Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers and The Last Airbender

I couldn't wait any longer....I had to see Transformers was AWESOME! I love me some Bumble Bee, and Optimus Prime is a close second. I kind of laughed when I saw Shia's hand wrapped up though, but it was kind of clever how they added it in. Also, I think they should of shown a lot more of the robots themselves, but it was still awesome haha. I already want to go see it again. it's time for my little rant. I warn you to look away now...most probably won't even understand what I'm talking about haha. Where do I start? There is a cartoon on Nick that is an anime (japanese style drawing) and it's awesome! It's called Avatar:The Last Airbender. They are making it into a live action movie. Ya the movie will suck compared to the cartoon, they always do. I can already tell it'll suck a little just cause they did the arrow wrong! It's not blue or solid (you'll see what I mean). But I'd see it just to see how they'd do the special effects alone. The airbending already looks awesome, as do the firenation ships and the air temple. Now the thing that is making me mad. People are already whining about race. No matter what race the people in the movie are people will be mad, that's just the way it is. I don't even know why I read the comments for things because a lot of times they just make me mad haha. Expecially when it's something that you can just look at and see. It makes me want to take some people, tie them to a chair, hold their eyes open and say "look at the picture! GEES!" haha. People assume, that since they do different types of "kung fu", you'd say, in the show and because it's drawn to be an anime (and the people did use japanese writing on the "wanted posters") that that means that all the characters are Asian. One, it wasn't started in Japan or any other Asian country. Some very nerdy (very white) guys started it. It started on Nick and ended on Nick. If people saw it in different countries, it was translated so, not the other way around like it usually is. But even if it was.....the characters are drawn WHITE! It's a cartoon, they could of colored them any color they wanted. If they were meant to look asian they very easily could of busted out a colored pencil or something and shaded in where they colored "peach." And in this show, they are in a completely different world. There is no US or's Air, Water, Fire, and Earth haha. And I know they could of colored them to look Asian (and that not all the characters are supposed to be Asian) because the "water tribe" people are darker skinned because they are supposed to be more like "eskimos!" Funny thing though....when I watched the trailer...the kid playing Aang (the main guy) looked Asian to me, maybe I was mistaken. But like I said, no matter who plays him, people aren't going to be happy. I honestly think they should of gotten the people who play their voices to play the roles, because ironicly they all pretty much looked like the voice they played haha.

See! I think he looks pretty white to me (best pictures I could find) I <3 Aang

Ok...I know that didn't really have a point...but it was frustrating me and I had to let it out at someone (and Matt gets mad when I ramble off to him about weird stuff haha). I just wish people would stop looking for a reason to make people (like me haha) heated and defend the truth! Not everything has racism in it! haha.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dates and Bears

Well, It's official now. I will be flying into Utah on July 22 in the morning, and staying till the night of the 29th. Can't wait to go sleep downtown once again haha. Also, I think it will be the first time celebrating Sadie's and Sonnie's birthdays together. That is if Kim doesn't back out of coming! Wahaha!
Oh and get this interesting story. Last night while we were driving my buddy back to his truck, Matt's sister calls us and says as she was walking from her car to the side of the garage to turn on the outside lights, our "local bear" was right there getting in the trash. If you haven't seen the garage here, she had to walk right past the bear to turn on the lights. It was also at like 9:30 at night, so I don't think she saw it at all while walking. I think I would be in shock if I looked up and there was a bear right there. Scary! But also a very interesting story to tell haha. Stupid bear though...had to pick up all the trash spread around...since it was our trash. But I'd rather the bear eat the trash than the baby deer that are around haha. They are so cute! I'll try to get a picture of one, but they are so skiddish (spelling) that they book it so fast. I also wish I could get a picture of the bear, but it's always so late at night. Maybe we'll have to plant some food in the trash to get some footage haha. Bear stakeout anyone? =)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

A fool!

Well....I think I just made a fooooool of myself haha. I was sitting here, updating my MySpace, singing alone to some music when....*knock knock knock*......O.O (surprised face). I open the door and who is it but my cute little missionary friends. My face was probably sooo red. Not only do I look aweful today (it's like my "I'm not going anywhere!" day) but I was singing! Than Mia kept scratching at the door so I let her out with me and she wouldn't stop jumping on them! She has never jumped on someone that much before. She's so getting bad habits from the other dogs. She made their (and my!) pants all dirty and made a fool of herself and me haha. They kept looking at me like I was crazy! So all in all....I feel like the biggest goober in the world today! If anyone comes to California and sees some local Missionaries...please tell them that I'm not as crazy as I look! haha *sigh*


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Animals vs Humans?

First things first.....I might be finding a way to come out to Utah on my own, because according to Matt's work place, it's "unprofessional" to take time off in your first year. I can kind of see that, and I also can't see it. People happen to have family out of state. He's already missing his dad's surprise 50th birthday party and since they say that, we won't be able to go on the cruise that Matt's mom wants us to go on with her (she uses points she gets for us to go). It's not like we go places that often....but I can see their side of *sigh* haha.
Now....time for my little rant haha. I did my daily reading of, and they had a story there of Jessica Alba doing something stupid haha. What she did was go around Oklahoma City and put posters up that are suppost to be for like "shark protection awareness" or something. Yes, it was stupid for several 1.Oklahoma doesn't have an ocean... 2. It's vandalism (spelling) and she took pictures of it and posted it on the web. 3. The posters had no no one knows what they were even really for but her. 4. She covered up a poster for United Way (which I guess is a non profit thing haha). I just read that she's being investigated for it by the police, and has already offered to replace the United Way billboard haha. ANYWAY...what I was getting at...I was reading some comments of what people said about it and some people were like "forget saving the animals! I think people take priority." I know I'm kind of weird, but it bothered me. Humans are after all animals as well. Our problems come from our mistakes. Every hole we are in, we dug ourselves. Animals on the other hand...most are in trouble because of us as well. We've ruined there homes and killed them till they no longer exist. Plus, they can't really help themselves all that much can they? I'm not trying to say that I think animals take priority over people, but I don't think we should say that we take priority over animals either. Ok...I think I'm done with my tiny rant haha. Made me feel a little better =)
Now I must go back to my internet that is deciding to load everything super slow today haha.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Movies and Cups

Matt and I went last night...which was probably bad because it was soo crowded haha...and saw Hangover. It was soo funny! I laughed more than I thought I would. I suggest going to see it....if you like that kind of humor lol. What would you call it..."crude humor?" haha. If you liked Superbad, Knocked Up, and College, than you would like it. Only downfall was the fat, sweaty man in front of me. He would not SHUT UP!!! He had a comment for everything, and they were all sarcastic. He was super fat and sat there the whole time whiping sweat off his big head. Someone was trying to get past him to get to their seats, and he was like "Oh yea just push your way through!" I wanted to kick his chair so bad, but he kind of scared me haha. Other than that, it was a good movie night.
Oh, and I also found out why I got that cup from McDonalds. I guess right now, if you large size your order, you get a cup. I guess there are 4 I'm going to go have to collect them all! Makes me feel young again, when you tried to get one of each toy haha. Well...look at that! It's lunch time. Wahahha!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's been a while...

Hello! Everytime I go to write, I forget haha. Matt is now 21! Kind of weird. Mom is now what?.....30? =) I'm sorry that both Mother's Day and your birthday were late. Man now that I started this I don't remember what I was going to say. I had it all ready, than I went to Youtube to start some music, and the videos I had saved last night didn't save I guess cause they were doing maintenance, and I have NO idea what they were called *sigh*
We're (finally) getting a car. Matt's dad said if we took over the payments on his Focus, than we could have it. There is a little less than $7,000 left on it. Since Matt just got his "birthday money," we're going to pay it off. It's a 2006 Ford Focus, stick (boo), it's in good shape, and get good gas milage. So, I'm kind of excited. Matt's aunt is even getting it detailed for his birthday, so it'll be like having a semi new car! haha.
I think that our vacation days are set. July 22-29. If I'm wrong...I'm sorry...take it up with Mrs. Kimberly hehe.
We have a baby deer running around now. It's got to only be a couple months old now. Last time I saw it, it was right in front of the kitchen window. I ran to get a picture but they were gone. It's so tiny and waaay cute.
Did anyone else watch the new trailer for New Moon? It looks awesome, though I still think the Bella is kinda....stiff? And Edward was kinda acting funny, but I think the only parts they showed of him were when he was pretty much in pain cause of leaving. But Jacob.....oh my! I tell you that kid worked for the role, and man did it pay off haha. He looks so good. I have a feeling he's going to make the movie. I'm so "Team Edward" when it comes to the books, but I think that that Taylor kid is probably one of the best actors in these movies. He's got it down! ;)
I went to the DMV yesterday...yes, again. But, I'm pretty sure that it is now ALL taken care of. We actually didn't have to wait as long as I thought we would, and at first the lady we went to looked mean, but she was very nice and understanding. I didn't have to keep explaining about the fact that we already paid once and all that jazz. She even let us do Matt's new license while we were there (if they do it right). And since it was their mistake, she didn't charge us for his either. We were there for like an hour, and back out. It took longer to find a park haha. So once I get that ID, I can go finally change my name on the bills and our bank account. It only took a year haha.
Oh, and yesterday Matt got me McDonalds (don't say a word! I was all ready to cook porkchops when he called and asked what I want for dinner, which means that he wanted something different lol) and they gave us a cup...yup a coke cup. Very random. I guess the guy at the window didn't know why he was giving it to us either haha. I think Sonnie has some kind of like it though. It's glass, and seems like a nice now it'll be my "all the time" cup haha.
Oh, and here are some old pictures I found of Mia being a dork as always. <3