Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Already?!

Where did February go??
I remember being mid February wondering why this month was going so slow compared to how quickly January came and went.  And now, all of a sudden, it's mid March!
9 days till my due date!?!
What is this madness???!?
Hailey had her parent/teacher conference and she's doing really well.  They do this testing and she was well above average on all but one thing (something with numbers).  She still loves school, but has grown to hate getting up in the mornings.  She also seems to have quite a few friends.  There is defiantly a best friend, but when we show up in the mornings at least 3 kids will go "HAILEY!" hahah.  It's quite the scene to watch sometimes.  Kindergarteners make me giggle.
She'll also be going on her first field trip this week.  I wanted to volunteer to go so bad, but it's 4 days from my due date, so I thought it would be unwise.
Brooklyn has been doing much better in eating.  She still won't eat breakfast though.  But now, when she finishes a meal she'll come over and go "Are you proud of me for eating my food?!" and when you say yes she'll follow you around for the rest of the day "I'm so happy that your proud of me" haha
She has also become like the 'class pet' of Hailey's friends.  They all come over and hug on her and think "she is just so cute"
We can now sign her up for pre-school and I am so torn over it!  But I need to make my mind up soon because the spots will fill.

I am....feeling really big.  I'm defiantly in that "don't you dare make a comment" phase haha.
Nesting has mixed with spring cleaning fever and it's driving me insane!  We actually got a lot done this weekend now that the snow has vanished for a while.  Hoping it stays gone so I can put our boot tray away.  I'm also in that I don't want to be pregnant anymore but I don't want baby yet phase.  It's very emotional I swear!  I go to the doctor on Tuesday and we'll see what the plan is from there.
Matt is still working away.  This place is just so weird that I cannot wait till he can possibly find a better job.  They just seem so...not put together for a big company.  He made a new friend he's been hanging out with, and that makes me happy.  But it does take away from his awake hours from me and I don't like to share! haha
Lots of changes are happening and it's exciting and scary!  I am one who hates change and this is a lot all at once.  Just sold Hailey's bed, which is kind of sad.  Ordered a tiny dresser for her clothes (until we move and get her a real one) and the new bed for them.  Brook has quickly outgrown the crib, even if we weren't about to have another baby, she would of needed a bed anyway.
We've gotten so much done, but it feels like we still have so much to do!
Stress stress stress!