Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This is late, but I thought I'd post about it anyway.
For our 6th anniversary, Matt took us to Dana Point to spend the night and hang out the next day.
We had a lot of fun.  But if we did it again, I think we'd leave for the hotel earlier so we could hang out more, since check out times are so early.
So, we drove down to Dana Point and ate at a little local place. It was pretty good.
Then in the morning we went to breakfast at another local place by the docks.  We ate outside and it was nice.  We drove around and found a cool little research place, but we couldn't go in because it is closed during the week for classes.
We broke open a couple geodes (I think that's right) and looked around the other shops.
Then we drove down to Laguna and walked around there.  We went inside the Wyland art gallery.  I want one of his tables so bad.  His art is beautiful.
Then, after Hailey asked over and over, we hung out at the beach.  She even made a little friend.
And finally, I saw dolphins and whales from the beach!
It was a short, fun little trip, and I hope we can do it again soon.



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's Up With You

   Why hello there.  How are you doing?  We're doing pretty great.
I haven't updated in a while, so I thought it would be fun (and waste some time) to update our lives.
We're going to do this weird.  By person! Wahaha....yes, I am bored.
As far as I know, he's doing pretty good.  Unless he's not telling me something....
ANYWAY.  He's liking Petco a lot.  He loves working with animals again.  Although, he is still looking for a second job, or just one that pays more in general.  I know he's frustrated on that front, we all are.  I know the jobs are out there, but finding them is not an easy task.
Vickie (me):
I'm doing ok.  Trying to lose weight, preferable before July 4th...that's my goal.  But I am failing at it.  Failing horribly! I'm very bad at change.  We're trying to change some other things too with the kids and it's kind of stressing me out.  I love to snack, especially if I'm bored or stressed.  I've tried to motivate myself a million different ways, and nothing has stuck yet.  HELP!
Nothing besides needing a bath hehe
Growing like a weed!  This is when it sucks that she has a winter birthday.  She usually gets clothes for her birthday and Christmas.  But because it's winter, she only gets warm clothes.  Now it's getting warmer and a lot of her clothes from last Spring are too small.  Growing, growing, growing!
She is also still refusing to use the potty.  She has used it successfully a couple of times, but no more than once per day.  I haven't been very good about it, I'll admit.  But she also just will not do it.  Everyone always says "Give them time, they'll do it when they're ready." until it gets to a certain point then they change their story to ask why you haven't done this or that.  Blah blah.  She doesn't want to, so she doesn't.  Seems simple in her head.
Also growing like a weed.  I can't believe she's 8 months already.  For some reason, I haven't been giving her food like I did Hailey.  I feel like I forgot everything I did with Hailey at this age.  I do know that I stopped breastfeeding and gave her a bottle and baby food at this age.  But for some reason with Baby B I just don't think about it and feed her myself.  I have baby food in the kitchen, just forget to try it.  Though the times I have she will not eat it.  Hailey was easy, so I don't know how to handle one that won't eat.  Sigh I've doomed myself haha.  She is also super close to walking.  She can stand by herself for quite a while and she'll walk with your hands.  She wants to be like her big sister so badly.  Silly girls.
So yea, I think that's it.  We still have some things around here to clean up from the fire.  All our windows are still broken, though we did finally get a new door.  We're thinking of turning the old cement storage area across from our house into a little hangout place or something....but we'll have to see.  It looks kind of unstable to me, but Matt says I'm crazy.
I hope you found that interesting....or cared teehee.
What's going on in your life friends!