
Anyway...Of course Usagi follows and finds Mako-chan getting her energy drained.
Luna, seeing Usagi leave, contacts the other scouts via the communicators and they meet up with her and transform. 
They get attacked, of course, and Mars opens up the battle with a real kick ass fire attack
Nephrite appears with his creepy ass minion and they take Makoto hostage and try to make her give up on love/life.
Sailor Moon convinces her that love is worth waiting for with her little speech and Makoto notices it's Usagi instantly.
She does her famous over-the-body flip of Ms. Creepy Bride and Luna gives her her pen to transform

She gives her speech and precedes to attack Nephrite with Flower Hurricane and Jupiter Thunder

Nephrite notices her eyes and that he recognizes them from somewhere.  Evil bride gets taken out and Nephrite flees, like they do.
After they scouts welcome her into their group and Luna gives Sailor Moon the Moon Stick and informs her that she is their leader.
Ok, this episode was surprisingly amazing.  Jupiter is not my favorite scout, but, so far, this is my favorite episode.  There wasn't really and art flaws, like this show tends to have.
Also, I think they showed of Makoto's personality really well.  I don't think it came out quite as much in the original anime.  Her voice threw me at first, but it does really fit her.
They also did a couple other things that are more true to the manga vs the original anime.  Like Rei's distaste for men.
They are also not killing off the generals, and seem to be showing their romance with the scouts, so that will be an interesting take and I'm excited to see what they do with it!
Next week we get to learn a little more about the ever so handsome Tuxedo Mask!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4

I have slacked on these, so I'm going to catch up and do them all right now, so prepare for a spam of posts (since I'm going to do them by episode now).
I'm not 100% sure how I want to do this so bare with me as I play around.
Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 - Masquerade Dance Party
In this episode they are having a meeting about the news that there is a princess coming into town with a special treasure.  Luna is thinking that maybe this Princess D is their princess with the Silver Crystal.
It's kind of funny because, even though I know she gets her memory back in pieces with each scout found, she says herself that the princess is in hiding and won't be awoken till all the scouts are together.  So why then does she think this princess who is parading around is theirs?  I don't know.  Anyway...
Usagi, however, wants to go to the party merely because she wants to dress up like a princess.  So, of course, after being warned she shouldn't go, she uses her Luna Pen to go anway.
Joined by the other scouts, they decide to check out Princess D and she if she is their princess.
Usagi, being more interested in the party, wanders off on her own.  Soon she meets Tuxedo Mask and they start dancing. 
She tries to talk with him, and he shushes her....which looked very awkward.  Then, without a word her runs off.  As this is happening Ami and Rei come across the princess and scope her out to find Nephrite attacking her.  He possesses her with his shadow and she runs away crazed.  Princess D proceeds to knock the whole ballroom unconscious. Usagi gets away and tries to stop the possessed princess from jumping off the balcony.
In trying to stop her, Usagi gets knocked off and narrowly caught by Tuxedo Mask.  They fall and Luna yells for her to use the Luna Pen.  She pulls it out of her *cough* cleavage and it pops open into an umbrella giving way to the adorable, iconic scene in every version of Sailor Moon.
After falling, Tuxedo Mask runs off, again, and Usagi transforms to go help her friends with the now demonic princess.
Once she transforms she realizes her tiara is missing.  It got burned up by Mars in the last episode.  Feeling the warm feeling she feels when with Tuxedo Mask, a new tiara forms on her head.
The evil shadow appears over Princess D, but no ones attacks are working on it.  Luna then tells Sailor Moon that she can now reflect the moonlight with her new tiara, and so she shoots a beam of moonlight at the shadow, destroying it.
After the shadow gets destroyed, the real Nephrite appears, along with the other three "kings"
They threaten the scouts, though they don't engage battle (which they would of won).  They disappear and the scouts check on princess D, who without her glasses, is actually beautiful (not to say your not if you have glasses)
As they are going back, Sailor Moon finds a bench and passes out because she's tired...
Mars and Mercury change back and find out that the "special treasure" Princess D has is a diamond statue, not the silver crystal.
While Sailor Moon is sleeping, Tuxedo Mask creeps up on her.  And if you are a fan of this couple like I am, you have a fan girl moment as they have their first kiss.  Well, kind of.
Luna pops up and tells him to get away from Usagi.  Way to blow her secret Luna!
They talk and decide that maybe they are enemies since they are searching for the same thing.
It ends with a cameo of Makoto.
Ok well, this episode was kind of silly.  As amazing as Mamoru is in this version, their romance seems like it is always awkward and full of sexual innuendoes.  Maybe it's just my dirty mind...
The animation still has it's ups and downs.  Some parts look amazing, while others look rushed and sloppy.  The lipstick STILL bothers me.  I thought I'd get used to it, but I haven't.
But it wasn't that bad. It could of been better, but maybe I'm just holding it to a high standard.  But can you blame me?
So next week we'll get to finally meet Sailor Jupiter!
YouTube video Review -
Well, I don't know how I liked this way, I kind of forgot what I wanted to say by the end.  Oh well :)

Baby B's One Year Check Up

Brooklyn just turned one, so naturally it's time for her one year check-up.
So of course she got her stats taken. I honestly don't remember exactly haha, I really want to ask them for the paper so I can add it to her baby book.
She has definitely grown taller, but her weight is low.  She eats and eats, but she also never stops moving!  Plus she's not a fan of milk so she is not really gaining any weight.  I think she'll just end up being a small gal.  But, since doctor says she's too small we will continue to make our best effort to make her gain some weight.
Side all those people who try to keep telling us that she is yellow (and acting like we don't take care of her haha).  One, she has Matt's complexion and more than likely will be able to tan well like a lot of the Rioux clan.  Two, the doctor said she may be a little orange, as in she's eating too many carrots and sweet potatoes.  When you go to the store and buy baby food, even the little meals, EVERYTHING has carrots and/or sweet potatoes.  So now we are going to cut those out as much as possible.
She had to get four shots.  It was super sad.  I hate having to hold them down for that.  It was sweet because Hailey was sad for her and said that "these are the last shots she gets ok!" teehee.
As far as development goes, I'd say she's doing good.  She's been walking for a really long time.  Lately she's been trying to jump.  Matt says she got off the ground once, and scared herself haha.
Talking is not her strongest point yet.  At this point Hailey had quite a few more words, but that's ok!
Brook says Mama, Dada, uh-oh, hi, and lately she's trying to say "love you"
She has also started using her imagination for things, and it's adorable!
She also waves, claps, will throw her trash away, clean up toys, and put her binky where it goes.
Her biggest problem right now is her sleeping habits!  It's hard since we all share a room, if we try to let her cry it out, she keep Hailey awake.  We may have to just let Hailey stay up one night and let Brook cry it out.  She's been waking up at least twice a night.  One thing is I think she likes to be cuddled.  I was thinking of maybe letting her try sleeping with Hailey one night.  I used to share a bed with my sister.  We'll have to see.
So my little baby is getting bigger!  Even if she is still tiny for her age.
 YouTube video -

Sunday, August 24, 2014


So, I know I've debated before whether or not I wanted to revive my YouTube channel.
Well, I've decided to do it!
Matt and I (mostly Matt) came up with the name Vlogger Roos
The name comes from our last name Rioux.  People usually end up pronouncing it 'roo' instead of  're-you'.  So we thought it would be fun to use it as a play on words.
So, why are we vlogging?  Well, if you know me, you know that I love to watch old family videos and look though photo albums.  I've already been making family photo albums since Hailey's been born.  But I also like video. 
I had actually come across YouTube a long time ago, back when it was first being bought by Google, because it also bought out an old video website I used to use.  I was also filming really grainy video.  I just had no idea there was an upload feature.
Since we live away from family, I love sending them video of the kids.  I used to attempt to send that grainy video to them via email.  It worked about half the time.
Now, with YouTube I can upload and send my family video easily.
The other part is, I want to learn to get out of my comfort zone.  Talking to a camera is the first step to doing that.  Also, to try new things.  Get out of my comfort zone.
I also like to have conversations with people.  So hopefully we can make lots of new friends!
So, if you want to join us on our adventure, head over to My YouTube and subscribe!
It's going to be a vlog Monday-Friday with an occasional Saturday video


Monday, August 4, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Review - episodes 1-3

If you know me, you know that I love Sailor Moon.
I have been very excited about the reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal.
So far, the first three episodes have aired.
I'm going to talk about these first three all at once.  I'm going to try this in a different way than normal so, bear with me.
So far, the music is great.  I am in love with the opening song, and I can guarantee it will soon be finding it's way onto my iPod.  There is even a music video with the whole song that has Sailor Moon animation with it and it's beautiful.  Go look it up (Moon Pride)
Now, I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about animation, but this is what I think.
The animation is ok.  I was really nervous when I first saw it, but I've kind of gotten used to it.  Some of it is really detailed.  I am not a big fan of the computer animated transformations, but meh they are only for a couple minutes.  But a couple things I can't get over.  The lipstick! In most anime, lipstick is only on older women or a girl trying to look older or going on a date.  These girls are 14, they don't need it.  Sometimes it's more subtle then others, but it drives me insane.  Also, the "noodle-ness" of it.  For example, when the scouts transform, they give their little speeches at the end...their poses while they're talking look so unnatural and awkward.  The animation was also surprisingly sloppy in episode 2, but I didn't really see that as an issue in 3.
I originally thought that most of the original voice actors were to return for this, but according to Wikipedia (which, I know, isn't always the best source), this is not the case.  Only the voice for Usagi returned.  And for the most part I haven't noticed.  The only one I wish was the same so far is Raye.  Her voice seems to adult/deep to me.
The story has, so far, stuck to the manga very well.  If you want to be picky, there are a couple things that they changed which didn't seem necessary, but also don't really bother me either.  If you compare it to the original anime, it is almost the same with slight changes.  As the story progresses, it will veer off from the original anime it sticks more to the manga.
Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino:

   Like I said earlier, the lipstick on her when she's so young bothers me.  And sometimes they make her hair look like a spaghetti monster. She does have the brooch from the Manga, which was changed in the original anime.  Also, her voice takes some getting used to.  It's higher pitched then most people remember.  She also talks kind of talk I guess.  But she's still her lovable, wacky self.
She is almost drawn...male? in my opinion.  She just seems, not quite as loveable.  Not quite sure how to explain that feeling though haha.
Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba:
Ok, remember in the original anime...all the roses and cheesy speeches.  None of that has yet to make an appearance, and I don't think it will.  In the manga, he never does any of that stuff.  He is also a high school student instead of college/working age, so it's not quite as creepy that he's dating a 14 year old.  So far, I am loving this Mamoru much more.  His pocket watch has made some small appearances, as have his glasses.  He is adorable!  He is also more helpful.  Instead of speeches, he actually tries to help.  I can't wait to see them give him his attack, regardless of it's cheesy name.
Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno:

This is probably the character that the lipstick looks the most out of place on.  Ami just isn't the type.  But her wardrobe is defiantly improved.  In the manga, at school she wears a sweater over her uniform, which seems to be a 'smart kid' wardrobe choice in anime.  Also, her scout uniform is slightly different than the others.  She doesn't have any of the 'poofs' on the top by the shoulders, and she has 3 earrings on one side.  Her pose is one of the weirdest.  At first it was ok, then she moved and she looked like her back was messed up.  But she's still her smart, adorable self.
Sailor Mars/Rei Hino:

Rei's new voice actress sounds too old for me, which I mentions above.  But that is the only thing I have to say about her.  Everything else seems perfect.  She hasn't really done any fire attacks yet.  When she attacked in her intro episode, she used a priestess scroll thing (I forgot their name).  Her pose is a little awkward too, but not near as bad as Mercury's.  She also doesn't seem to be quite as snarky.  I don't know if that will increase later, but right now she was pretty sweet.
So yea, that is pretty much it about the first three episodes.  They are wonderful.  Just a few things here and there that are kind of annoying, but no show is going to be perfect.  That's what the manga is for (teehee).
I can not wait for the next three episodes. We'll get to see Jupiter and Venus. 

 But before that we'll get to see a little more Usagi + Mamoru chemistry. *swoon*
Until next time!
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