Monday, December 21, 2009


It's 4 days from Christmas! Are you excited? I am! Are you ready? I'm not!! haha
I can say right now that Rocky's gift will not be on time. I have it wrapped, just not ready to be shipped yet. I also need boxes to wrap things in...and I have none :( I think if I try to wrap everything without a box, it'll all get ripped in the car. I also need to do things for our drive. Like Vacuum the car, brush mia as much as possible, wash her collar and leash, and dig out the suitcase. Sigh. How did Christmas sneak up on me? I was always the first to be 100% ready for Christmas, it is my favorite holiday (up there with Halloween).
OO I got a bow and arrow so I can learn how to shoot it. Once I clean it's going to be awesome! I'm sooo excited. I've always wanted to learn how to shoot a bow. It'll be interesting to say the least hehe.
I also lost an earing back today....I was so sad. And I heard it's going to storm as we're driving...that's just dandy isn't it.
Well....I've run out of things to say. Not much has gone on...besides the hole in my jeans getting bigger! Adios!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just thought I'd mention....


Oh, and 12 days till Christmas!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Falling behind!


This has got to be the first year that I'm this late with Christmas shopping. I haven't even started! It's odd. We didn't even pull out our holiday box. No lights, that we usually put in the window. No MERRY CHRISTMAS on our door (but I might make that today). And NO presents I'm slacking! I do have ideas though, so I guess that's a start.
I wish I was more creative so I could organize things better. Even would be a lot easier if I had space! And if the place wasn't a mess teehee. When Matt gets home, he's going to go on spider lookout so I can dig through that box that holds are heavier jackets for when we go out to Utah. This light one isn't enough for here right now *turns on heater*, let alone Utah! I'd freeze to death =( I know, I know, I'm a sissy.
Well....going to look online for more gift ideas!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I just wanted to say....

Bet you weren't expecting that! haha :)


Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow, I'm behind haha.
Well first, Thanksgiving was good. First we went to Matt's Aunt Beth's(mom's side) house in Lake Arrowhead. We ate and talked before heading to Aunt Odette's(dad's side, of course)..also in Arrowhead. We got to catch up with his cousin Michelle that has been going to school in Texas. We had a very....laughable dinner, and enjoyed pie! It was awesome. It was smaller than I thought it would be though. Last year there were so many people.
Right now, I guess Matt's grandma, on his dad's side, isn't doing so good. She has had some heart trouble, so right now all of her kids are visiting. We heard from Michelle that she is going to need open heart surgery, if she decideds to do it. Matt needs to call and check up when he gets home from work.
Who's excited for Christmas?! I know I am!


Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon

WOO! New Moon was awesome!! Of course, there were things that were off from the book, and things that could be better....but that's going to happen with any book to movie. Edward looks so much better when he smiles vs. being sad haha. And Jacob is sooo hot! I still stand by Books:Team Edward Movies:Team Jacob(sometimes edward haha). Makes me want to read the books again.
Haha I love that commercial! The commercial where the 4 members of a family are fighting over the tv and they're pointing the remotes at each other. The grandma walks in and is like "has anyone seen my........nevermind." because they all freak out hahaha.
The other night Matt and I went with his mom and Michelle to our downtown area for some Christmas Walk. The stores open so you can see their stuff and give away cookies, apple cider, and HOT CHOCOLATE! It was fun. Here's a picture of Matt's mom giving Michelle a piggyback ride. It didn't last very long =P

O and here's a couple other random pictures taken this last month. The First is Matt playing with a snake we gave to our friend (from another friend) and the other is my ironing board...that is obviously broken haha


Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today Matt and I are going to some work dinner. I have to wear a skirt....yikes! A dinner with a bunch of Korean doctors.....I hope that all the food isn't Korean.
Happy (late now) Birthday Daddy!! I had a card all ready to go, but I didn't have a stamp and than all of a sudden it was here! I tried calling too but no one answered. You must of been busy because I know you were up because you called Austin while I was talking to him haha.
I finally got liberated from my glasses. I have a trial (sample) pair of contacts in. I guess the doctor wants to see how they affect this scar in my eye before she orders the boxes, which is good cause I think I can find the boxes cheaper somewhere else than her office. Also, I don't think this trial pair is the brand I usually wear. The contacts themselves seem huge.
Matt and I want to replace the flooring here in our "barn". We definatly wanna put carpet upstairs, but we where thinking of putting less, if none at all downstairs, and putting like tile instead. Someone said it's cheaper, plus it's easier to clean. But I don't know. What do you think? Also, anyone know where or how I can get the cheapest flooring? I also might try to talk Matt into asking his dad if when he's done painting their new house, if we can use some of his paint to repaint here too. It's yellow, he decided to paint all the houses he has the same color so he only has to buy one kind of paint....kind of smart. But that might be more of a pain that I want to deal with haha. I need to at least make Matt help me wash the walls.....anyone have a bucket??
I was bored when I got home yesterday and was watching some new movie trailers on Yahoo! and a lot of them look like they'll be pretty good. One that I think Austin would like is called "How to Train Your Dragon" It's made by the people who did Shrek. It looks kind of cute. Also, OCEANS! I'm soo excited for that. It comes out next Earth Day. And this time, instead of planting a tree in your honor, they'll make a donation to the reef (I think) foundation in your name. I love Disney! You know how sometimes people ask "if you could talk to one person from the past, who would it be?" I think I'd pick Walt Disney. Maybe I'll look for a biography on him in the library.
Well I guess I'll go hope in the shower now, wish me luck with my hair!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we went out trick or treating with Emma, who dressed up like Jasmine. She didn't stay out for very long though. She also wanted to skip all the houses of people she knew haha weird. Anyway. Mia's Bolt "costume" was pretty good. At first not many people noticed, but as the night went on, more and more did. There was this kid who came up with a papermache mask on that his mom said he made himself. He reminded me SO much of Austin it wasn't even funny. But he loved Mia. Mia was nervous of his mask though. She stuck her nose in it and flinched away haha. Also, her black faded really fast which surprised me. Matt was cheap and just stayed in his scrubs...but I guess he did better than me who put on skelly earings.... Mia also wouldn't stand still long enough for I did the best I could. Crazy dog!
This is my cutout I used to make her bolt Right after spraying the hair stuff onAnd her red collar completes Mrs. BOLT!TADA!!!


Since Paranormal Activity is rumored to leave after Halloween, Matt and I went and saw it last night. It is pretty scary! It's more....Freak your mind out kind of scary over jumpy scary, even though there were plenty of moments like that as well. Surprisingly, I slept last night. Usually this place is full of creeking and junk, expcially with my crazy dog walking around. But I slept really good. I didn't even wake up to pee like I usually do haha. But it was good for a great Halloween fright. Creepy that's for sure!

Now I'm just hoping Matt comes home from work early so we can get Mia's Bolt costume in action! Even though it'll look not as good as it would have because her shaven belly makes it look like a shark took a bite out of her....but I'm going to try my best! I'll take lots of pictures!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My eyes!

Well today....I went with Odette to their shop out in LA. My eye started to really hurt and I asked her if it was red. She said it was and so I called Matt (who didn't go in until 3) to give me a number from the insurance book, and I called an eye doctor there (who is friends with Odette). I go in tomorrow at 11:30 for an eye exam. But I was told to throw my contacts away =( Now I'm stuck with my dorky glasses. I look like a librarian! And I feel like a dork haha. But at least it's getting taken care of. Now I just need to find a dentist!

Mia is pretty much fully recovered! She's as hyper as ever...she just looks funny with her shaved belly.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My poor baby!

Matt called me while I was at my first day back to work with Odette to tell me how Mia's surgery went. baby doesn't like to be alone. While she was in the dog run (which she didn't like), she freaked out, trying to get out and broke a tooth. I guess she has a bump on her nose and she got her fur all dirty. She looks like she got beat up. Matt had to rush back to her after picking me up. I guess she's walking all tender and being sad. When Matt came to come get me, his friend at work kept her up in the reception office with her so she didn't have to go back in the run. I'll post pictures of my cone head when she gets home. Aww my poor baby!


Monday, October 19, 2009


Well in a couple of days, my poor doggy will get her first (and hopefully only ever) surgery! She's getting her "lady parts" taken out hahaha. Now I won't have to be over worried at the dog park when the big, ugly boy dog runs past me with his huge...uh....sac >.<

It'll be funny to see her with a cone on her head. I hope she doesn't try to go out Matt's mom's doggy door with it on, even though we would laugh :)

As for Halloween, we haven't searched for any black spray yet, I guess we should. Matt also said if we can't/don't do that, he can get some baby scrubs (I don't remember from where) and he can wear his, and I can wear mine...if I still have them.

Man Cheyenne from Reba always has the cutest clothes! side tracked

Ok well, I'm going to go watch Reba hehe


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello there!
Well, I finally sent my email to Matt's aunt. She said she'd love to have me back (poor lady hehe) but I gotta wait until her daughter leaves from her visit. I guess she's bringing 4 friends home with her so the house is going to be crowded.
Right now I'm still hoping that my plans for Knotts "Scary" Farm are a go. Next Saturday is the last day, but I'd much rather go on Wednesday. Pray for me! hehe
I'm so happy that it October! I can't wait for Halloween! I can't really decorate the place since I don't have any tape lol. And I'd have to talk Matt into digging out the decorations. Maybe I'll find a way this weekend. I do have a baby pumpkin! I need to find some of that hair color that you spray on and wash off for Halloween so I can spray a bolt on Mia. I happen to have a thicker red ribbon that I need to figure out how to put it over her collar so it looks red like Bolt's. I still haven't decided if I'm going to try to dress like Penny or not. I just like to dress up Mia....I don't have any kids to dress up yet haha.
Well...I think that's all I have to say besides my hair is driving me nuts!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My shows....

Don't you hate waiting for your shows next episode??? I try to find new shows to satisfy my "craving" but I catch up to them, and have to wait for them too *cry* I know I know I'm nuts! But I can't help it hahaha.
Lets see....
Secret Life of the American Teenager - new season starts January
Inuyasha - new episodes air October
Full Metal Alchemist - Sundays
Shugo Chara - Saturdays
Ruby and the Rockits - Tuesdays
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - unknown airing date =(
I probably have another one somewhere >.<
And comics are even worse. They don't have a set date to come out. Add on waiting for someone to scan them online than translate them *sigh*
Well it's late and I had a bust of there is my "ten minutes from midnight" rant =D


Sunday, September 13, 2009

LA Fair

We went to the LA County Fair a couple of Saturdays ago...since it was a dollar to get in. It was pretty fun, but way way hot. Even the air conditioned building was hot after being in there because there were so many people. One of the special things they had was ocean, but there really wasn't much to it. It was mainly for younger kids. They had like this pump to make a whale blow air out of it's blowhole. The art/photograph participants were really good. I took this picture for Austin.
They had some car museum going (we didn't go in it). They had cars from different era's lining the walkway to it. Matt saw this car and said "hey it's your dad's car!" haha.

There are these buildings that are full of stands of stuff that you would order off the tv, clothes, jewelry and junk like that. They had a couple Anime ones....I wanted the Inuyasha pillow =(One of the booths was for buying your coffins....cheery lol. I saw this one and I though Hey it's for Ray
Apparently they had a cow there that was going to give birth. I though that was kind of out of place. They were using a mic to tell everyone to be quiet and whatever, but that many people crowded around is noisey no matter what, expecially when it actually starts to give birth (full of ew's and cool's). That is very stressful on the mom and baby. I couldn't believe they actually had her out there. And of course, Matt had to get his fresh from the cow milk.
We didn't stay as long as we have before because it was super hot, but I had a good time. Can't wait till next year.

Monday, August 31, 2009

What are we going to do with her...

Matt's mom came home from her cruise with her parents yesterday afternoon. We walk down to help her take her stuff in the house and...she has a broken arm! *adds to the list Becky's Accidents* She says she was trying to hold the elevator open, and it didn't sense her arm and shut on it. At least she didn't have to foot the bill. Kind of funny...the ship took her to the same hospital that she went to on her last cruise with us when she got stung by jellyfish.
I'm pretty sure that fire that was right over our mountain is pretty much out. But now one of the other 3 fires has blown it's smoke and smell our way. I feel like I'm camping >.<
I had a dream the other night where a helicopter and an airplane collided in the air (probably the fire sky people) and crashed really close to my house. Given it was a behind my house didn't exactly look like it really does....but the crash looked awesome! I'm twisted I know :) But it looked like it had a ripple effect and it caught our house on fire. I ran back in to get the important stuff and then I woke up. It was so realistic (dreams like that are so fun sometimes) I woke up and I was like "Oh my gosh!" lol I woke Matt up.
Matt is officially asking for Christmas time off at work today...I made sure he wrote his note yesterday so he wouldn't forget. Pray it goes well!
Oh, and I found this picture...and it's my favorite of the Robinson Boys!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fire in my backyard

Mushi Mushi!
Yesterday at around 5, I get a call from Matt telling me to listen to the news about a fire behind the house. I was like what? So I go look outside and there is a big puff of orangy, brownish, peachy colored smoke haha.

It didn't really go anywhere, since there wasn't any wind. I could see the airplanes and helicopters way close, and there were a ton of birds just circling the area.

At about 4:30 this morning, I woke up to pee, and downstairs it smelled like Dad's fireplace haha. I tried to look looked like the morning fog only it wasn't fog. By time Matt had to get up for work and I took the trash out, the smell was upstairs too and when you went outside you could see the smoke all around and it kind of burned my eyes. Matt said there was ash on the car as well. But by about ten, the smoky smell and the smoke itself seemed gone and the smoke looked pretty spred out in the sky. Now the smoke it back in the same spot as yesterday, only more spready out across the mountain ridge. I missed all the news on it as well. I did hear that the weather might make it worse (dunno how exaclty) and that we are in a red fire hazard warning till Friday. I can still hear airplanes, but I don't know where the fire is exactly.

That "circle" is my best guess where our house is. That was in this morning's paper. Should be kind of interesting on how it goes haha.


Monday, August 3, 2009

The Ugly Truth and interesting dreams

Matt and I went and saw The Ugly Truth...soo funny! It was better than Matt thought it would be, which seems to be happening a lot haha. Makes you wonder if the stuff they did in the movie to "get the guy" actually would work. So if you need a movie to go to...I recommend this one. Good laughs.
I woke up from a rather....weird dream this morning. I was at Universal Studios with my family like I just was last month, but it was are second time there. They were filming a movie there while we were there so we couldn't go to the whole park (since they were using it). It looked like a big dramatic movie...sets on fire, big booms, stuff like that....but then, Adam Sandler come up and he's in like an old fashioned football uniform. And somehow I get to be one of the extras (one of the kind where there are big named actors being extras), and we're just joking around "in character" since that's what the movie called for. I was with Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera haha. Than Zelda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch (who was like the producer) was telling me I couldn't be in it, with tears in her eyes, because they had to put black people in it so they wouldn't get in trouble. And I said something like "Don't you only have to give them a try-out?" She looked happy and said "ya I think so..." and that was the end of that. Oh, and Nick Carter tried to sell me weight loss pills and shake mixes. There was more that I can't remember but...weird ya? Haha


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, I'm home after a week in Utah. I had a really good time. Poor Matt was stuck home all alone all week. I guess Mia was no fun to talk to haha. Seeing Harry Potter, and My Sister's Keeper was way fun! I love movies so much. Now I have to decide if I want to see The Ugly Truth or Funny People more haha. Also, swimming was fun. I hadn't been swimming in forever! I'm glad I got to be there for Sonnie's and Sadie's birthday. That was a pretty funny day...expecially our singing. The 24th of July parade was pretty fun, even though at night it was pretty abandoned for the first time ever. But there were tons of people in the morning. We almost didn't have enough seats. Now I gotta go get back in the swing of things and do some laundry, fun....haha (I'm kind of having a brain fart on typing...maybe I'll try again later)

Also, if you like rock music, check out Matt's cousin, John's band called 38 Caliber Hero.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Universal Studios

Well, I have sent ya on your way (momma and dadda!). On the way home from the airport, I went with Matt's dad to a service call he had. I just walked around Staples while he worked haha.
Universal Studios was so fun! I hadn't been there in forever! Last time I went there, the Jurrasic Park ride was the new, big thing.
I'm sorry Austin for forcing you into the haunted house that we didn't realize was a walk through haunted house haha. You got through like a champ!
I was very impressed with The Simpsons ride. It was not what I expected at all! If you ever go to Universal sure to go on it...well unless you get motion sickness haha. Poor Matt.

The Jurassic Park ride is awesome, even though I did not go on it this time (I didn't feel like getting wet in a shirt that would go see-through and jeans that would run blue dye down my legs haha...I'd gotten dressed before I knew where we were going). Maybe we should of tested the Mummy ride...Oh well, that hot mummy guy walking around was good enough =) Too bad we didn't get a picture.

Speaking of men....Mom got escorted by an Englishman hehe. He planned to walk her to wherever we were headed, but at the time we didn't even know where we were going. I think he got confused haha

Oh and last but not least....Dad said this picture is for Raymond =)

There are tons more funny ones. But I can't fit them all on here. If you want to see Dad meet his other self (hehe), Mom meet Curious George, Austin show the Terminator what's what, and all that jazz, go to my Myspace or Facebook. It was a really fun time! See you all again in two weeks! hehe


Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of Aquarium!

What's the best way for someone who loves the ocean to spend the 4th of July? Why, in an aquarium of course! Yesterday we decided to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It was my first time there, and it was fun. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Austin got to pet some sharks and sting rays, we fed some birds, and watch a sea otter bang on the glass with his toy haha. After hitting the gift shop (of course) we went and ate at Famous Daves. That place never gets old. We went home and relaxed for a little (after I oogled at my dream car in the parking lot - orange/copper colored 4 door Honda Fit) than we went to the Golden Spoon and got some ice cream. By time we came home it was dark enough to see fireworks. All we had to do was stand near the edge of the mountain and you could see about 10 sets of fireworks going off at once. You could see them pretty much to LA. It would of been cool to film if my video camera wouldn't of been dead haha. But no matter where you looked, you saw fireworks from somewhere. And last but not least, as we're walking back to the house in the dark, talking about scary movies of course, Dad throws a rock to make it sound like an animal or something, and I screamed bloody murder! Matt's mom was probably like "what was that!?" haha

Here are some pictures of the Aquarium


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mia and her heartworm

If I can figure out how to put videos on here, I did my best to take video of Mia taking her monthly heartworm and (now) flea prevention stuff. I don't know how I got her to do this, but I'm so happy she does. A lot of heartworm medicines are meat flavored, but ours were this weird offbrand (shes gunna switch though because they don't sell it at Matt's vet). The flea and tick one is supposed to be flavored, but I actually usually have a harder time getting her to take that one. When she was littler, we got some flea stuff from the LA County fair, so we tried it, and we had to push it down her throat. I couldn't do that every month haha. I thought me pulling out the camera I'd naturally have a harder time (the "they never do it with the camera out" thing), but she took it faster that I had thought, so it's really bad video haha. But check it out! <3

The first one is her heartworm. I usually give her half a treat after each one, but since she took it so fast, I tried to do them both, and she spit out the flea one haha

Than she finally takes it...Yay!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers and The Last Airbender

I couldn't wait any longer....I had to see Transformers was AWESOME! I love me some Bumble Bee, and Optimus Prime is a close second. I kind of laughed when I saw Shia's hand wrapped up though, but it was kind of clever how they added it in. Also, I think they should of shown a lot more of the robots themselves, but it was still awesome haha. I already want to go see it again. it's time for my little rant. I warn you to look away now...most probably won't even understand what I'm talking about haha. Where do I start? There is a cartoon on Nick that is an anime (japanese style drawing) and it's awesome! It's called Avatar:The Last Airbender. They are making it into a live action movie. Ya the movie will suck compared to the cartoon, they always do. I can already tell it'll suck a little just cause they did the arrow wrong! It's not blue or solid (you'll see what I mean). But I'd see it just to see how they'd do the special effects alone. The airbending already looks awesome, as do the firenation ships and the air temple. Now the thing that is making me mad. People are already whining about race. No matter what race the people in the movie are people will be mad, that's just the way it is. I don't even know why I read the comments for things because a lot of times they just make me mad haha. Expecially when it's something that you can just look at and see. It makes me want to take some people, tie them to a chair, hold their eyes open and say "look at the picture! GEES!" haha. People assume, that since they do different types of "kung fu", you'd say, in the show and because it's drawn to be an anime (and the people did use japanese writing on the "wanted posters") that that means that all the characters are Asian. One, it wasn't started in Japan or any other Asian country. Some very nerdy (very white) guys started it. It started on Nick and ended on Nick. If people saw it in different countries, it was translated so, not the other way around like it usually is. But even if it was.....the characters are drawn WHITE! It's a cartoon, they could of colored them any color they wanted. If they were meant to look asian they very easily could of busted out a colored pencil or something and shaded in where they colored "peach." And in this show, they are in a completely different world. There is no US or's Air, Water, Fire, and Earth haha. And I know they could of colored them to look Asian (and that not all the characters are supposed to be Asian) because the "water tribe" people are darker skinned because they are supposed to be more like "eskimos!" Funny thing though....when I watched the trailer...the kid playing Aang (the main guy) looked Asian to me, maybe I was mistaken. But like I said, no matter who plays him, people aren't going to be happy. I honestly think they should of gotten the people who play their voices to play the roles, because ironicly they all pretty much looked like the voice they played haha.

See! I think he looks pretty white to me (best pictures I could find) I <3 Aang

Ok...I know that didn't really have a point...but it was frustrating me and I had to let it out at someone (and Matt gets mad when I ramble off to him about weird stuff haha). I just wish people would stop looking for a reason to make people (like me haha) heated and defend the truth! Not everything has racism in it! haha.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dates and Bears

Well, It's official now. I will be flying into Utah on July 22 in the morning, and staying till the night of the 29th. Can't wait to go sleep downtown once again haha. Also, I think it will be the first time celebrating Sadie's and Sonnie's birthdays together. That is if Kim doesn't back out of coming! Wahaha!
Oh and get this interesting story. Last night while we were driving my buddy back to his truck, Matt's sister calls us and says as she was walking from her car to the side of the garage to turn on the outside lights, our "local bear" was right there getting in the trash. If you haven't seen the garage here, she had to walk right past the bear to turn on the lights. It was also at like 9:30 at night, so I don't think she saw it at all while walking. I think I would be in shock if I looked up and there was a bear right there. Scary! But also a very interesting story to tell haha. Stupid bear though...had to pick up all the trash spread around...since it was our trash. But I'd rather the bear eat the trash than the baby deer that are around haha. They are so cute! I'll try to get a picture of one, but they are so skiddish (spelling) that they book it so fast. I also wish I could get a picture of the bear, but it's always so late at night. Maybe we'll have to plant some food in the trash to get some footage haha. Bear stakeout anyone? =)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

A fool!

Well....I think I just made a fooooool of myself haha. I was sitting here, updating my MySpace, singing alone to some music when....*knock knock knock*......O.O (surprised face). I open the door and who is it but my cute little missionary friends. My face was probably sooo red. Not only do I look aweful today (it's like my "I'm not going anywhere!" day) but I was singing! Than Mia kept scratching at the door so I let her out with me and she wouldn't stop jumping on them! She has never jumped on someone that much before. She's so getting bad habits from the other dogs. She made their (and my!) pants all dirty and made a fool of herself and me haha. They kept looking at me like I was crazy! So all in all....I feel like the biggest goober in the world today! If anyone comes to California and sees some local Missionaries...please tell them that I'm not as crazy as I look! haha *sigh*


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Animals vs Humans?

First things first.....I might be finding a way to come out to Utah on my own, because according to Matt's work place, it's "unprofessional" to take time off in your first year. I can kind of see that, and I also can't see it. People happen to have family out of state. He's already missing his dad's surprise 50th birthday party and since they say that, we won't be able to go on the cruise that Matt's mom wants us to go on with her (she uses points she gets for us to go). It's not like we go places that often....but I can see their side of *sigh* haha.
Now....time for my little rant haha. I did my daily reading of, and they had a story there of Jessica Alba doing something stupid haha. What she did was go around Oklahoma City and put posters up that are suppost to be for like "shark protection awareness" or something. Yes, it was stupid for several 1.Oklahoma doesn't have an ocean... 2. It's vandalism (spelling) and she took pictures of it and posted it on the web. 3. The posters had no no one knows what they were even really for but her. 4. She covered up a poster for United Way (which I guess is a non profit thing haha). I just read that she's being investigated for it by the police, and has already offered to replace the United Way billboard haha. ANYWAY...what I was getting at...I was reading some comments of what people said about it and some people were like "forget saving the animals! I think people take priority." I know I'm kind of weird, but it bothered me. Humans are after all animals as well. Our problems come from our mistakes. Every hole we are in, we dug ourselves. Animals on the other hand...most are in trouble because of us as well. We've ruined there homes and killed them till they no longer exist. Plus, they can't really help themselves all that much can they? I'm not trying to say that I think animals take priority over people, but I don't think we should say that we take priority over animals either. Ok...I think I'm done with my tiny rant haha. Made me feel a little better =)
Now I must go back to my internet that is deciding to load everything super slow today haha.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Movies and Cups

Matt and I went last night...which was probably bad because it was soo crowded haha...and saw Hangover. It was soo funny! I laughed more than I thought I would. I suggest going to see it....if you like that kind of humor lol. What would you call it..."crude humor?" haha. If you liked Superbad, Knocked Up, and College, than you would like it. Only downfall was the fat, sweaty man in front of me. He would not SHUT UP!!! He had a comment for everything, and they were all sarcastic. He was super fat and sat there the whole time whiping sweat off his big head. Someone was trying to get past him to get to their seats, and he was like "Oh yea just push your way through!" I wanted to kick his chair so bad, but he kind of scared me haha. Other than that, it was a good movie night.
Oh, and I also found out why I got that cup from McDonalds. I guess right now, if you large size your order, you get a cup. I guess there are 4 I'm going to go have to collect them all! Makes me feel young again, when you tried to get one of each toy haha. Well...look at that! It's lunch time. Wahahha!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's been a while...

Hello! Everytime I go to write, I forget haha. Matt is now 21! Kind of weird. Mom is now what?.....30? =) I'm sorry that both Mother's Day and your birthday were late. Man now that I started this I don't remember what I was going to say. I had it all ready, than I went to Youtube to start some music, and the videos I had saved last night didn't save I guess cause they were doing maintenance, and I have NO idea what they were called *sigh*
We're (finally) getting a car. Matt's dad said if we took over the payments on his Focus, than we could have it. There is a little less than $7,000 left on it. Since Matt just got his "birthday money," we're going to pay it off. It's a 2006 Ford Focus, stick (boo), it's in good shape, and get good gas milage. So, I'm kind of excited. Matt's aunt is even getting it detailed for his birthday, so it'll be like having a semi new car! haha.
I think that our vacation days are set. July 22-29. If I'm wrong...I'm sorry...take it up with Mrs. Kimberly hehe.
We have a baby deer running around now. It's got to only be a couple months old now. Last time I saw it, it was right in front of the kitchen window. I ran to get a picture but they were gone. It's so tiny and waaay cute.
Did anyone else watch the new trailer for New Moon? It looks awesome, though I still think the Bella is kinda....stiff? And Edward was kinda acting funny, but I think the only parts they showed of him were when he was pretty much in pain cause of leaving. But Jacob.....oh my! I tell you that kid worked for the role, and man did it pay off haha. He looks so good. I have a feeling he's going to make the movie. I'm so "Team Edward" when it comes to the books, but I think that that Taylor kid is probably one of the best actors in these movies. He's got it down! ;)
I went to the DMV yesterday...yes, again. But, I'm pretty sure that it is now ALL taken care of. We actually didn't have to wait as long as I thought we would, and at first the lady we went to looked mean, but she was very nice and understanding. I didn't have to keep explaining about the fact that we already paid once and all that jazz. She even let us do Matt's new license while we were there (if they do it right). And since it was their mistake, she didn't charge us for his either. We were there for like an hour, and back out. It took longer to find a park haha. So once I get that ID, I can go finally change my name on the bills and our bank account. It only took a year haha.
Oh, and yesterday Matt got me McDonalds (don't say a word! I was all ready to cook porkchops when he called and asked what I want for dinner, which means that he wanted something different lol) and they gave us a cup...yup a coke cup. Very random. I guess the guy at the window didn't know why he was giving it to us either haha. I think Sonnie has some kind of like it though. It's glass, and seems like a nice now it'll be my "all the time" cup haha.
Oh, and here are some old pictures I found of Mia being a dork as always. <3


Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, you can definately tell it's getting to be summer. I have seen quite a few coyotes around, and not just on the hill. As a matter of fact, we were coming home late last night and found a coyote laying in a ball in the middle of the road. It was really weird. Also, Matt says he has seen the mountain lion twice in less than 24 hours on the hill. Once by the gate, and once a little farther up. That's one I wouldn't mind seeing.....from the car haha. Haven't really see that many deer around though, maybe because of the meat eating variety have come about haha. Mia is "blowing her coat" so there is hair EVERYWHERE! I've brushed her so much and she still loses a lot, but it's getting less and less. She must not be too hot, cause she is still upstairs laying on the bed, and it's super hot up there. Right now Matt is with some friends at a shooting range...he's been gone most of the day. I have no idea when he'll be home lol. It's so quiet. Last night we went to a "passion party." It was actually fun. If you don't know what that is (I was surprised when my Washington friend didn't know haha) it's a party like a tupperware, candle, or Mary Kay party, but with sex toys haha! A girl from Matt's work was hosting a co-ed one, so we and some others from the vet office went. We even played some cheesy games =) It was a little akward, but fun. After the lady left, we watch some Animaniacs! It's so old, I didn't even remember some of the cartoons. I think the date on the first episodes were 1993. I was surprised how many episodes I did remember though. Like the one where Yakko (I think that's how you spell it) names all the countries in song. Very catchy haha. Well, I was bored so this is my babbling, but I'm going to go watch this new Anime (japanese cartoon for those who don't get it haha) I discovered and try to understand it! Wish me luck.....I'm going to need it haha <3

Monday, May 11, 2009

Movies and Sickness

I am finally getting over a week of sickness! I hate being sick. On the bad side, my pants just got holes in them =( And I'm sorry Mommy for your stuff being late again haha. It's not that great, but still, and I promise your birthday will be much better! haha.
Matt and I went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. It was really good. But I saw something I never thought I'd see. An old man pulled his phone out and text in the middle of the movie! It was pretty funny. There were a lot of older people there, which was weird for a Sunday. I thought it would be more crowded. I guess everyone was at Star Trek and Wolverine....which is another one I want to see. But Ghosts was good. Matt even liked it....I'm turning him into a husband! haha.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Retard Dog"

There is this dog at Matt's work that is special. It is a wolf, Malamute, and husky mix....but it's a dwarf! It does take medication, and I guess it's hard to potty train, but she is so cute! They say that they want someone who works there to take her, but Matt told me no =( He thinks Mia would bully her haha. I guess when she get knocked over she just lays there like a turtle. But, maybe Mia would be able to tell that she's special and be nice. So, I doubt we'll take her (Matt didn't want to show me the picture because he knew I'd want it haha), but I just had to talk about the cute little retard dog!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seal Beach

Yesterday was Matt's early day, and it was a beautiful day, so we decided to go to the beach. It was awesome! It wasn't all that crowded and I got a little color haha. Made me want to go to Hawaii lol.
Matt was having fun buring his feet in the sand For some reason, there were a TON of lady bugs
Silly Bird
Some Navy thing

Only thing that sucked was the traffic coming home haha. But we had a good day together and it was nice. I want to go to Sea World hehe :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

17 Again

Matt and I went to a movie last night. We decided to see 17 Again, and it was good...surprisingly good actually lol. And it shows how HOT Zac Efron is haha. But I always liked a guy who can sing and dance. So, if you want to go see a movie, I suggest this one haha

O and I never said this but, my anniversary was fantastic! Of course lol. Matt's mom took us out to Joe's Crab Shack where she flirted with the waiter (even though she won't admit it haha)...but I can't blame her, he was a good looking guy =)
O and if you want to hear a fantastic song that's going to be part of Breaking Dawn, look for the song "My Never" by Blue October....and try to find the actual album one. The acustic(spelling) is cool, but the crowd kinda sucks lol. Ok ok, I'm done. <3

Sunday, April 5, 2009

20th Birthday

Well yesterday was my 20th birthday! Crazy huh? My friend Mike took Matt and I to Red Robin the day before, where they gave me some gifts and forced the staff to sing to me haha. Then Sonnie gave me money which I used to go see Haunting In Connecticut (and buy the new Britney Spears CD haha) which was very scary :) And I got a lovely package from my mom which contained the following! lol

My new Twilight shirt and earings

Twilight (from Matt) and Marley and Me
My new baby dolphin

Knocked Up (from Mike) and my Britney Spears CD
It was a very good birthday. I even get a free cut and color
from Matt's mom on Saturday (which just happens to be my 1st wedding

Can't wait <3

Thanks Everyone =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Job and Schedule

Two in one day, I know I'm shocked too. I just have to say....MATT GOT HIS JOB! I'm soo happy for him. It's a job in a vet office so his job with help with his school and his school can help with his job! Perfect :) And he looks so cute in his scrubs ^.^
I also came up with this perfect schedule today. The only problem is...when Matt's aunt comes home, I won't be able to do it because I won't be here haha. But!! If I wake up with Matt at 7, I can make breakfast, brush my teeth and wash my face, clean whatever needs to be cleaned, work out, shower, make lunch for me and Matt (he should come home for lunch usually), clean up lunch, and at night wash face, brush teeth, stretch, do some crunches, and go to bed! TADA! I like it haha <3


Last night I babysat Matt's cousin's baby Cheyenne (I think that's how they spell it haha). I said I would watch her all night when they seemed like they couldn't find anyone to take her for the night. After I said I'd do it, I got really nervous....I hadn't babysat a baby baby by myself in almost 2 years. But, after we got her to our house, I surprised myself. She didn't cry once...well exept the one time she woke up in the night. She wouldn't sleep at first, being in a new place with new people, but I got her to sleep finally around 11:30. She stayed asleep till about 3:45 where she woke up from gas (I'm guessing....that's what it seemed like haha). It took me kind of long to get her back to sleep...about 20 min. I'd say (she would cry when I'd lay her down lol), but finally she fell back asleep till 7:00 on the dot. I was all afraid that it would be a bad experience, but it was good. She was a very happy baby and it all worked out! <3

*I know I know....I'm a dork*

Monday, March 30, 2009

Goofing off

This has been a crazy week. I've been working for Matt's aunt as her secretary basically, but she just left on no work for me for 10 days huzzah! haha. But when she get's back we get to do taxes for her two businesses, all the property she owns, and my own. Yea.....=)
So I decided to goof off a little in the car....did I ever mention that I get bored easy?
I'm going to be waaay bored tomorrow...Matt has a "practice" interview tomorrow with a vet office. Basically they are going to put him to work and see how he does. The lady there seems to like him so it should all go good. I really hope so...a vet office would be perfect for him. But in the boredom more pictures of goofy might sprout up BEWARE! ;D