Monday, March 30, 2009

Goofing off

This has been a crazy week. I've been working for Matt's aunt as her secretary basically, but she just left on no work for me for 10 days huzzah! haha. But when she get's back we get to do taxes for her two businesses, all the property she owns, and my own. Yea.....=)
So I decided to goof off a little in the car....did I ever mention that I get bored easy?
I'm going to be waaay bored tomorrow...Matt has a "practice" interview tomorrow with a vet office. Basically they are going to put him to work and see how he does. The lady there seems to like him so it should all go good. I really hope so...a vet office would be perfect for him. But in the boredom more pictures of goofy might sprout up BEWARE! ;D