Monday, October 19, 2009


Well in a couple of days, my poor doggy will get her first (and hopefully only ever) surgery! She's getting her "lady parts" taken out hahaha. Now I won't have to be over worried at the dog park when the big, ugly boy dog runs past me with his huge...uh....sac >.<

It'll be funny to see her with a cone on her head. I hope she doesn't try to go out Matt's mom's doggy door with it on, even though we would laugh :)

As for Halloween, we haven't searched for any black spray yet, I guess we should. Matt also said if we can't/don't do that, he can get some baby scrubs (I don't remember from where) and he can wear his, and I can wear mine...if I still have them.

Man Cheyenne from Reba always has the cutest clothes! side tracked

Ok well, I'm going to go watch Reba hehe


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