Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dates and Bears

Well, It's official now. I will be flying into Utah on July 22 in the morning, and staying till the night of the 29th. Can't wait to go sleep downtown once again haha. Also, I think it will be the first time celebrating Sadie's and Sonnie's birthdays together. That is if Kim doesn't back out of coming! Wahaha!
Oh and get this interesting story. Last night while we were driving my buddy back to his truck, Matt's sister calls us and says as she was walking from her car to the side of the garage to turn on the outside lights, our "local bear" was right there getting in the trash. If you haven't seen the garage here, she had to walk right past the bear to turn on the lights. It was also at like 9:30 at night, so I don't think she saw it at all while walking. I think I would be in shock if I looked up and there was a bear right there. Scary! But also a very interesting story to tell haha. Stupid bear though...had to pick up all the trash spread around...since it was our trash. But I'd rather the bear eat the trash than the baby deer that are around haha. They are so cute! I'll try to get a picture of one, but they are so skiddish (spelling) that they book it so fast. I also wish I could get a picture of the bear, but it's always so late at night. Maybe we'll have to plant some food in the trash to get some footage haha. Bear stakeout anyone? =)


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