Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week Two

Whelp, tomorrow is 2 weeks.
Usually feels more like today is because I went into the hospital Thursday night thinking I was coming home, and I had to stay. So the two days kind of run together.
This week wasn't much different.  I'm trying my best to not count down to the 6 week mark, but I can't help it.  Once again, it's going fast, yet very slow.
She still sleeps from 10-11 to about 5-7.  Yesterday she even slept till 8! But as much as I love the fact that she sleeps, when she gets up it usually means I'm up for the day.  I know that's what most people get up at, but my body just isn't used to it.  Hailey has always been a good sleeper and used to sleep in till about 9 or so, and so did I (because I could haha).  Now it's suddenly different and my body is like WTF you doing to me?!
Emotional wise, I'm still pretty much off my rocker.  When I think I may be going back to normal and feel fine, BAM it hits almost harder.  Almost like my mind is trolling me.  Go figure.
With Hailey I remember kind of snapping out of how I felt at a month....but that feels so far away and my head can't take it anymore.  Sigh, oh well I guess.
The end of two weeks also means the return of Matt to work, and that terrifies me.  I'm sure I can do it, but it's just the idea to a very anxious mind that if I do end up needing him, he's 20 minutes away at the fastest.
It'll be fine.

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