Monday, October 15, 2012

I love Anime!

One of my favorite things is Anime (and, of course, manga).  Most people consider it dorky, nerdy, or whatever...but I don't care!
I love Anime for many of the reasons people love books.  It lets you escape into a different world.  What makes anime special vs other cartoons?  Well, most American cartoons now a days (and not all, there are some I love too haha) are just nonsense or very oddly animated.  Most anime (once again, not all....some suck horribly) has some kind of story or meaning to them.  Another thing I love about it is that in most movies and shows, you know that the main characters are fine in the end because otherwise they wouldn't have a show right?  But I've seen several anime where the main, or love interest, or whatever dies, or leaves, or turnes evil...etc etc.  So when things go bad, I'm always on the edge of my seat because I know that anything could happen!  I even saw one where the good guys died and the enemy lived on.
Anime also has a unique way of showing emotions.  They focus on the eyes most often, or the over exaggerate things to show the emotions.  The feelings are never lost and I love it.
A dorky part that I do that not everyone who loves anime does.....I prefer to watch them in their original glory, in otherwords, I watch them in Japanese and read subs.  Not all, but most dubbed versions are just awful!  Don't get me wrong, I grew up on dubbed anime like Sailor Moon and Card Captors.  But once I watched them again in Japanese, I fell in love again.
There is also an anime about almost everything! Even things you wouldn't think of. 

What kind of anime do I like?  Here is a link of a list (in NO order) of ones I like on Pinterest:
I don't know of another website where I could make a list....if you know one let me know haha.

There is also something on YouTube called "amv" which is someone making a music video out of anime or manga.  Some are so amazing!  Here is one about a short movie that I loved.  This one has minimal effects and is simple, but shows what the movie is about so well.

So ya, Anime is great!  If you feel like it, you should check it out.  I was bored and decided to share an interest with you.  :)


Friday, October 5, 2012

Little Girl Phrases

Hailey is getting her own things that she says all the time.  I honestly don't know where she got some of them.  She's silly.

My favorite is "ok...fine....whatever"  bahahah! Sometimes she just says "fine" but usually it's "fine, whatever"

She'll ask you a question like "what ya doing?" than when you answer she goes "oh, yea." but now she's added recently "oh, yea...of course" ^-^  I have no idea where she picked that up.

If she wants to go see something or if we're leaving she'll say to Mia *raises hand up* "I be back".  She also will say she'll be back when she 'goes to the store' in her car or goes to push her baby around in her very broken stroller.

If you ask her what she's doing she now usually say "sitting here" which she learned from her daddy haha.

On the manners front, she still says "bless you" even if you cough.  And if you says thanks to her she goes "your welcome!" so excited like.

Last...lately all I here is "watch punzel!" Even when she's watching Tangled, as soon as the credits roll she goes "Mom, watch punzel!"

The lesson is....she keeps us laughing all day long.  I love my baby girl <3 p="p">