Saturday, November 26, 2011


How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was good.  At first Matt had to work early at Target to get ready for 'Black Friday'.  He came home around 10:30AM and we got ready to go and headed up to Arrowhead to Matt's mom's family.  They eat their meal as lunch so we missed the beginning.  At first I was feeling sick.  I was reading on the way up, but I've never gotten motion sickness before.  Maybe it was the milk I had on my cereal :(  So I didn't eat anything but a couple pieces of turkey at that meal.  After that we headed to Matt's Aunt's cabin (dad's side).  We got there early and watched some football as dinner was finishing up.  After dinner we all hung out and Hailey danced around for everyone.  She also has a new thing of trying to go up the stairs walking not crawling.  So eager to grow up.
Speaking of growing up.  Hailey is so big!  As fun as it is to see her grow and learn new things, I'll probably cry on her birthday.  Time has just flown by.  She now has 6 teeth, would rather walk than crawl, dances, almost weaned off a bottle, and doing stairs.  She no longer fits in her carseat and would love to face forward so she can see.  She loves pressing buttons, and always turns off mine and Matt's computers.  She even turned off the Wii the other day.  Ms. Piggy is going to be her new nickname since she loves to eat anything and everything.  Love her to death!
Time to go clean out Matt's shoes of my hair clippies and pen.  Silly babies.
Days Till:
Hailey's Birthday - 9
Christmas - 29


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Year Ago

Where did this last year go?  We went to our towns 'Christmas Stroll" the other night and it got me thinking of this time last year.
This time last year I was hanging out with Momma, Austin, and Sonnie who had come out for Thanksgiving since I couldn't travel.  We were praying Hailey would come early or right on time so they could be such luck obviously.  She would put us through almost 2 more weeks of waiting.
I remember barely being able to reach my feet to tie my shoes. Going to the laundry mat with two big baskets of baby clothes to wash.  Mom picking at her Wendy's sandwich as we waited and getting snacks from the vending machines.  We also hung out at the mall and saw the coming of my favorite store in the mall...the Japanese store!  We went to this cartoon store that has some anime stuff as well and Momma got me an Inuyasha key chain.  He hangs on my jewelry box.  Also fighting Austin off from my belly that he kept touching....didn't like it when people rubbed my belly haha.  It felt weird and an invasion of personal space.
It's hard to think that I was so close to having a baby a year ago, and now I have a little girl who walks, dances, climbs the stairs, and makes us laugh everyday.  She is so silly!
What were you doing a year ago?


Monday, November 21, 2011


It's been quite a while since I posted about my beautiful doggie.
Mia is one of the best dogs I've ever had!  She listens....most of the time.  She potties outside, she cuddles, doesn't bark, and is an ace pest catcher!
Of course, she does have her flaws.  She has the runs a lot (a husky stomach problem), she's a runner and will go if she has the chance (even though she does come back). 
When we first saw her she was one of 3 girl, all white puppies.  Originally I had wanted a black and white, but I didn't want a male dog.  When we saw her I melted.  She had the prettiest blue eyes and a spotted nose.  She wasn't as puffy as her sister, but wasn't as flat coated as her other sister.  And shes ran around and played in the long grass.  I had to have her.  She was actually a pretty good value (seems funny talking about a dog haha).  The lady gave us like, $100 off since Matt was giving her to me as a 'wedding gift'.  We paid about $500...I'd have to ask Matt to be sure.  But that's pretty cheap for a purebred AKC registered parents (who were both there for us to see) Siberian.  If you look at petshops....which I would never buy from...they go for $800-$1000.  We also got a small bag of dog food so we could switch her to our own brand.  She had dewclaws removed, first set of shots, a bath, and a collar of our choice.
She was potty trained in a week.  And at one point we could let her outside at night and she'd potty and come back in.  Than we left her for about 3 weeks when we got married.  Dogs are pack animals, and since she was still young she picked up habits from Matt's mom's dogs that aren't exactly the best.  That and she had seperation anxiety.  If we'd leave her alone in the house she'd chew things up, but she didn't if we left her with other dogs.  Bad part...she likes to dig after animals :(
Once we put in the doggy door she began to be fine at home.  She loves being out side and keeping any kind of critters out of our yard.  Luckly she seems to know the difference between regular snakes and rattlesnakes.  We know there is something in our yard when she barks, since she never does.  She has also killed many a mouse.  That I am soo greatful for.  She just caught one last night :)
She also 'talks'  and when she does Hailey tries to copy her.  It's so cute!  Hailey also loves to try to get Mia to lick her feet, which she does sometimes.  Mia also isn't that much of a licker, which some people like.  The shedding I could live without though....haha
Moral of the story...I love my puppy! <3



Sunday, November 20, 2011



Love you!! <3


Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Plans

Hailey's birthday is coming up fast!  I'm excited, and sad all at the sime time.  I've never really thrown any kind of party before, so I didn't know how much in advance invited needed to go out.  A couple people told me about 2 weeks.  So we called the pizza place to see if we could even do it there, and if they'd let us bring our own cake (some places won't).  Matt called them yesterday and ended up confirming the whole thing.  We also decided not to send out paper invites seeing as my printer is broken and I don't know addresses and most is family anyway.  So I put a thing on Facebook and on here.  That and including texts we should be fine.  Anyone who wants to come can, even though most people don't even live by me haha.
It'll be at a place called Pizza Chalet (you can text me or look at the event on Facebook for the address)
On Sunday, the 4th (figured Sunday would be better than Monday)
At 1:00 PM
There will be pizza (duh) and cake!  Pizza Chalet also has pasta, salads, and sandwiches. :)
So come join us for lunch!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just gotta say....

You are the best Dad ever! 
Love you <3


Saturday, November 5, 2011

11 months and walking!

Today Hailey is 11 months old.  One more month and she'll be a year!  Where did the time go?  Everytime she turns another month older, I sit and remember when she was wee.  Especially now that she's walking.  I declared her an official walker when she walked on the tile floor and socks and didn't fall haha.  She actually walks more than she crawls now....just slowly.  Also, still a little piggy!  You can't eat anything without her begging for some like a puppy. It's not too bad unless it's something she can't have because than she gets louder and louder haha.  She is also a wiz at the stairs.  She'll be up them in the 5 seconds I've looked away.  Coming down is another story.  I have seen her go down them once but not very often.  She also has a long body - making none of her clothes fit anymore.  We just bought this shirt at Target on clearance ($3.50 woo!) 12M size and it's almost too short on her.  Sigh. 

Should we officially start the countdowns now?

Days Till:
Thanksgiving - 19
Hailey's Birthday - 30
Christmas - 50


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yesterday was Hailey's first Halloween!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  We made Hailey Rapunzel from Tangled.  I went cheap and just wore a Batman shirt.  I tried to make my face batman-y but I don't think anyone saw it anyway.  Matt went even cheaper than me and wore a skull shirt haha.  But we had a good time.  At first Hailey was just sitting in the stroller surprisingly quiet, but awake.  So we took her out and Matt held her for a while before putting her on his shoulders where she was the most talkative.  We didn't stay out for too long because Matt's back was hurting after working both jobs that day (4AM to 9AM than 11 to 5).  But we sat out on his dad's porch while Emma handed out candy.  Hailey almost enjoyed that more.  You'd give her a piece of candy to hold, she'd give it to you, than you give it back and she'd giggle in her new laugh she has that is so funny.  And now that she can stand up on her own we just let her walk (slowly) around the porch. 

I also got my pictures I ordered (for free - thanks McDonalds Monopoly) from Snapfish that day too.  So I'm going to take today to remember where they are supposed to go in the baby book. 
Oh and Happy Birthday Carter!