Friday, September 20, 2013

6 week follow up

Today was my long awaited 6 week appointment.
Do I dare say I can't believe it's over with when I sat and complained it wasn't coming fast enough? haha.
Well, he said everything was fine and I can go on about my life.  I'm a little bummed he didn't actually like.....look at my stitches but whatever. (he's one of those doctors that does his thing while looking away haha)
So now I can start working out!  I think imma start out slow since I didn't work out much while I was pregnant because I always felt sick, and of course, these 6 weeks.  Time to dust off my Wii Fit!
I'm also trying to decide what kind of birth control to get.  I want a Mirena, but I'm a little nervous of it.  Because I googled it, my Facebook ads have been for it, and one has been a "Mirena lawsuit" from people who have had it float up and implant somewhere, but the doctor was saying that that's a very slight chance.  Also, (tmi warning) I'm afraid for the possible 6 months of heavier bleeding and spotting.  So I can't make up my mind.
Any Input?

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