Friday, March 29, 2013

The News

Well, guess it's out now.  Hailey is going to be a big sister.
I'm about 21 weeks along, due August 2nd.  It's a little bit of a guess because of certain circumstances we didn't get to a doctor until 2nd trimester and I guess it's a little bit harder to guess where they are at then.  My guess is because that's when babies start to vary more in size.  But that's about what I guessed myself to be done cookin'
Now why did I wait so long to tell people?  Well, because I hadn't been to the doctor, it felt weird to tell people.  I mean, I had three pregnancy tests, I'd be sick like crazy (though not as much as last time), and of course I can feel it moving ALL THE TIME now.  But it was unexpected and it felt weird to tell people with out a doctor visit.  I'm weird I know. 
So yea.......there ya go.  We are going to have another baby.  Due August 2nd.  We don't know the sex because it wouldn't cooperate and let us see haha so we'll probably have to wait till our 3rd trimester ultrasound to find out. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Happy Birthday
Evie and Ray!
And happy first day of Spring!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Howdy!  Lately lizards have been on the brain.  Now that it's getting warmer outside we're starting to find tons running around.  There was one in particular that keeps hanging around our front door.  It's an alligator lizard.  Matt caught him three times in one day.  Once he ran into the house and hid in my shoe
Matt had caught a snake and he was doing really well and eating great...then one day he wouldn't eat.  A couple of days later, he was dead.  A friend of Matt's heard his snake died and offered us one of his baby bearded dragons.  We cleaned the cage out and sprayed down all the toys and told Hailey she could pick out a lizard.  She wanted a "pink" one haha.
So that's how we ended up with "Sparkle"  our new bearded dragon baby.

Hailey is so in love with her.  (at least for now we think she's a girl).  This morning she's been telling us "My lizards awake!" and she was holding it on her shoulder and kept smiling and saying "whatcha tink?"  So adorable!