Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Animals vs Humans?

First things first.....I might be finding a way to come out to Utah on my own, because according to Matt's work place, it's "unprofessional" to take time off in your first year. I can kind of see that, and I also can't see it. People happen to have family out of state. He's already missing his dad's surprise 50th birthday party and since they say that, we won't be able to go on the cruise that Matt's mom wants us to go on with her (she uses points she gets for us to go). It's not like we go places that often....but I can see their side of it.....so *sigh* haha.
Now....time for my little rant haha. I did my daily reading of TMZ.com, and they had a story there of Jessica Alba doing something stupid haha. What she did was go around Oklahoma City and put posters up that are suppost to be for like "shark protection awareness" or something. Yes, it was stupid for several reasons...like 1.Oklahoma doesn't have an ocean... 2. It's vandalism (spelling) and she took pictures of it and posted it on the web. 3. The posters had no writing...so no one knows what they were even really for but her. 4. She covered up a poster for United Way (which I guess is a non profit thing haha). I just read that she's being investigated for it by the police, and has already offered to replace the United Way billboard haha. ANYWAY...what I was getting at...I was reading some comments of what people said about it and some people were like "forget saving the animals! I think people take priority." I know I'm kind of weird, but it bothered me. Humans are after all animals as well. Our problems come from our mistakes. Every hole we are in, we dug ourselves. Animals on the other hand...most are in trouble because of us as well. We've ruined there homes and killed them till they no longer exist. Plus, they can't really help themselves all that much can they? I'm not trying to say that I think animals take priority over people, but I don't think we should say that we take priority over animals either. Ok...I think I'm done with my tiny rant haha. Made me feel a little better =)
Now I must go back to my internet that is deciding to load everything super slow today haha.



  1. CHOC was horrible. I'll never go there again. There are like 10 childrens hospitals in California. The one surgeon said he couldn't fix Jax problem now, but no one will, he is still a fantastic surgeon. One of the best. And the top neurologist is there that I want to take Jax to. We are going to go to CHLA.

  2. Oh and the other thing. We have one hospital here, with few specialists. In Cali, if we can't find someone at CHLA, there are a bunch of specialists short drives away. UCLA, USC hospital, and Cedars siniai (spelling?) I have heard of specialist at all those places.