Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Update

Today was a doctor visit. Those are always fun *rolls eyes*
I had to do the glucose test today, and I drank that nasty stuff on an empty stomach....I'm surprised I kept it down.  Then Matt made a fool of himself by messing with the scale.  He was trying to be funny and said something about messing with it.  He thought the nurse heard him and some lady in the waiting room was laughing, but apparently she didn't hear him.  He added ten lbs! I had to go get re weighed haha.  Well, at least I hadn't gained.
I guess I had more blood tests too, don't know what for.  She took like six vials of blood.
In 2 weeks I get to go back and get my shot for being negative blood type.  Nice cold shot in the booty! We don't get another ultra sound till about 32 weeks she said, so still no sex unless we want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for one of those really creepy 3D pictures.
Other then that everything seems fine.  Baby moves ALL the time.  I almost never get peace.  I also feel like my stomach is already at what it should be for 8 months.
Honestly, I've been having a hard time this time around.  Emotionally and physically....though I'm sure that they both play into each other.
Time for lunch!

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Zoo

The other day we were wondering what we could do fun out in the sun (teehee)
We decided to head over to the LA Zoo.
Now, this zoo isn't my favorite, but it is the closest.  San Diego is waaay to far away for a spur of the moment trip.  I also think the Utah Hogle Zoo is better.
I think this zoo is in the middle of renovating kind of like Hogle zoo was a couple years ago. There were quite a few exhibits without their animals and some construction going on.
They do have something new, which is the LAIR, their new reptile area.  So of course we spent.....probably the bulk of our time there *cough* matt *cough*
Hailey's favorite part was probably the petting zoo.  Since the one at Disneyland had been closed during the week because of the construction on Thunder Mountain she was very excited.  They even had brushes where you could brush the animals.
From where the Lair was I could tell they are planning on changing things because I remember the area before they changed it and it was way different.
It seems to be slow renovating though.  You'd think for a zoo in LA that they could get money or sponsors pretty easy.  They could probably even find a celeb that is an animal lover to be their face if they tried hard enough.
Well, we ended up getting a season pass because it's good for a year and we only had to pay the difference from our tickets we had bought, which was nice.
I think Hailey enjoyed it and hopefully we'll see some of the changes they plan to make come to light.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today Matt lost an old companion and friend.
Sweets the Bearded Dragon has been in our family a long time.....When I think about it she's been here longer then Mia.
I know I wasn't really a fan of lizards and some might say it's just a lizard, but not to Matt.
Not only does Matt love reptiles, this lizard is special.  And I'm actually grateful for it.
When Matt moved to Utah to be with me he was pretty lonely.  Then one day at work at Petco, someone brought in a lizard with it's tank and everything saying they couldn't have it anymore.
He brought her home and they were in love.  He used to let her just walk around his apartment when he was home.  I know it sounds silly, but they had a special connection.  She would only sit still on his shoulder.  She'd also look him right in the eye.
Sweets was also a hardy thing.  Bearded dragons usually live about 10 years.  When he got her she was already full sized.  Plus she was missing like an inch off her tail from who knows what.  Matt's had her for about 8 years.  So she had a long life.  Also, when we had several lizards die from unknown causes (we think it was the carpet we had in the tank) she still lived.  When we had to go light on her food because of money, she pressed on nice and strong.
But sadly, age took it's toll and she passed.
Rest in Peace Sweets
The best lizard I've ever seen



Friday, April 12, 2013


Almost a week ago my poor little baby girl was playing on the couch and hit her face on the armrest...biting almost all the way through her lip.
After cleaning it I made the choice to take her to the ER because at least the inside would need some stitches.
When we got there, the waiting room was full, which is how it remained the entire time we were there.  After she took a nap for almost two hours while sitting there she felt much better.  Every once in a while she'd cry and say that her lip hurt, but it had stopped bleeding and started to scab in the front.
After about a 6 hour wait we finally got a room. We had almost gone home since it was healing itself, but I'm glad we didn't.  He said what I thought, that she would need some stitches.  She ended up with four on the inside and two on the outside.  He said the two on the outside were more cosmetic because it had stopped bleeding but he didn't want it to scar funny.
Man, was it hard to watch.  Since she's a toddler, they had to treat her like vets do cats and wrap a towel around her so she won't reach for her face.  After he washed it, causing the scab on the front to come off, he numbed it....which I hear burns (I don't recall ever having any) so she was not a happy camper.  She just cried while he stitched it and kept saying "I done" and "I not ok"
After they were done, they gave her a popsicle and she regained her pep.  By time we got her prescription for antibiotics and left it was 1AM (we got there at 4:30) but she walked out on her own fairly happy....just with a fat lip.
Yesterday was the day that her stitches could come out.  We went and she did pretty well, but I was a little frustrated because the doctor wouldn't take them all out.  The inside ones are dissolvable but the ER doctor had said that if they were still in when we took the others out we could just get them out too, but her doctor wouldn't listen and wouldn't take them out.  I don't trust dissolvable stitches because (TMI warning) I had to have stitches after Hailey was born and they were supposed to be dissolvable but after several came out a while after they were supposed to, one wouldn't come out.  I was told they should all be out by now and one was stuck.  Matt eventually pulled it out for me and man did it hurt!
I'm also afraid that she'll have a bad scar.  I know that sounds bad of me to say, and if she does have one it won't be a huge deal, but when I think about how kids are nowadays (I watched that movie Bully and MAN! I knew they were bad but come on) and since it's right on her mouth people will notice and I don't want her to get teased.  I mean, like I said if there is one, then it's fine and if she gets teased we deal with it then, but I figure if I can make it fade, why not?  Really not trying to sound superficial.
One thing I was happy about is that the experience didn't bar her from playing.  Sometimes when you get hurt from doing something, you get nervous to do it again for a while.  But she was right back playing.  She likes to stand on the arm of the couch and jump to one of us, and she was back up there the next day.  The only thing that concerned her was getting her dressed. "Don't hurt my ouchie!"
She was sooo happy to get them out.  As we left the doctor she goes "thank you for taking me to get my stitches out."
So my brave little girl got her first...and hopefully but not too hopeful if she's like her dad...stitches.
I took some pictures but they are kind of hard to tell.  Matt may have better ones, but he's asleep haha.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Years Ago

Five years ago today I married my best friend.
Sometimes it's hard to believe that it all started from a computer game.  And it was so well timed for me personally.
If you know me you know I struggled in high school.  I still struggle with bipolar but I'm pretty good at managing it myself now.  I had just had a hard time with some friends and seemed to have lost them all and was very alone.
Then sitting in Ironforge one day I decided to go in an instance we call UBRS.  It was the most random group....still to this one day of the best groups I've ever been in.
We had tons of laughs, including a lot from a lady who said "I'm a lesbian and I'm Canadian...who wans to make fun of me first"
Then we got "ninja'd"  and that kind of brought us together more.  We had to pull in more people...which were people that Matt knew from his guild, which he immediately tried to get me to join since I was almost 60 and guildless.
I did eventually join and it was awesome.  We had lots of fun.  I flirted with him even knowing it would never work because he lived states away and who knows who he really was.  But I remember feeling bummed when I asked him if he had a crush on anyone and he mentioned some girl from school.
I'm still not 100% sure how we "got together" but we spent all our in game time together and he eventually gave me his phone number and we started texting.  The first time we talked on the phone was at my family Christmas party where I disappeared into an empty room for the whole thing to talk to him.  That is also the first time he told me he loved me (in text...how lame haha)
He went out and bought a webcam and downloaded my messenger so we could video chat (and he could prove he wasn't a 40 year old man)
I talked to him on the phone and webcamed so I knew I was looking at the right person.
Soon after we wanted to meet in person.  After begging my mom she decided to let me go....with supervision of course.  I think she figured it was better to let me go on her terms then me run away like that crazy girl on the news did (though I would be waaaay to chicken to do that).
He sent us a copy of his drivers license and we talked to his mom on the phone to make Mom feel as comfortable as possible.
I still remember meeting him the first time.  The awkwardness....the movie....the kiss.
The rest is pretty much history.  He moved to me when he graduated, and then when I graduated we moved here.  Now we have a beautiful, sassy little girl, and another on the way.  Don't forget our sassy blue eyed doggy!
I don't think people realize how much he saved me emotionally.  I was a wreck....but that's a story for another time.
I love you Mathew Rioux
<3 p="">


Monday, April 8, 2013


I know this is late, but things have been going on.
Easter came so quick!  And I think Hailey had a great time.  I'm a tradition freak and I wanted to hide her basket like my parents did for us, but our house right now doesn't have that many hiding places.  So what we did instead is we made a little egg hunt in the house to lead her to her prize.
Then we went over to Matt's dad's because they had an egg hunt in their backyard.
And of course we colored eggs the night before.
Here are some of the best pictures I got.