Friday, March 28, 2014

Baby B check-up

The other day Baby B had her 6 month check-up, though she is almost 8 months now.  Yea, we're a little behind.
She had to get four shots I believe.  It's always the worst part of the visit.  So sad to see them so sad.  But she didn't cry too long.  She more complained afterwards.  She is a drama queen!
Brook weighed 16lbs 8oz and measured 27 inches long.
She's getting so big.  She's about the same weight as Hailey was at this age, but she's a little longer.
She is crawling like a maniac!  You can tell that she wants to walk really bad.
Not much else to report right now.
Have a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's in your Diaper Bag

I don't know about you, but I'm always curious about what people put in their purses, backpacks, etc. I was fixing up my diaper bag because I wanted to clean it out, and after a week of running around with the grandparents, it needed a serious re-organization.
I've had people tell me that I'm pretty prepared before. And I'm curious as to how others have their bags.  So, here is what I keep in my diaper bag.

Ok first thing every diaper bag has....since it is in the name...Diapers!
I try to keep 5 diapers for each kid...hopefully one will be switched out soon for undies.
Then, of course wipes, and the mat that came with the bag to lay them on.
Another thing most bags have, snacks!
 I try to keep stocked on snacks.  Usually a bag of Gold Fish and some fruit snacks. Sometimes snacks for Mom and Dad make there way in too *wink*
For feeding baby...
Right now I have an Udder Cover since I breastfeed.  When she starts to take bottles that will be replaced with a bottle and my container for formula.  I also have a burp rag and bib.
Ok, this is where not every diaper bag is the same.
Extra outfits. Usually one of my least favorite outfits since they don't use them that often (but do get used).  I keep a pair of socks for if it gets cold, or if I happen to want to try on some shoes.  Also, the outfit for if they have an accident, get sick, or extremely dirty.  Whatever you want really!
This may seem excessive, but I have had to use them more then once, so I stand by it.  I 'stole' the idea from when I worked at a daycare.  The parents had to have extra clothes in the kids cubbies.
Of course, every mom needs stuff for herself in there too!
There is the normal stuff like my wallet and sunglasses.  Then the little bit less normal stuff like my hairbrush and hair tie.  Then lotion, lip balm, gum, breast pads for while I'm breastfeeding, and of course, feminine products.
Last but not least, the random junk.
Not all of it is in there all the time, but it does come in handy. I have binky wipes (that I have yet to use), a baby spoon, band-aids, Neosporin spray, tissues, shot records (so I don't forget them), Hailey's sunglasses, a baby toy(not pictured since baby saw it and stole it), and a big Ziploc bag for soiled clothes or diapers if there isn't a close trash can, like on an airplane.  Hailey's autograph book and pen are also in it at the moment because if I don't leave it in there, I forget it....every time.
Seem like a lot?  Sometimes.  But I make it all fit. No, really!
See? I can even fit my camera in there if need be.
As you can tell, it is starting to rip, and one of the snaps is missing.  I would love to get a new bag.  Instead of an actual diaper bag, I'm thinking of getting a regular old backpack.
What do you keep in your bags?