Thursday, July 9, 2009

Universal Studios

Well, I have sent ya on your way (momma and dadda!). On the way home from the airport, I went with Matt's dad to a service call he had. I just walked around Staples while he worked haha.
Universal Studios was so fun! I hadn't been there in forever! Last time I went there, the Jurrasic Park ride was the new, big thing.
I'm sorry Austin for forcing you into the haunted house that we didn't realize was a walk through haunted house haha. You got through like a champ!
I was very impressed with The Simpsons ride. It was not what I expected at all! If you ever go to Universal sure to go on it...well unless you get motion sickness haha. Poor Matt.

The Jurassic Park ride is awesome, even though I did not go on it this time (I didn't feel like getting wet in a shirt that would go see-through and jeans that would run blue dye down my legs haha...I'd gotten dressed before I knew where we were going). Maybe we should of tested the Mummy ride...Oh well, that hot mummy guy walking around was good enough =) Too bad we didn't get a picture.

Speaking of men....Mom got escorted by an Englishman hehe. He planned to walk her to wherever we were headed, but at the time we didn't even know where we were going. I think he got confused haha

Oh and last but not least....Dad said this picture is for Raymond =)

There are tons more funny ones. But I can't fit them all on here. If you want to see Dad meet his other self (hehe), Mom meet Curious George, Austin show the Terminator what's what, and all that jazz, go to my Myspace or Facebook. It was a really fun time! See you all again in two weeks! hehe


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  1. did mom go on Jurassic park? What is the simpson ride? What does it do? We need to go there, its been a long time for us.