Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Yesterday Hailey had her first dentist visit.
This was kind of a big deal for me because I'm not the biggest fan of the dentist and my teeth are a mess (not for lack of wanting to get them fixed though).
I'd been thinking of making her a dentist appointment for quite a while, but wasn't sure how to go about it.  I'd never had to look for a dentist before (one of those "my mom always did it" moments that remind you that you are the mom)
I saw a sign for this dentist at Matt's old doctors office. I went to their website to check them out.  After looking at pictures, watching his videos, and a friendly email to see if we could go there, we made the appointment.
I was really hoping it was pretty kid friendly, and I wasn't let down.  Right at the doorway to the office they have a canopy type thing over the door.  The waiting room had a movie going with small chairs, super big teddy bears, and even a place to color.
Once you get called back, if it's your first visit they take you to a room full of toys (I had a picture but accidentally deleted it) where you talked about your child while they could play.  Hailey didn't get much play time because she kept taking time to ask if she could play with each thing haha.
It looked like they had another room kind of for play, but I didn't really see much of it.  There was even a tent in the hallway.
Hailey was brave and sat in the big chair by herself.  She got to watch Madagascar.  One thing I really liked is that the assistant explained everything she was doing to Hailey.  I've always loved doctors that took the time to actually say what they were doing.
She did really well.  Did what she was told and didn't complain or cry.  No cavities and "100% plaque score" haha.  They did say some silly things that I think are kind of a scare tactic but that doesn't surprise me.  I'm really happy, and hope this is the start of no fear dentist trips haha.
When she was done she got a toothbrush, balloon, and a toy (she picked a bouncy ball).  We were even told that we could hang out and play with the toys before we went home if we wanted.
Overall, I'm happy with my choice of dentist and glad Hailey had a good time.


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