Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we went out trick or treating with Emma, who dressed up like Jasmine. She didn't stay out for very long though. She also wanted to skip all the houses of people she knew haha weird. Anyway. Mia's Bolt "costume" was pretty good. At first not many people noticed, but as the night went on, more and more did. There was this kid who came up with a papermache mask on that his mom said he made himself. He reminded me SO much of Austin it wasn't even funny. But he loved Mia. Mia was nervous of his mask though. She stuck her nose in it and flinched away haha. Also, her black faded really fast which surprised me. Matt was cheap and just stayed in his scrubs...but I guess he did better than me who put on skelly earings.... Mia also wouldn't stand still long enough for I did the best I could. Crazy dog!
This is my cutout I used to make her bolt Right after spraying the hair stuff onAnd her red collar completes Mrs. BOLT!TADA!!!


Since Paranormal Activity is rumored to leave after Halloween, Matt and I went and saw it last night. It is pretty scary! It's more....Freak your mind out kind of scary over jumpy scary, even though there were plenty of moments like that as well. Surprisingly, I slept last night. Usually this place is full of creeking and junk, expcially with my crazy dog walking around. But I slept really good. I didn't even wake up to pee like I usually do haha. But it was good for a great Halloween fright. Creepy that's for sure!

Now I'm just hoping Matt comes home from work early so we can get Mia's Bolt costume in action! Even though it'll look not as good as it would have because her shaven belly makes it look like a shark took a bite out of her....but I'm going to try my best! I'll take lots of pictures!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My eyes!

Well today....I went with Odette to their shop out in LA. My eye started to really hurt and I asked her if it was red. She said it was and so I called Matt (who didn't go in until 3) to give me a number from the insurance book, and I called an eye doctor there (who is friends with Odette). I go in tomorrow at 11:30 for an eye exam. But I was told to throw my contacts away =( Now I'm stuck with my dorky glasses. I look like a librarian! And I feel like a dork haha. But at least it's getting taken care of. Now I just need to find a dentist!

Mia is pretty much fully recovered! She's as hyper as ever...she just looks funny with her shaved belly.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My poor baby!

Matt called me while I was at my first day back to work with Odette to tell me how Mia's surgery went. baby doesn't like to be alone. While she was in the dog run (which she didn't like), she freaked out, trying to get out and broke a tooth. I guess she has a bump on her nose and she got her fur all dirty. She looks like she got beat up. Matt had to rush back to her after picking me up. I guess she's walking all tender and being sad. When Matt came to come get me, his friend at work kept her up in the reception office with her so she didn't have to go back in the run. I'll post pictures of my cone head when she gets home. Aww my poor baby!


Monday, October 19, 2009


Well in a couple of days, my poor doggy will get her first (and hopefully only ever) surgery! She's getting her "lady parts" taken out hahaha. Now I won't have to be over worried at the dog park when the big, ugly boy dog runs past me with his huge...uh....sac >.<

It'll be funny to see her with a cone on her head. I hope she doesn't try to go out Matt's mom's doggy door with it on, even though we would laugh :)

As for Halloween, we haven't searched for any black spray yet, I guess we should. Matt also said if we can't/don't do that, he can get some baby scrubs (I don't remember from where) and he can wear his, and I can wear mine...if I still have them.

Man Cheyenne from Reba always has the cutest clothes! side tracked

Ok well, I'm going to go watch Reba hehe


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello there!
Well, I finally sent my email to Matt's aunt. She said she'd love to have me back (poor lady hehe) but I gotta wait until her daughter leaves from her visit. I guess she's bringing 4 friends home with her so the house is going to be crowded.
Right now I'm still hoping that my plans for Knotts "Scary" Farm are a go. Next Saturday is the last day, but I'd much rather go on Wednesday. Pray for me! hehe
I'm so happy that it October! I can't wait for Halloween! I can't really decorate the place since I don't have any tape lol. And I'd have to talk Matt into digging out the decorations. Maybe I'll find a way this weekend. I do have a baby pumpkin! I need to find some of that hair color that you spray on and wash off for Halloween so I can spray a bolt on Mia. I happen to have a thicker red ribbon that I need to figure out how to put it over her collar so it looks red like Bolt's. I still haven't decided if I'm going to try to dress like Penny or not. I just like to dress up Mia....I don't have any kids to dress up yet haha.
Well...I think that's all I have to say besides my hair is driving me nuts!