Monday, August 3, 2009

The Ugly Truth and interesting dreams

Matt and I went and saw The Ugly Truth...soo funny! It was better than Matt thought it would be, which seems to be happening a lot haha. Makes you wonder if the stuff they did in the movie to "get the guy" actually would work. So if you need a movie to go to...I recommend this one. Good laughs.
I woke up from a rather....weird dream this morning. I was at Universal Studios with my family like I just was last month, but it was are second time there. They were filming a movie there while we were there so we couldn't go to the whole park (since they were using it). It looked like a big dramatic movie...sets on fire, big booms, stuff like that....but then, Adam Sandler come up and he's in like an old fashioned football uniform. And somehow I get to be one of the extras (one of the kind where there are big named actors being extras), and we're just joking around "in character" since that's what the movie called for. I was with Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera haha. Than Zelda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch (who was like the producer) was telling me I couldn't be in it, with tears in her eyes, because they had to put black people in it so they wouldn't get in trouble. And I said something like "Don't you only have to give them a try-out?" She looked happy and said "ya I think so..." and that was the end of that. Oh, and Nick Carter tried to sell me weight loss pills and shake mixes. There was more that I can't remember but...weird ya? Haha


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