Monday, August 22, 2011


I know that no one really reads this, but I'm going to put some updates on here anyway haha.
-Hailey now crawls everywhere
-She also stands on everything!
-She can now walk forward in her walk and turn sometimes
-Mia likes playing with Hailey more now that she's mobile
-Hailey eats everything! She's the bad dog Mia never was haha
-Matt's Vons hours are probably going to change quite a bit because of the workers strike the Union voted on
-Hailey loves music
-We are trying to advance our plans to move out since Matt's grandparents are moving in with his mom and taking her room (so she'll be in the basement) and if we move out, she can move in here (they couldn't do the stairs I don't think)
-Hailey loves to be swung upside down....what a weirdie
-Her hair is not long enough to clip cute clippies in it alone, but is long enough to hang over the headband and get wicked bedhead haha
-No more mice caught so far...but I know they're around somewhere because I can hear them sometimes
-I'm thinking of finally quitting breastfeeding altogether, even though it scares me
-Hoping to see Matt's cousin's band perform soon!
-I need to go do the dishes.....


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Starting Monday

Hello.  Once again I have to say that I fell off my diet/exercise train.  But that's all going to change starting Monday!  And it's not just going to be that, it's going to be taking care of myself all around.  Like not forgetting to brush my teeth or wash my face...stuff like that.  I believe that it is important to take care of yourself.  It makes you feel better and it makes other people think "hey maybe I should take care of myself too".  Expecially kids/grandkids and what not.  I know Hailey is young for it still, but if I take care of myself and teach her to take care of herself, it'll stick with her.
My problem is all mental.  I tear myself down before I can even get worked up.  It's a horrible problem that I have been trying to stop for years.  That and I looove to eat and snack.  I'm trying to convince my brain that the little satisfaction (not to mention the guilt I get afterwards) I get from eating those yummy bad for you foods is not better than the longer satisfaction I'd feel from looking in the mirror and liking what I see and feeling comfortable in my own skin again. 
Wish me luck!!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Surveys & 8 months old

I've always loved filling out surveys.  I thought I would point out one instance where it pays off.
We got a survey in the mail (kind of a long one too) from Edison, our power company.  Matt was going to throw it away but I said no I wanted to fill it out.  I filled it out and had Matt mail it back when he went to the post office to mail some bills.  That was a while ago, and I had totally forgotten about it.  The other day, we got a package in the mail from Edison.  Upon opening it we found a LED nightlight, a showerhead where you can adjust the water flow, a couple filters for your sinks and shower, and 2 light bulbs - one the common swirly LED, the other is the new lightbulbs that are coming out.  Matt's mom had asked why she didn't get one.  That's when we were like "oooh, did you fill out your survey?" She said no.  So hey, sometimes filling out a little survey can be rewareding.  Even though they may be dumb little things to some people, I love it!  Not only was it free and a package! It was a reward for doing something little :)
Oh yea....and my baby is 8 months old today!! Where did the time go?  I was talking to Matt about it and was saying she was 7 months because it was too hard to believe it was 8, but here it is...on the downward spiral to her first birthday.
Oh my big girl